The Savage Tide

On the way to Wot Dagon


  • Defeated Arendagrost by sending him to the Well of Darkness
    • This affects our long term plan to stick Demogorgon into the Well. While engaging him, we’ll need to destroy the master.
  • We assaulted the walls of the city as a diversion – and targeted the Iron Flask of Turney’s occupant at the walls.
    • This broke the ‘crystal’ that anchors an anti-dimensional travel affect.
    • Igglwyv dimension doored in and took the flask cancelling Locke’s favor
  • We launched an assault on a General of the other side, before one of the Legions would fight in the area.


  • 1 x Marlith
  • 1 x Gronsfed the Drowned

After defeating them, we quickly search the area for battle plans and loot. After a minute, Totaniuh teleports us out back to the Legion General.


  • Rod of Leadership – Assigned to William
  • +4 Battle Axe (Gargantuan)
  • +4 Cloak of Resistance – Assigned to Jakarta
  • Drafts of the locations around the city that hoard could deploy

We use Wind Walk to get near to Wot Dagon. There are hurricane winds surrounding the air above it.

There is an old, unmaintained road that goes over a river with a green fog on it that goes to the entrance of Wot Dagon.


  • 4 x Nebazu
  • 4 x Archer amphibious – Trogoldytes – Made as greater undead
  • 3 x Buzzing Chasme Demon ©
  • 1 x Demon Toad – Coat of Arms on Amulet (Great Kingdom Heraldry – Greyhawk ) – Hezrou dialed up to 11

Defaced Coat of Arms from Greyhawk – Kargath


  • Nebazu and Toad Demon had seared brands of Kargath on them
  • +4 Amulet of Mighty Fist
  • +5 Full Plate (Huge)
  • Wings of Flying
  • 4 x +2 Mithril Shirts

We will make this a base camp with Eladrin where we can retreat to for healing.



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