The Savage Tide

Something Fetid this Way Comes

Earlier, we had made a deal with the Warden. We went to fight is S’sharra ( a Kelvasu – demon ninja ). We defeated her entourage but she eluded us. She’s crafty and willy and hard to spot.

We returned and spoke with the Warden then moved on to the south western building. We opened a door that flooded us with acidic waste. Then…some critters approached us with malice. Graven eventually identifies them as not true demons, but rather sentient waste – tenari traits – ooze traits. Vulnerable to Sonic. Acidic Breath Weapon with Poison rider.

While we fought these vile waste monsters, S’sharra tried to magically pillage Seaweed Jim from out on the bridge. We defeated them and started searching around. Entering a central chamber, we spot a “angelic winged” figure eviscerated on the the ground and there are three immensely flabby creatures – 2 were invisible and hiding, but Locke and Sir Stievan noticed them.

The trumpet archon is dead. Graven identifies these creatures as Demodants (titan creations; anti-divine; can disrupt divine connections; faith stealing strike; resistant to fire/cold; immune to acid and poison). We defeat them and search the area. Graven bundled up the corpse of the trumpet archon and puts him in William’s portable hole.


  • 4133 gold
  • 6 x bloodstones (50 gp each)
  • 1 x lance +2
  • 2 x potion (cat’s grace, shield of faith +5)
  • 1 x Filthy Tube (300 gp)
  • 1 x Scroll of Finger of Death

We start searching the open area to the south before checking the doors. The area is a massive open space 250 ft deep by 100 ft wide and 50 ft high.

There are stairs on the sides that lead up to upper galleries. At the far end is a raised dais taking up the end of the big chamber with a throne on it. Two backed throne in amber and black flecks.

At the far end, is a large figure with a guiseme that appears to be Demodant – he is toad like and covered in grease. There are alcoves with statues and statues on either side of the throne. All of the same succubus. The Demodant is Belshamoth, a leader of a faction we were warned against by the Warden. He apparently has a few glowing affects, specifically shield. He croaked out, “We are attacked, come defend your master.”

He is a general type, a Demodant, upper echelon. High SR. cold/fire/acid/poison/mind-affecting. His slime is paralytic.

A huge, goat headed demon with wings – an Alfenchi joins the fray. Strong Tenari (Old Type IV). Standard Tenari Trait. SR. Radiate True Seeing and UnHoly Aura. Solid-enough in melee. Power Attack and Cleave. Magic wise – at-will greater dispel, feeblemind, and call lightning.

Three more things join the fray – fetid waste demons.

Pearl expenditure – 3 bard song rounds – 1 haste spell – (bow shots…no expenditure)



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