The Savage Tide

The Crab Squeels

Graven looked out into the village, unable to see the archers in the distance. He was able to buff himself before four arrows flew through the air towards him. With a bit of a warning, the rest were able to prepare for the onslaught before it happened. Seaweed cast a wall of air to prevent the archers from succeeding, frustrating them and forcing them to move down from their ziggurat perches. Seeing them head into the wilds, he then used his olman magic and cast true seeing, expecting to not see anything and cast a wall of thorns to protect the party from the archers coming from the sides. Instead, his eyes went wide with fear and he yelped out something about being surrounded as he shifted into crab. Seaweed quickly cast his wall of thorns to give the group coverage from the immediate attack of skinwalker stalkers.

With the defenses laid out, and each member having sufficient warning to protect themselves, the attack swung quickly in favor of the small group. This was short lived, though, as from the pit in the middle of the village arose a female skinwalker. She proceeded to start her onslaught on the group, while her men scaled the trees and leaped over the wall of thorns. The archers changed their tactic and instead headed straight for the pathway, to cross through the wall of air in order to shoot that the party while their compatriots meleed.

With William having taken a great deal of damage, the female skinwalker throwing her spells, and things looking very grim for the group, Pearl cast a spell forcing her to stand perfectly still while singing a single note. The sound was enough to paralyze the skinwalkers, though the female resisted. To keep Pearl safe, William cast a spell that encased her in an ethereal prison that only allowed sound through. Taking advantage of this, Graven performed a coupe de gras on one of the skinwalkers next to him.

Even though the female skinwalker eventually dispelled the song, it was enough of a tide turner to give the group hope. However, there was still the sound of a horn in the distance that kept getting closer. Just after the song was dispelled, Stieven charged from further down the path to engage several of the skinwalkers.

Feeling recharged with the shift in the battle, the group took renewed effort to deal with their attackers. However, it seems as if the day was not all that in favor of the group succeeding, as from the depths of the pit something horrific took flight. It was a Vrok. The creature took a few moments to gather its bearing before it decided to descend on the group.

In an attempt to deal with Pearl’s invulnerability within the ethereal tomb, one of her skinwalker attackers began beating on the cage. He was not alone, however, as from just past the wind wall stepped the skinwalker wielding the horn. The bardic skinwalker took Pearl as a target, and assisted with destroying of her prison. Once freed, she thanked the bard by casting hold monster on him, dropping his bardic song and denying his companions the benefits.

Several skinwalkers fell to the might of the group, but even as they started to win, the Vrok’s presence was distracting. Finally, the Vork took flight and headed towards the group to engage in melee. Pearl, in a panic, attempted to cast hold monster on the Vrok before it could do serious harm to anyone, and was stunned at the success.




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