The Savage Tide

Adventures in the Blood Shallows

Locke uses a limited wish to re-“Hallow” the ship to re-attuned it’s Resist Energy to Acid.

Lynarra is coming with the group to Feedgut (Gorganth is the general).

10 mile square hill – half of which is a military encampment.

We land near the camp and Graven uses spell work to scout out the camp. "Things are lax at the camp. Not on a high alert status. Standard troops are Baubau, Rutterkin, and Barlorgora.

We cast some prep spells and prepare to teleport to a tent near the back side of the command center. The plan is for Locke to reach passwall, then scroll cast Freedom and then William to lock down the aspect of Obox-Ob from porting. The next round, Locke will try to lock the aspect into the Iron Flask.

Gorganth the two faced is based on experiments by Demogorgon – so standard Tenari plus other traits.

We find an empty tent to port to and start our plan. The entire 10 mile sq mountain starts suffering from a localized earth quake. The body of Obox-Ob rises up. The party moves to engage. After a few tense rounds, they manage to imprison Obox-Ob in the Iron Flask.

Locke is hit by it’s tongue and starts to dissolve into raw stuff of chaos. Graven is able to save him by using one of the wishes from the ring.

The party then teleports back to Sea Wyvern. We can’t leave until tomorrow when the ship’s power freezes. It’s been six days since we received a gift of charisma from Court of the Stars.

About 9 hours later, our look out sees 5 heads heading our way and they break the line of foliage about 200 ft from us. There are 5 riders (one demon (possibly Gorgosh), and four Stone Giants).

Combat ensues.

Turns out the mounts are Tyranasouras Bodaks (undead things).

We finish the fight and it was a zesty one. William almost died. Locke almost died. It was zesty.

We loot the dead/undead.

Five hours laters, we sail for Pezunia. It will take us about a day to get there.

Lynnara applies the disguises us.



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