The Savage Tide

Death of an Angel

Saureya held himself inhumanly steady while Sir Stievan’s merciful blow fell. His blow falls true and Saureya’s head tumbles off and his body falls limp.

The two Trumpet Archons (Danell and Euzza) dip their heads in acknowledgement. Sir Stievan gathers the remains so that the body can be interred some where else.

Graven suggests to Danel and Euzza that they travel with us. He extortions motivate them to travel with them.

The angel had the following:

  • +3 Shocking Burst Greatsword
  • +3 Composite Longbow ( +7 Str)
  • Expanded Quiver – Adamantine tipped x 50
  • Belt of Dex +4 (Assigned to Danel (Trumpet Archon))
  • +5 Mithril Shirt (Assigned to Danel (Trumpet Archon))

We travel back and north to search out the rest of the Angel’s territory. We encounter a moaning pillar and William attempts to go grate his face off, but Jim stops him. We explore the first doorway and the malevolent force almost overcomes Locke, but he resists.

It appears to be dusty, old and out of use. It is not out of reach of the malevolent force. Locke determines a dispel or break enchantment might be able to remove the affect from someone already affected. We eventually finish searching the rooms and leave the area of affect.

We head for out of the angel’s area to the south. It leads to a single immense room – like a small village.

We encounter a dais with 5 statues. One is Demogorgon. The area is massively desecrated. This is probably the focus of the Forbidance and Sympathy affects and it is possible that it is a minor artifact. The first statue – Rams head and wings – Orcus. The second statue – Grazz’t. The third statue (spiderish) – Miska, the Wolfspider (Second Prince of Demons). The fourth statue – we can’t quite identify.

Locke uses Limited Wish to cast Legend Lore to learn more. The 4th statue is Obex Ob, the First Prince of Demons. He is not Tenari. In the lore, he is not revealed to be dead.

The statues symbolize Demogorgon’s greatest threats. The way to destroy the statues is from the blood of the four supplicants or spamming of Disjunction.

When the Tenrai gained control of the Abyss from the previous tenant. Their leader, the Queen of Chaos had Miska as her right hand. In the war, the war lasted along time. A primary force that opposed them was the Wind Dukes. The Wind Dukes had a coalition that worked with them. The Queen and Miska were at least demi-god in power.

When the Wind Dukes won the exchange, at least partially because the demons worked against themselves. It is blurry if the Queen was killed or if something else that happened. Miska, himself, was slain. Demogorgon was left standing.

There are tomes and books that chronicle these events – many of them blasphemous and unholy.

Seaweed Jim catches our attention. Past him, we can see a small 4 ft high figure, floating in the air.

He introduces the figure as “Orgosh, Creator of Deathknights”. He wants us to defeat Vanthus who is on an island. He can give us the name of the paramour of Demogorgon. Locke asked if he would leave this place. He said why would we ask. Locke said “To honor a bargain.”

Death Knights are resistant to Fire and Acid. Immune to Cold and Lightning. Resistance to Magic. Heavily Armored in melee. Inate magics to influence as well as desecrate. A steed from the lower planes. Resistant to life (turn resistance and dr versus positive energy). Channel the raw chaos of the abyss. He believes there is a creature that lives in the lava just to the east of the island Vanthus lives in there.

Charm Monster, Mass Charm Monster, Fear, Fireball,

Vanthus can be potentially greater than this – if Demogorgon improved on him.

He gives a warning that we cannot destroy him. His phylactery is not in the prison. (Reminder: Lilianth is the demoness we made the agreement with).

We head back to the Angel’s area to talk strategy, then we head to back to Lilianth’s quadrant to get ready to head for Vanthus.

Back in Lilianth’s quadrant, we talk with Lilianth. She wants to know about any deal we made with Orgosh. We move to the bridge entrance and buff up before heading to Vanthus’s lair.

As we cross the bridge, enemies attack from below the bridge with Damning Darkness and a fight ensues. William identifies that they are shadow demons. Vulnerable to bright light. Incorporeal Shadow Demons of Shakoth Benoth (x6).

The ninja demon attempted to make a sneak, death attack from the roof on Graven. Locke and JIm flew off to try to kill that bitch.

We stopped at the end of round 5 five.



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