The Savage Tide

Lake "Not So" Placid

We battled the mega crocodile. It did it’s best to eviscerate Seaweed Jim. I kept pouring negative energy into it. Graven kept pouring healing into the group. William peppered it with spells. Stieven nicked it with crossbow shots. We vanquished it in the end and took a tooth from it’s mouth as a token of the this eight, unknown legendary beast.

We healed up and continued to Taboo Isle and the beach on the eastern side. It’s been overcast over the Central Plateau since we’ve been here. We found several hidden trails and took a southerly one. On an offshoot trail, we found a duck blind that gave a good lookout post on the south eastern part of the island. No one was there, but we found sign of occupancy within the past day.

We continued westerly, Seaweed Jim realized that someone was coming down the trail. We gave chase and beat the skin walker down.

  • 1 Magic +1 Olman Shimalo’koi Wood Swords
  • 1 Magic 1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows (5 Str Mod)
  • 1 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields

Traveling on wards, we came to a ziggurat in a clearing. No undergrowth seen. We ascended to the top of the ziggurat. The top had signs of use. There was an alter with manacles which is in the middle of a fire pit. It appears it is used for ritualistic torture. It doesn’t seem to have been used in a week. We looked around the top, but could not find an entrance. From the top, we can see two other buildings far off in the distance else where on the isle. We climbed back down and searched around the area. We found ruins, but no tunnels into the ziggurat.

We got back on the trail. The trail comes to a small clearing with a cross roads of trails. It appears to be a maintained clearing. The trail continues west and there is a north-south trail here as well. There is a statue in the middle of the clearing. It is a stylized demon lord – perhaps Demogorgon – standing 30 ft tall. Compare to the rubble around us, the status is crude in comparison and more recent in origin. Rituals have taken place here…perhaps yesterday…20 to 30 people.

We took the trail to the south and found another observation post. It had one skin walker guard that we defeated. We then returned to the cross roads clearing and continued west. We came to another cross roads clearing. There is a second statue here. We head along the southern trail, we find a fork. The fork continues west and isn’t as hidden. We continue south and come to an open area at the coast. There are fragmented ruins that take up 400-500 feet in the open. There is a skin walker lookout and we take him before he can light a signal fire.

  • 1 Magic +1 Olman Shimalo’koi Wood Swords
  • 1 Magic 1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows (5 Str Mod)
  • 1 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields

We returned to the fork and headed west. This trail isn’t as concealed as the others we have been on. We come around a corner and find a native village of skin walkers. We could see six to begin with and we moved in to silence them. Six more came out of the huts over the course of combat. The fighting got fierce with the six new comers using bows to target spell casting. A female skin walker caster entered the fray and targeted William with an mentally enfeebling spell. He was able to shake it off. As the battle progressed, I changed my tactics to counter spell her. She changed her tactics to pounce the flying William and she eviscerated him.

William died and landed on the ground.



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