The Savage Tide

Entering Wot Dagon

We clean up the battlefield and some Azata set up a base camp. (Minute per level spells will go away)

Y x Brelani – Cure wounds all day
1x Ghaele – 1/heal, 1/restoration, 1/death ward (But if he’s used up, another will rotate while we

We enter the gates. As William enters, he detects that the area is suffused with savage energy.

We pass into a courtyard. An fiendish Lavinia greets us and she brings along a larval Vanthus. A fight ensues and Locke get’s several curses onto Lavinia and the party subdues.

  • Skull of Ick (Plantation owner where Vanthus worked)
  • Belt Str +4 – Assigned to Danel
  • Bracers +8 – Assigned to Lynara

Vanthus says that this Lavinia is actually Gorvosh.

We step outside – True Seeing doesn’t reveal any change, but Totaniuh casts a limited wish sending to reach out to Lavinia and get’s a response. Phew. Sir Stievan beheads the unconcious Gorvosh.

The mirrored ceiling was a form of opposition.

We leave Vanthus with Ghael outside.

We return inside and open the bronze gates beyond the courtyard. It is darkness ahead. As we enter the area, we feel like we are drowning. Some of us shake off the effects, some do not.

We are ambushed by some ghast archers and during the fight, doors open and Saint Korgath targeted with abyssal energy and then the doors closed.

After defeating the ghast archers, we started to enter the central altar area.



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