The Savage Tide

The Wreck 4: Crimson Sunset

Battle with Norah started. Outnumbered, she got in a few good hits before taking severe injury. The Olman pirate, Ziovayne, chose to get involved after only a few rounds. His form ripped itself apart, reforming into a serpentine lower body split into two torsos with a half dozen arms apiece and a pair of monstrous baboon-like heads.

A whirlwind of scimitar slashes and natural weapons descended on Seaweed, but healing from Graven and Atl kept him standing. Norah was finished off, and all efforts turned onto the beast. Seaweed shifted to a defensive, survival oriented stance, which cut down on his damage recieved immensely, and before long that horrific creature also lay dead.

Before the heroes could catch their breath, a flap of wings brought yet another combatant. Cold Captain Wythyr himself soared up to the top deck. He threw a wicked looking knife at seaweed on his swoop in, which struck a vital blow if not for Atl, who expended some of his own magic to negate it.

Seaweed retaliated by changing into a shambling mound, lashing out at the Crimson Fleet Captain and pulling him in close. The Cold Cpatain retaliated, smiting and rendering Seaweed flat footed for a fatal volley of mightly blows, pruning Seaweed like a shrubbery. Seaweed collapsed, releasing his hold and causing the heroes to rally in alarm. It was only through the strongest healing of both Graven and Atl that Seaweed was saved from perishing at that moment.

A mighty battle unfolded on the bloodsoaked deck again, as Pearl, Locke, Harliss and Seaweed unloaded damage upon the Cold Captain, Graven and Atl coped with the damage he was inflicting, and Stieven , out of arrows, raced forward to melee, and William used his magic to slow him down in any way he could think of, at one point wrestling with the Cold Captain via magic over his sword.

Ultimately, the Cold Captain fell once Stieven reached melee, and the heroes raised their voices in cheer. Harliss swiftly cut off his head and strode to the railing. Taunting the pirates still below, she hurled the Cold Captain’s head to the lower decks. This was the last straw for the Crimson Fleet pirates below, and they broke, many outright fleeing. The heroes now had a reprieve from the endless onslaught.



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