The Savage Tide

There will be blood...

One twin, two twin, red twin, blue twin

Prep for Bagromar’s Camp

  • Lynarra disguises us for our trek into the camp as Demonic war camp
  • Communal Mind Blank on Graven, Jim, Locke and Lynara
    • William has his own Mind Blank and Stievan has some Olman magic protecting him.
  • Using ‘Find the Path’, we find the camp a mile from the River Styx in Pezunia

Entering The Camp

  • We teleport to the edge of the camp. We aren’t stopped by any of the pickets.
  • The camp is ringed with Symbols of Insanity
  • Lynara leads the way. “We are on our way to Dingo Slag.”
  • Dingo Slag is a Balor.
    • Probably a normal Balor. Lowered tier General in position.
  • We go into a tent to meet with Dingo.
  • Lynara convinces him to take us to Bagromar and he leads us out of the tent.
  • As we exit the tent and Dingo attacked us.

Fighting Dingo Slag

  • After brawling, he dies and explodes.
  • We loot his body.

Onwards to General Bagromar

  • The walls of Bagromar’s tent are made from tanned skin of Devils.
  • We enter his tent and meet Bagromar, standing at a table. Baboon headed, tentacle demon
  • We lay out our recruitment pitch – name dropping allies and proving their support.
  • Locke does most of the talking
  • He agrees and then asks us to leave
  • We leave.

Returning to the Sea Wyvern

  • We contact the Mercane our sell our loot
    • PARTY SPLIT: 39010
  • We level to 20


  • We spend 16 days of downtime
  • During the down time,
    • Gwynharwyf, does a sending to Seaweed Jim. Preparations are good.
    • Orcus contacts Seaweed Jim.
    • Charon contacts Seaweed Jim.
    • Iggwilv contacts Seaweed Jim.
    • Malcanthet “contacts” Seaweed Jim.

Researching Locale for the War Council

  • Possibly on the Sea Wyvern on Styx? (First Choice)
  • Iggwilv ’s castle (Second Choice)
  • City of Sigil (Planescape)
    • Beings of Power cannot go – some would need to send proxies
  • Outland – Near Sigil – Suppresses Magic

Graven sends out invitations via Sending

  • Gwynharwyf
    • She sends Celeste to talk with us about out council location plans
  • Orcus
    • After the sending, Orcus wishes Graven there in person to have a conversation. After a very close negotiation, he returns..successful.
  • Malcanthet
    • After a bit of discussion, she acquiesces
  • Iggwilv
    • She agrees
  • Charon
    • He agrees.

War Council Preparations

  • Leaving the crew at Farshore
  • Keeping the following:
    • Lynara
    • Clarissa
    • Celeste
  • Cleaning the ship
  • Arrange for a big table and six thrones
    • We contact the Mercane
    • 40 K and will buy back for 20K
  • Mercane – Willing to battlefield scavenge – not as favorable rate – but hey…
  • At the end of the day, we Wakeportal to the River Styx and the dock of Iggwilv

War Council

  • Arrivals
    • A splash off ship – a woman’s voice calls up – red head – undead – dragon tattoo’s – Rowan Killani (was a noble of Sasserine) – Representative of Charon
    • Gwynharwyf – Arrives on the dock and we invite her on board
      • Celeste stands behind her
    • Iggwilv arrives next with her 4 apprentices
    • Charon arrives next
      • Rowan stands behind her
    • Orcus rep – Cadaver shows up – 3 ravens sitting on his shoulders – Xerovar
    • Seaweed Jim says he will be representing “her” – Malcanthet – he moves to her throne
    • Locke takes the throne for the Sasserine contingent
  • Arguments break out within two sentences and Locke spends time trying to reign them in.
  • Orcus’s spies and Gwynharwyf spies have been gathering information
    • Slowly a region map with things of interest emerges
  • Draft War Plan get’s created
  • Mercane shows up and hands out cards
  • The plan is to go tomorrow


  • Charon
    • A fleet of Yugoloth boatmen – 5000 ships
    • Floating platforms for other units perusing seafaring attack
  • Gwynharwyf
    • Two Eladrin hosts – 50,000 each
  • Orcus
    • 4 Legions (25K each)
      • Asphixian V
      • Ensanguinix X
      • Decapitus XIII
      • Thanatos I
  • Iggwilv
    • Transportation – Open multiple magical portals into the realm at one time
    • Limitations
      • Relative few number of locations the plane can take the pressures – those locations are likely guarded
  • Malcanthet
    • Terror Weapon – Iron Flask – Obox Ob

Draft War Plan

  • Charon has the fleet of 5000 vessels – interpose them in the Brine Flats – Run interference against Beltatrix’s fleet – Will pull Demogorgon’s attention
  • Gwynharwyf will send her two hosts through two separate gates. One will be led by Gwynharwyf herself. Blood Run (portal point), west of town, led by Gwynharwyf. Old Clot Road (Portal point), northeast side with Celeste leading them.
    • Torbillian Gale – Host
    • Stary Night – Host
  • Orcus – He wants the Portal point closest to the city (Lemoriax portal) -
    • Orcus personally confronting Demogorgon offshore at Abysm (Abysm portal?)
    • Asphixian V
    • Ensanguinix X
    • Decapitus XIII
    • Thanatos I
  • Party – Where is the ritual occurring? Act as a reserve? Where to use Iron Flask? Wot Dagon
    • Beach Portal – leads to a choke point
    • A squad of Eladrin

Information Gathered

  • Main City – Lemoriax
    • Entrenched defenses
    • Expect the unexpected
  • Master Pearls
    • Shadow Pearls linked to a Master Pearl
    • Shores south of Lemoriax is an ancient structure – Wot Dagon
    • At one point, eons ago, Dagon was one of Demogorgon’s teachers
    • Iggwilv says the Wot Dagon is probably the most likely target -
      • Needs a particular conjunction for most impact – 3 days
  • Wot Dagon
    • Exists between two layers of the Abyss – A demi plane – as such has it’s own strictures on ingress and egress -

Prepping for the next day

  • Locke sends a message to Lavinia
  • Graven uses a sending and then a Gate to get the crew back on the Sea Wyvern



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