The Savage Tide

And the hits keep on coming...

And the battle with the Hezrou continued. Pearl’s shooting got the killing blow on the three remaining Hezrou. Two of the Hezrou faded while the bodies of three remained. We took a short breather then continued through the passage to the west. We’ll come back to the stairs up on the eastern side later. To the south along the passage are several cells that terminate at a torture chamber. We examine the cells and do not find anything. We continue west then north. It ends at a set of stairs up. It goes about 10 ft and levels off. After a short stretch it goes back down. This section is still flooded with water, but we proceed. Unfortunately, Locked wandered into a patch of green slime. Jim was a able to cure that…with a cone of cold. Atl restored the loss of health that Locke received.

Past a sealed stone door, is a room with a desk and shelves with clay tablets. The desk is in the shape of a head. We searched the room. It appears to be an archive. The tablets way close to 1000 pounds in total. We relocated the tablets into a portable hole. In a secret compartment in the desk, William finds a dagger, some coin and some statues.

  • 120 tablets (1000 lbs total)
  • Magic Olman Style Dagger – +2 Human Bane Dagger
  • Coin – 500 gp
  • 2 Coral Statuettes of fish with Ruby Eyes

We return to the double wide stairs heading up and proceed up to confirm it connected where we thought it would. Part of the way up, is a room with Olman statues and a passage to the south and stairs continue up to the east. We follow the passage to the south. We enter a chamber that has an exit to the west. There are 18 urns on one wall and on the south wall – fishing nets, harpoons and a pry bar (8). The urns seem to be full of interesting alchemical things. One has red mud that seemed to be boiling. one has not water, and one has headless bugs that are moving around (Abyssal Locust). The other items are probably extra planar in origin. We take copious notes about them.

We take the stairs down to the west that ends in a cave. The floor of the cave is covered in water and the room has hundred of oysters. Six oysters have grown quite large have black and red stripes and curved hooks and twisted horns. We collect some water samples and smaller oyster samples. Pearl shot some arrows until she damaged one of the oysters. It started letting out a high, piercing screech.

After a few rounds, three flying, armored Koppru entered the room and combat ensues. The party quickly dispatched the Kopru.

  • 3 Magic Large Studded Leather Armor
  • 3 Holy Symbols
  • 6 Fruits

We pry open the shrieking one. Inside is a partially formed black pearl the size of a grapefruit. It’s not magical. We destroy the bodies of the 6 fiendish oysters.

  • 6 x Grapefruit Black Pearls (1k gp each)

Leading from this chamber on the western side are a northern passage and a southern passage. We investigate the northern passage first. It leads to a dead end chamber. It is covered in limestone formations. On a partially semi-submerged table, there are flasks with fluids in them. William has us take all the various chemicals. There is a crystal box.

  • Various Chemicals
  • Crystal Box – There is a rough powder of pulverized gemstones, rainbow colored

There is a 5 ft water filled tunnel in the floor. Since it went down more than 10 ft, we examined the southern passage. After a bit, the slopes down until the water fills the cavern. We go about 500 ft then turn back.

We examine the 5 ft tunnel. After about 300 ft, it opens up into a larger chamber. Locke casts detect magic and get’s two pings. A net and something in a pile. There are nine piles of algae beddings

  • Two foot blue ceramic vase decorated in torquise and filled with platinum
  • 12 statuettes of aquatic creatures
  • 13 large red coral platters shaped like clamshells
  • Mother of pearl box – full of black pearls and jaspers
  • Magic Trident
  • 25 ivory fish hooks
  • Magic Sealed Crystal Flask with a liquid in it

There are 4 other passages leaving this room. We explore the one to the right and it the water gets warmer and muddier.

We go back and go to the next passage counter clock wise, rinse and repeat until the 4th passage ends in a chamber.

Algae and anemenis cover a passage that goes down at least 500 ft before we turn around. (OOC – probably leads to deeper unpleasant stuff)

Clock wise, we return and go up that passage – possibly returning to the grotto area. It ends in a chamber that has air in it. The chamber has coverings that result in a huge amorphous monster. A serpentine creature has passed through here recently.

We take the air passage and come to a T. We take the left passage and run into a large room.

There is a 20 ft statue that has been damaged by age. A large crack splits it’s face. There is a pool of foul water and algae. There are two balconies running on the eastern and western sides.

At the alter in the room, is a large black pearl putting out a aura. There is a creature that is vaguely humanoid. Koppru like with two heads with one mouth. Named “Khala”, we think it is an aspect of Demogorgon. He is next to the alter with the pulsating pearl.

  • 6 x Large Lizards – Evil Outsiders – Not true Tenari – Lightning works on them.
  • 1 x Khala – Aspect of Demogorgon
  • 4 x Ghoulish Creatures appeared (possibly summoned)

We have killed 1 of the lizards and Graven Holy Worded to banish 4 of the lizards.

1 x Abyssal Retrievers



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