The Savage Tide

In the hive of scum and villainy...

We slept over night on the The Sea Wyvern. (Leveling to 15th)

The next morning we returned to Scuttlecove.

Goal of second day:

  • Sell loot
  • Gather Info
    • Missing Nixie Crew
    • Harliss
    • Zimon Alenveer
    • Tyrlandi
    • Any other factions
      • Seventh Coil
      • Crimson Fleet
      • Prophyry House
      • Dealer’s Consortium
      • Monastery of Dire Hunger
  • Seaweed Jim → Seekers Safehouse
  • After dark – Prophyry House
  • The Palace


We sold our loot and purchased some new items. We are seeing a 50% mark up on items sold to us. As a group we then check out the Slave marts for any Nixie Crew. Most likely any remaining crew were taken away by the Seventh Coil. It’s known that 2 of the crewman did not survive the actual taking of the crew. Rhemus Caldakar (enterprising Necromancer gnome) has some sort of connection to the Slaver Consortium that purchased their remains. His store is called ‘Parts is Parts’.

Parts is Parts – Body chop shop

We head to the north east part of town to find ‘Parts is Parts’. The door man is a wight. Graven and Pearl pay for a viewing of the resources and are escorted inside. Locke converses with the gnome necromancer on Seventh Coil.

  • All Yuan-Ti are Seventh Coil.
  • The Seventh Coil are tight with the Crimson Fleet.
  • Who most counter balances the Seventh Coil and Crimson Fleet? Prophyry House, Dealer’s Consortium, and Monastery of Dire Hunger.
  • There was an altercation less than a week ago for the Protectorate down on the docks. The Protectorate most often buts head with the Seventh Coil.
  • He suggests aligning with an opposing faction. Mr. Bone is his suggestion – runs the Dealer’s Consortium.

Pearl and Graven find three heads that were probably on the Nixie for crew. They arrange to get the bodies and to pick them up tomorrow.

We pay for him to sponsor an introduction to Mr. Bone.

Gathering More Information

  • Group (Graven, Seaweed Jim, Locke)
    • Survivor’s of the Nixie (Kaskus, Liamae, Tolin, Zan, Tara, Brissa)
      • Crimson Fleet hit the Nixie – some where killed and some were taken
      • 3 Prisoner’s unaccounted for – probably sold as a slave
      • News on Kaskus – Dwarven Druid – someone fitting that description – saw someone matching his description being hung up – Plaza of Hanging Ruin
    • Plaza of Hanging Ruin – The group quickly heads there
      • Metal and Wood Beams in Concentric Squares – Festooned with Spike Chains and Manacles
      • The Monks of Dire Hunger are patrolling – they are twisted and deformed. Uniformly, they have their teeth filed to points. Groups of five.
      • After an hour of looking, we find Kaskus’s body. He’s dead. Head, chest and arm remain.
    • Dealer’s Consortium
      • Nominally run by Kedward Bone – Rumor that he is one of the Cities original inhabitants
        • Lives in a stone tower in NE corner of town -
        • Arcane Practitioner that Melees – Carry’s a Scythe
        • Fixer/Dealer – makes a lot of deals – Ruthless Business Man
        • If we can get his backing, a perk may be that we’ll have normal costs for our purchases
      • Bumping heads slightly with the Monks – looking to discourage them from patrolling his turf
      • Merchant Conglomerate – Cities Drug Trade
    • Zimon Alenveer
    • Looking for Seeker’s Symbols
      • One of the buildings on north and west of the Plaza – Red building
  • Group (Pearl, Atl)
    • Tyrlandi
      • The Madam of Prophyry House – Beautiful, raven-winged woman
    • Protectorate
      • Underground movement – supposedly have members scattered among the other districts – posing as other factions
      • Recently, the Protectorate suffered a major loss when a safe house was raided by the Seventh Coil.
    • Prophyry House
      • Organization – Head of Prostitution Trade in Scuttlecove – others have gone out of business quickly – only a few years old – there was an altercation/shakeup and the previous holders died in a violent manner and Tyrlandi took over. The original owners were the Seventh Coil.
    • Region
      • Happy Ogre Tavern – Most popular water hole
      • Scuttlecove Arena – Event in 3 days
  • Group (Stievan, William)
    • The Palace
      • Been sealed by the Monastery – there are guards
      • Visceral unsettling feelings near it. The Citizens living near it call it Cursed.
      • William theorizes that the grounds have some active magic effect. He could not identify it.
      • He believes that the Palace functions as a Vile Inherent Site.

Regrouping at the Western Edge of Town

  • We group up to share information. It’s getting towards nightfall.
  • We want to gather information on Zimon Alenveer before going to Prophyry House.
    • He was a lower tier Slaver that worked the docks area. He is no longer performing his duties. He was executed by the Monks at the request of the Crimson Fleet less than a week ago.
    • Zimon was a member of the Protectorate and was in charge of the Red Foaming Whale House.
  • At Prophyry House, there is a line. We are in line for about an hour.
    • It is decadent and luxurious inside. The staff is chosen for their appearance. We seek out management.
    • We meet with a security type and ask to meet with Tyrlandi. As a token, Graven provides his bracelet of second chances. They provide refreshments while we wait. After 20 minutes, we are lead to Tyrlandi.
    • It is an opulent room. Tyrlandi is gorgeous. Has maybe a square foot of silk on her in total.
      • She is a Nymph, half fiend – black six fingered hand holy symbol – Graz’zt – High Ranking Demon Lord.
      • We present the note and have discussions. Graven gives her a lock of his hair to join her dominos game. Effectively knock down a faction.
        • Harliss can be found at the Bird Cage – a place that tortures information out of people. One of our missing companions from the Nixie is there as well.
      • She also gave us some ‘trash’ to throw out – 3 x oils of silence.

Back on the town

  • It’s still early evening and we seek information about the Birdcage.
  • Birdcage
    • Grey tower with bas-relief carvings – harpies with whips and daggers – crooked spire.
    • Run by a group named the Sisters of Lamentation – coven of harpies. Was originally a specialty bordello. Have spread out into information retrieval.
    • Harpy Information – Monstrous Humanoid – Have a captivating song. Countersong would work on it.
  • We decide to breach the Birdcage. We gather just outside, buff up and then enter.
    • There are three floors. There are 8 human pirates on the first floor (non-harpy) and one harpy near the birdcage at the top.
    • The 8 pirates swarmed into our party after we breached.
      • One of the harpies killed a pirate and the another harpy raised him as a spectre.
    • 3 x Harpies in the fight.
      • When one of them dies, another Harpy raised it as a Vampire.
      • Locked killed a living Harpy with Disintergrate
    • Liamae, Jade Raven, comes out and cones of cold’s part of the party.
      • Seaweed Jim strips some of her magic
      • Atl turns her into a baby Sloth
    • 3 x Wights (from 8 pirates)
    • “Baby” – Joined the fight from cage at the very top of the room – Distended mass of flesh – Yelled at Locke and made him Confused.
    • The Cage is a torture area.



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