The Savage Tide

Return to the Temple of Evil

The party identified the magic items we found and parceled them out. We sent some of the party members back to town with Elyas and his Prince’s body to return to his body to his people. They returned to the grove and camped for the night.

We use the grove portal to return to the island and trek back in. On the way we encounter some giant bug creatures. We re-entered the temple through the secret door we used to enter the complex. From there we proceeded back to the secret room with a covered hatch that led down. (There are 4 ways in total to go down.) Sir Stievan’s coin was removed from secret door with stairs, but not from the open stairs.

The bodies have been moved slightly, possibly checking for survivors. Looking down, there is a 5 foot shaft dropping about 60 ft down. It opens out into a large room. 10 ft statues, about a dozen in number litter the room (50 ft x 50 ft x 20 ft height) There are puddles in this room.

The statues are the heroes of the old Olman and the creatures they defeated. We start exploring the room and William seemed to set off some sort of trap. A gate fell and four of the statues in the corner’s animate and attack us. Pearl determines they are clay golems of some sort, have a vulnerability to the spell Disintegrate, and immune to any spell that has DR.

After a brisk fight, we defeat the four clay golems and use magic to search for secret doors. None are detected. The room was searched in antiquity.

Down the hall are three 2 ft wide tunnels that go off in slightly different directions and declination to a liquid source of some sort. We proceed past them and plan to investigate later. As Seaweed Jim passes the tunnels, a transparent pseudo-pod attacks him. This is an underground, ooze creature – it acquired a yellow, orange tinge – ochre jelly. Most jellies do not have a DR, however, slashing and piercing attacks will cause it to split and are immune to electricity. We poured a bunch of a damage at it to defeat it.

William shrinks us and we investigate the middle tunnel. After twisting and turning it opens out into a water filled hall. There are four tunnels continue to the east. The hallway goes north and south. We continue through the tunnels while the reduction magic is upon us. The tunnels converge into a chamber. Back at the hallway, we follow until we come to a door, we proceed through it. We come to a well with steam rising from it. Beyond we got to a door that took a good bit of strength to open…and then we realized there was water behind the door. A wave of water headed towards us. (Pearl was around the corner)



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