The Savage Tide

The Crab Continues Squeeling

The tide had turned again and again. Locke finished his personal melee and re-entered the general fray. After a fierce fought battle, we prevailed.

William Nystram put down his portable hole and we put the bodies of the skinwalkers in so we can recover their magic items later. Time is of the essence as the horn sounded earlier will bring reinforcements.

We perform a quick search of the plaza.

  • Collapsed Ziggurat – communal living area -
  • Columns (8) – They were deific representations -
  • General Information – This plaza used to be used for a ritual purpose.
  • Undamaged Ziggurat -
    • One of the room is used for communal quarters
    • One was used by the female skinwalker
    • Similar state of disarray – scripts carved and chiseled.

We split the party – Pearl, William and Locked stayed to translate what they could of the carvings while the others continued surveying.

Pearl and William deciphered some of the scripts – it is similar to the previous site that depicted.

  • Reference to Kala. For further reference, see Rumble in the Jungle
  • The person that carved them was most likely agitated. It is like a complaint or rant. Who or whatever Kala is, granted the name ‘Achcauhtli’ a favor that took ‘Enkai’ away from the carver. The excerpt contained a phrase or suffix of ‘white’ in regards to ‘Achcauhtli’.

The other group looked in the pit and found the remains of Olman things – blood stains. Notes found in the runic script indicates that Olman deemed not worthy to become skinwalkers were used as entertainment.

At this point, the outside group went back to the group trying to translate and indicated we needed to leave.

We determine to head off trail north east trail blazing. We pack ourselves onto Seaweed Jim’s back while he is in Giant Crab form and his druidic powers greatly reduces the trail left.

About 10 minutes after we leave the clearing, we can hear the cries of the reinforcements arriving and finding the carnage we left behind. A minute or two later, we hear a difference in the calls that are being made. They are using bird calls and other calls for long distance coordination. At about 15 minutes, we hear a sharper call indicating they found something.

We prepare an ambush for those following us to defeat them in details.

Graven asks William to identify the items on the female skinwalker.

  • Lesser Metamagic Rod of Empower – Assigned to Graven
  • Amulet of Mighty Fist +1
  • Headband of Charisma +2 – Assigned to Atl
  • Ring of Protection +2 – Assigned to Atl
  • +1 Keen Olman Axe – Assigned to Atl
  • +1 Large Wooden Shields – Assigned to Atl
  • 16 Magic +1 Olman Axe
  • 16 Magic 1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows (5 Str Mod)
  • 16 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields
  • 1 +2 Olman Axe – Assigned to Pearl
  • 1 +2 Olman Large Wooden Shield – Assigned to Seaweed Jim
  • 1 Masterwork Instrument -

We finish prepping for the ambush. Four skinwalkers move into our ambush. We made short work of them. We sweep their bodies into the portable hole then prepare in case there are more incoming.

Graven uses some farsight magic to see a large party of skinwalkers coming towards us (approx 20). In the other direction, green energy extends between two trees. Pearl thinks it’s a portal off of the Plateau. The party moves through the portal.

On the other side of the portals…there is a jungle with blocks of stone that are eroded and crumbled. It is a grove and in the center is a stone basin with some clear liquid in it.

William summoned a hut to block the portal from this side. Pearl tries to use the basin to possibly close the portal and succeeds. Locke notices some of the trees in the area moved. One of the trees addresses in Olman “They have seen our struggle, but you were surrounded.” They wanted to know our purpose. We told him we wanted to eliminate the source of the evil on the Plateau. He told us that we could this this site to recover from our days ordeal.

Locke introduced himself and asked how to address him. He replied that they normally did not use names, but we could address him as “Verdant”. We ask several questions about when we leave – making sure we protect the grove. Verdant would prefer to send us back through the portal and does not want to reveal where this grove is.

Locke attempts to barter for additional support. Verdant provides an Acorn. It is a contact for Verdant. Locke has to bleed on it to bond to it. (Like Spectral Hand, it won’t heal. Taking 4 points of damage.) Locke can send out a non-specific notice asking Verdant and potentially open a gate to us. Caveats, not in combat and Locke should drop it if it looks like he’ll be captured or killed to sever the bond.

Other bits of information:

  • Verdant fills in additional details on our map
  • Some additional locations are:
    • There is a fourth Ziggurat structure
    • There are two other clearings with statues
    • There is one other village
  • We have killed mid-forty. Verdant says that is most likely under a quarter of their total number.

The party will loot and identify the items we captured.

Loot breakdown

  • 84 +1 Magic Weapons
  • 41 +1 Shields
  • This will be a total of 104,500 when sold which divided by 7 is 14,928.
  • Reminder, we can buy things from Clarrisa at 75% book cost

What is left

  • 1 Ring of Protection +2 (8,000 gp each)- Assigned to Atl
  • 3 Headbands of Charisma +2 (4000 gp each) – 1 is Assigned to Atl
  • 3 Amulets of Mighty Fists +1 (4,000 gp each)
  • 2 Rings of Protection +1 (2,000 gp each)
  • 1 +2 Olman Axe (8,000 gp each) – Assigned to Pearl

(Note to Rick – Robes of Arcane Heritage – Clarrisa cost is 12,000 gp and add Dispelling Cord for an additional (factored) 1250 gp)

The party discussion is to hit the third village and then return to Farshore to covert our plunder.

Verdant relays that the third village is like an inverted Ziggurat. It is one place that they process captives.

(Note to Rick – Dispelling Cords from Magic Item Compendium for bonus to dispel)



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