The Savage Tide

After the Wreck

Sir Stievan Loot

  • +5 Ring of Protection
  • 65,649 gp

Ship Purchases

  • Mithral hull plating 84000 -
  • MW controls 4800
  • Everfull sails 36000
  • dolphin helm 5000
  • captains lantern 12000
  • rigging fort 1500
  • secure lines 10800
  • Living Figurehead – 56000 – Fire Wyvern (Pearl contribution)
  • Skilled Crew (+10 on roll) – 200 gp/week x 3 weeks x 1 = 600g
  • Highly Skilled Crew (+15 on roll) – 500 gp/week x 3 weeks * 3 = 4500g
  • Ballista – 3d8 – 120 ft range – (ship cargo set aside for ammo)
  • Heavy Catapult – 6d6 – 200 ft range – (ship cargo set aside for ammo)
  • Waterclock


  • 2 weeks of travel back from Scuttlecove
  • Day 8 – Some of the group travels back to Sasserine
  • Day 9 – Return from Sasserine – Party discussion about Lux Seona -Someone was compromised
  • 3 weeks of dry docks time
  • Pearl want so talk to the Speaker for Mictiantecuhtli – will get a brief conversation – Granted domains onto Pearl’s list -

Research Activities

  • Abyssal Ocean – (41 – Graven; 33 – Pearl) – 1 week of downtime
    • Demogorgon’s Planar Realm is called – Gaping Maw – Primal Jungle Realm
    • Effectively has two different aspects
      • Massive primeval continent – strength based creatures
      • Seeming endless oceans and brine flats – more subtle creatures
    • Death Knights are rare – but they seem to be Demogorgon’s creation – undead warriors – First one – St. Gargeth
    • Variety of places of notes in Gaping Maw
      • Lemoriax – Planar Capital
        • City of wide open streets and crumbling ziggurats – screams of thousands of demons
      • Abysm – Pair of opposing serpentine towers – minurats
        • Fortress – Possibly Demogorgon’s personal sanctuary
      • Divided Ire – Once was a Pleasure Palace, repurposed to demonic prison
        • Based on the commune William had, this is likely where Vanthus and Lavinia is
    • Pearl – Abyssian Ocean – Borders Gaping Maw at a location called Maw’s Teeth
  • Demons – (Graven) – 1 week of downtime
    • Base Tenari Powers and baseline fiendish templates
    • Find a tome dealing with Demons – Individual Subtypes – 5000 gp
      • MW Tool +2 bonus to rolls
      • 1 hour per day

The Wake Portal

  • Harliss walks us through how to use the Wake Portal
  • Two pre-req: Ship must be under full sail and 10 minute activation time
  • Operable once per day
  • Ship, crew and cargo and 60 ft. radius
  • Target: Abyssian Ocean
  • Lawful or Good suffer affects – grants -2 on anything Charisma based (Lawful Good is -4)

The Sea Wyvern Crew (Need 7 full time crew)

Recruited Crew (1200 gp/month) (Party paid for one month in advance)

  • Amera Brighton – Elf – Exuberant – Lookout – Improves ship speeds – 300 gp/month
  • Graydon Stoneguide – Dwarf – Quiet – No Sailor – Cartographer only +2 bonus (geography) – 150 gp/month
  • Olart Grimturk – Human – Barbarian levels – Rough around the edges – Crude/Outright Hostile – Marine – Sailor and Combatant at Sea – Knack for repair, upkeep and maintenance – 150 gp/month
  • Somat the Firebringer – Olman – Panitube – Greedy – Sorcerer/Sailor – Ship’s Mage – Ship Defense and Sailing – 600 gp/month

Other NPC Activities

  • Tren – Sasserine – keeping an eye on things
  • Zan Oldavin – Got a port back to Sasserine and disappeared
  • Tolin Kientai – Ranger – Staying in Farshore

Leaving Farshore for other worlds….

  • General Spells
    • Flameward on the ship (Seaweed Jim) x 2 castings
    • 40 hr Mass Planar Adaption (William)

Day 1 of the Journey

  • The water is completely different. The swells are different – it’s like relearning the Sailor skill.
  • Clarrisa and William go below deck.
  • There are brighter and dark periods. (Might need a clock)
  • During the dark period – there is a palpable feeling of menace.

Day 2 of the Journey

  • 40 hr Mass Planar Adaption (William)
  • Flameward x 2 (Seaweed Jim)
  • Sails ahoy! Seaweed Jim scries the ship. A caravel sized ship. Painted blue. Sleek transparent sails. No wake. Majority of people on the ship are humanoid. Horns, clawed hands, tails. Dozen or so of them as ship’s crew. 9’ tall massive blue fellow. (5 of them). (The crew are planetouched – tieflings. The 5 blue guys are Mercane).
  • We sail closer. It will take 20 minutes. We hail each other. Seems they are traders. Blue guy has a jolly personality – (Saudi Arabian Sales) – Aussie (for short). They are Mercane (Planar Traders). They buy and sell things. Confidentiality is a standing by-law. They are information brokers though.
  • How do we contact them if we want to do repeat business? He provides his token. Ceramic plaque – business card like. Break it to use it. Within a span of a day, they will arrive.
  • We buy and sell some stuff
  • We ask about Gaping Maw.
    • Map/sketch/copy basic layout of the co-terminus area for Gaping Maw near Maw’s Teeth – 1750gp
  • We ask about Divided Ire – 5000 gp
    • Currently a prison – used to be a pleasure palace. Island is two islands. Three buildings. Corridors and walkways that connect them. They are up high on the island complex. One of the islands is lush and tropical and the other is a blasted wasteland and volcanic. Paradise and Penance.
    • The largest of the three is on Paradise and Penance has two buildings.
    • The prison itself and the island out to a reasonable distance is under Interdiction (kind of like an amped up forbidance affect). For 1000 ft around it, blocks planar travel including teleport, ethereal, summons, magical location. Sympathy affect – people inside don’t want to leave. It may only affect planar people, not primes.
    • Prison Warden is a glabrezu named Kululblax.
    • A short times (a few years, maybe a decade), some type of earthquake hit the island. There may be some lingering structural damage.
    • Demogorgon doesn’t pay much attention these days to these.
    • There is one place outside the warding for arrivals. Island on the Lava/Penance side.
    • In the sky, Vrock and Nebasu can be seen.
  • He will sell us info about a prisoner on the island – for 1000 gp
    • One of the prisoners/residents – Astral Deva – named Saureya -
    • Long time ago, there was the Blood War – hoard of abyssal creatures invaded the Seven Heavans – their progress was great enough that they severed part of the realm to cut off the breach. Part of that layer was incorporated into the Abyss. Saureya survived that. He caught Demogorgons notice and was tossed into the prison.
  • His thoughts and musings – 1500 gp
    • Some information that was not available – why the facility switched roles.
    • It was a pleasure palace – it usually takes two – and he could not get a name.
    • He’d be interested in the name.
  • We sail on after a nice interlude with the Mercane.

The Maw’s Teeth

  • Driving sheets of wind and several waterspouts



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