The Savage Tide

Bringing a guest to visit Malcanthet - What to do with this Flask

We heal up and take stock. Seaweed Jim totes Crimson around and keeps knocking her unconscious. We search the facility – after an hour goes by – we don’t fine anything.

We strip down for our court appearance and Locke teleports to near the palace – about a mile out. It takes us about 15-20 minutes to get to the palace.

As we go from room to room, the rooms quiet down by the occupants and they leave. It’s also much quicker trip this time. We cross through 4 rooms and the 5th is the audience chamber.

Malcanthet is lounging on her handy thrown. The room is mostly except for 12 “Radiant Sisters”. The doors close behind us.

We approach to within 30 ft. Seaweed Jim sets her down. Locke addresses Malcanthet, “Queen of the Succubus, we have returned your friend to you.” Sir Stievan lays hands to awaken Crimson.

Crimson just stairs at Malcanthet for a bit – the room is very quiet – a minute passes. The Radiant Sisters encircle Crimson and then attack her. It is effectively an execution – it is excruciatingly long. It takes about an hour – at the end – she a welter of bloody ribbons.

Then the Radiant Sisters teleport away one by one. The one with a golden halo winks at Sir Stievan. Then a swarm of Rutterkin demons sweep and clean up the “body”.

Malcanthet addresses us and gives us the flask, Seaweed Jim picks it up. She suggests that we consult Iggwilv to find out more about the Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless.

We exit the throne room and then the palace. We make our way back the Sea Wyvern.

Azael has returned with our “Smith” slave. He is an Azer (outsider from the plane of Fire).

We contact the Mercane and sell the loot.

PARTY SPLIT: 48036 gp

We have planning session. Locke casts Legend Lore on Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless.

Information on the Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless

  • It is an artifact crafted long ago.
  • Turney originally captured an aspect of Graz’zt and unleashed on Turney’s territory rivals, until Graz’zt escaped and turned Turney into a Dretch.
  • Turney made his way up through the ranks to Nalfeshee and maintained his wizard skills, but lost his flask.
  • The flask functions as a normal Iron Flask except that it only works on demons. (Iron_Flask)
  • It can hold up to a 100 demons as a time.
  • A full demon lord cannot fit in. An aspect can, but it would fill the flask.
  • Aspects have a save penalty.
  • We know the command word for the activation and for release.
  • There are currently 7 residents. (it will take a legend lore per occupant to learn their names/info so we can use the flask to command them)

As a reminder, we believe their is an aspect of Obox-Ob in the plane: Blood Shallows.

We aren’t sure how long it will take to get to Blood Shallows. Locke uses one more Legend Lore to learn of one of the 7 residents so we can deal with him/her today.

We sail for Pezunia. The plan is to set up an area and then to call forth each individually and defeat them.

Residents of the Flask

  • #1 – A Nalfeshee and his name -
  • #2 – Vrock
  • #3 – Vrock
  • #4 – Marlith
  • #5 – Marlith
  • #6 – Vrock
  • #7 – Balor

We meta out the first 6 fights and then we fight the Balor.

Balor – Entry – Tenari – Standard Demon Traits and Other Traits

We dog pile him and he goes down.

With the flask empty, we set sail for Blood Shallows. We arrive at the Blood Shallows after a day.

Kn: Planes on Blood Shallows
81st Lair of the Abyss
Demogorgon uses it for army training and staging
95% Marshland
Acidic Water

We have to use the Rod of Repair to keep the hull intact while in the Blood Shallows.

Graven uses augury to attempt to find out where to find the aspect of Obox-Ob and Wee Jas doesn’t know.

We then set sail for Iggwilv’s estate in Gehenna. It takes us 21 hours to get there.

We have an audience with her. She offers to clean out the flask and tell us how to use it.

We inquire about “Obox-Ob’s” aspect. Her information is that his aspect is imprisoned in a layer of the Abyss. Use the spell Freedom on top of the largest land mass in the plane – the fortified encampment of Feedgut – a lesser general – Gorganth, the two faced.

Approaching Bagromir will draw Demogorgon’s attention. Brute force won’t get us to the general, but a silver tongue would. He has a military encampment on the first lair (Pezunia)

We leave the audience with Iggwilv and return to the Sea Wyvern.

Check List

  • Physical Disguises (500 gp x 5 = 2500 gp)
  • Scroll of Communal Mind Blank (3325 gp)
  • Scrolls of Freedom (x2) 3325 gp each for Obox-Ob
  • Rely on Lynarra’s Forgery and Bluff to get us through to Bagromir
  • William and Seaweed split the 12k costs between them.

We summon the Mercane so we can purchase the supplies.

On the way to Blood Shallows, Locke gets a sending from Lavinia that she needs to talk about some things with her brother.

The party will divert for a moment.

William will Plane Shift Locke to the Prime Material Plane. The party will use the Wakeportal to travel to the Prime Material to follow. Once Locke is finished, he will teleport back to the Sea Wyvern and then they will head to the Blood Shallows.

William Plane Shifts Locked back and he teleports to Sasserine and then to Vanderboren manor to see Lavinia.

She relays that a Witchwarden investigation has revealed what led Vanthus to what happened to him. When Vanthus and Lavinia were separated as youths, Vanthus went to the Uncle’s plantation. The Uncle was also an adventerous type. Apparently, the Witchwarden’s became aware that the Uncle had a Book of Infinite spells (a potent magic item). Magical divination indicate a gate spell at the plantation. It was a probably used from a page in the book. A Demon by the name of Gorvash, a servant of Demogorgon according to the Witchwarden briefing. Whatever happened there is probably a catalyst for what happened with Vanthus. The demon could have shown up uncontrolled and manipulated things. Perhaps Vanthus wasn’t at fault for spiraling descent. Based on what happened to him, his soul would have been taken to the Abyss. Perhaps with the Elite Glabrezu (Gorvash).

Locke and Lavinia spend some meaningful time while Locke awaits the Sea Wyvern arriving on the prime material plane (a few hours).

Meanwhile Seaweed Jim has a conversation with Clarissa and then they talk with William.



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