The Savage Tide

Storming the Fortress of Overlook

On the road to Fortress of Overlook

Locke teleports the party to the Fortress of Overlook. As we arrive, several Varrangoin dive bomb from above towards the group.

4 x Varrangoin

Varrangoin – Man Sized – Bat Winged Humanoids – Abyssal Bat Creatures – Elemental Resists – Poisons – SR – Poison Tails -

Seems they were “raging”. We defeat them. We take a few minutes to search the bodies. They have no magical or non-magical loot. And no tokens that are protecting them from the plane affects.

Locke takes the lead as we head in. As we get around the corner, a chill washes over us. We sense a flicker of movement above us. A quartet of shadowy huge bat thing creatures with eyes – possibly spawn of Ahazu. (The chill is a desecrating aura.) And a fight ensues.

4 x Spawn of Ahazu

  • Nightshade – Undead Being – Monstrous Undead Creature – Overflowing with negative energy – Desecrating Aura – Light Aversion – Summon Undead (Greater Shadows) – Channel Negative Energy – Slew of spell like abilities – some at will – some limited per day – (Common: Contagion, Unholy Blight, others) – smart and cunning – Lowest stat is 18 Dex – Reasonably High AC – SR – Immune to Cold – Cold Damage Riders and their attacks magic drain – DR is good and silver – Major Undead as a base creature (CR 14) before adding Spawn of Ahazu template – quick and strong in combat – invisibiity at will

They launched their attack with 4 fingers of death on William. He clung to life and was restored to health.

A few seconds into the fight, Shadowfire was killed by Greater Shadows and 9 x of them join into the fight. The fight is tough and continues.

After we dropped 3 of the 4 Spawn of Ahazu and the shadows, we noted two group of 4 Varrangoin headed our way.

We killed the last Spawn of Ahazu.

Dealt with the two groups of Varrangoin.

Then proceeded down the middle past lots of doors to a central keep.

There was a maximized forbidance affect with on the doors into the central keep. Locke failed the first time and took 90 damage (untyped).

Inside was a mosaic on the floor and Seaweed Jim gave into the urges he was feeling and touched the mosaic in places to cause it to “open”.

The mosaic fell into itself leaving a 40 ft wide pit. Blue eyes started opening…soon there were thousands of eyes.



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