The Savage Tide

The Beach Landing (Part II)

The battle on the beach continues. We defeat the denizens of the beach. Our Eladrin allies will stay here to secure the beach.

Graven uses touch of healing to bring up and the Ghaele tops every one off.

We summon the Mercane and we swap the loot on the battle field for installing the Force Missile Ballista on the Sea Wyvern. It takes about 30 minutes to secure the battlefield.

Totaniuh uses Sendings to check in on the other battle fronts.

Currently, Wot Dagon is not accessible. We will need for things to proceed battle wise.

About an hour, Graven receives a Sending from Igilwyv. “Lemoriax’s portal point is compromised. Orcus’s legion’s were there. Arendagrost is there.”

Locke casts a limited wish Legend Lore.

Arendagrost is a planar entity – The Tarrasque of the Great Wheel. Tenari Traits + Parallels to his name. Elemental types – immune (fire and acid) or resistant

Offspring of Demogorgon and Malconthet. First appearance took armies and wizards to fight him off. Took weeks. That proved himself and Demogorgon.

Corpulant body with three mouths – tentacled mass. Fiendish/eel like. It has breath weapons. (fire, cold, acid)

Locke tries to Scry the area and it fails. We think there is potentially a null magic field in the area – one of the only things that could keep an Igilwyv based portal from opening.

Totaniuh uses Limited Wish to perform another Legend Lore. Arendagrost has a death gaze and likes to feast on a single target. He defies the nature of the plane he is on and is omni-directional.

Totaniuh casts Wind Walk on the group and we’ll travel there. Land near by – scout and buff as need be. Travel time will be about an hour.

Strike Group
Seaweed Jim
Lynnara – Succubus Bard
Azael – Failed Belor
Jakarta – Olman Teacher
Danel – Trumpet Archon
Uzzy – Trumpet Archon
Totaniuh – Cuatl

We find the area – a field of blasted stumps and ruins scatter the plain. At the center of the area, is a totem with a head hanging from it. Possibly deactivating it or destroying it – might remove the anti-magic field and allow the portal to be reopened.



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