The Savage Tide

Can we get off this bridge, please?

The fighting continues as Seaweed Jim and Sir Stievan gang up on S’Sharra. Graven used healing magic to save Williams life.

Finally, Vanthus despaired and took his own life while trying to take out the party. S’Sharra fell to the combined efforts of the group.

We recover her body and weapons. We use Detect Magic and then strip the bodies of their items.

We enter Vanthu’s castle and search it. We find the remnants of the crew of Vanthus’s ship. They were tortured and used to create the Dread Wraiths.

Sir Stievan says a quick blessing over the bodies and then he and the angels drop the corpses into the lava.

We identify the loot and share out some of it.

Our plan is now to go back to Orgosh (Bullywog Lich), to get the name of Demogorgon’s paramour and possibly talking about how to get Levinia back from Lilliana.

We cross over the lava to the southeast area instead of going through Lilliana’s area and head for Orgosh’s lair. We call out a greeting near the entrance area. No response, we search through the hallways, calling out every so often.

Eventually, we find him at a pillar made of skulls and bones 10 ft in diameter. Orgosh has his hands on the pillar in concentration. It took about 10 minutes to find him. We waited for 10 minutes for him to finish. Some things flake off as he finishes.

Orgosh felt Vanthus “die”. He will now help us recover Levinia from Lilliana. He has his undead “hoard” with scary creatures in it.

The party jumps into the fight with Lilliana with Seaweed Jim. She attempts to surrender, but Seaweed Jim finishes her off.

After we finish off Lilliana, the Crimson Fleet Gnome Bard (Nurt Bilgeflower) shows up with Levinia. Orgosh sends his hoard north to take out the Jailer. Orgosh follows them and says he’ll be right back.

We tend to Lavinia. We first convince her we are who we say we are.

We loot Lilliana and Hezrou.

We wait for Ogrosh and get the information on the paramour. “The Mistress – Shami-Amourae”.

She was one of several succubi that was contending to leadership position. She was in the running as Queen of the Succubi. She and Demogorgon were an item for a good lone while as the palace may show.

Because he was infatuated with her to such a degree, when he found out she had been manipulating him, his wrath was equally extreme. Orgosh isn’t sure of the method of what she did, but his wrath had her imprisoned in the Wells of Darkness (make a roll on this later). Such a drastic move, spoke volumes of the need to keep her silent. The Wells of Darkness cannot escape. Several avatars are imprisoned there. Whatever she knew, she did worse than pay for it with her life. However, our trail does not end here with that information…Red Shrowd…can be found at Broken Reach…no greater scholar remains on Shami-Amourae than her. If anyone knows how to reach her, it would be Red Shrowd.



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