The Savage Tide

Treeing a Linnorm in it's home...

Results of Legend Lore castings -

Red Fang

  • First generation son of the World Serpent
  • Fire or Cold Breath Weapons
  • Lair is full with traps and illusions
  • Can use wish
  • Old, bold linnorm
  • Inherent resistance to magic
  • No enchantment or mind affecting
  • Size of a large building
  • Anatomy is fused with stars – traits of fire, cold and negative energy
  • Two-headed dragon
  • It’s lair is at the caves under the roots

We spend the night and to prepare for battle the next morning. We speak with Morwel and she will port us to his lair directly. We buff up and prepare. She transports us to an area of the roots. Graven and Locke cast True Seeing and see alot of pits around us.

Red Fang misleads us with a illusionary rumbling sound and he gets the drop on us from behind.

After a vicious battle, William struck the final blow and the death curse resonated out and William was able to shrug it off.

Seaweed Jim will root around in it’s corpse to try to recover the star. It’s black blood explodes in cold energy. Then William dig’s in with his expert knowledge. We free the start and it heads back to the Court of the Stars. We then buff up Seaweed Jim and he frees the rest of the stars.

We recover the hoard and sell the the Mercane and the party split is 28250 gp.

We then return to the Court of the Stars. we are greeted and individually wisked away. We are healed, have our debuffs (if any) removed, dressed up and returned to the central castle. Celeste thens gives us the once over. She escorts us to Gwynharwyf who then we head on to join Morwel.

We seal the alliance with a drink from a chalice. If you are not evil, there are no unpleasant affects. If you are lawful, it is a numbing taste, not unpleasant. For neutrals and chaos, it is like ambrosia. It grants each of us a bonus – we alter to appear more elven in appearance – +4 Sacred Bonus to Charisma – both effects will last of 7 days.

When we are ready to start planning, we will work through Celeste to have Gwynharwyf join us in our planning.

Next up is Malchonthet. She has been meeting with her greater servants (Radiant Sisters) at her summer palace – in the city of Miomanta on the plane Shendilavry. Miomanta is a port on the River Styx.

We return to the Wyvern along with Celeste and start our travels to Miomanta. It takes us about 20 hours to make it to Miomanta. We have a discussion with the party and crew members about what we think we’ll encounter.

Rules of the Court
No clothes or armor

We arrive at the docks of Miomata. There are two Marliths directing ship traffic. We are letting Lynara do the lead talking to get us there. She greets one of the Marlith’s “Porticia, we are expected.”

With Lynara leading the way, we make it to the palace without encounters. There are a trio of Glabrezu step out and block our group, there is some conversation and they get out of the way.

Everywhere in the palace, naked demons cavort with slack jawed souls. After 15 minutes of travel, and after seeing many perverse things we wish we could unsee, we make it to the central throne/pleasure room.

We make our way through the crowd – and get an audience with Malconthet and we attempt to sway her with our diplomacy. After a bit, she start laughing for close to a minute. She asks one of us to come forward to seal the deal.

To seal the deal, Seaweed Jim kisses Malconthet. After three seconds, he loses his senses for a moment.

“You have served me well so far, returning the idol and freeing Shami Amourae, so don’t balk at me now, my little puppet. Demogorgon’s generals are twin. One has just returned with success, you should approach the other to attack the other general.”

“Now go fetch Crimson, my old friend, and I will provide you the Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless.”

“I hate waiting”. We turn and leave the audience chamber.



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