The Savage Tide

Spartacus? Redux

The fight in the arena continued.

With 2 big arm, 1 regular dire monk, and the caster left, someone threw a fireball from the stands. William was able to counter spell it and then mayhem ensued.

The party evacuates pulling the bodies of some of the fallen dire hunger monks with them back to the Sea Wyvern. We find the crew in a fight against the one dire monk that stole a ‘Word of Recall’ from Graven to port back to the Sea Wyvern. We defeat him and then move the Sea Wyvern.

We retrieve Tara from Kedward Bones. She is happy to see Graven.

See Unassigned Loot List

  • Party Split is 8625 gp.

We leveled to 16 when we rest. The next day we sneak into Scuttlecove under Veil (cast by Locke) and sell and buy loot. We also get back our bets (-5% transaction fee).

The town is in a bit of an uproar yesterday. There are rumors surrounding who was to blame.

Seaweed Jim and Pearl go to visit the Seeker’s hidden lair – The Paper Lantern House.

His contact provides him some assistance – an invention of some sort – a case and some seaweed.

  • Case – 8 doses of “snake bite” – it delays the affects of poison – makes your flesh toxic to snake men – 1 hour duration.
  • Seaweed – Insidious Seaweed – It will explode into an entangle – 1/day – also source for kelp strands – 3 minutes – DC 11

We return to the Sea Wyvern.

That night Locke had a dream visitation with V’sesslin. He will provide a guide to the Wreck and the pass phrase with the guide is ’All hail the master."



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