The Savage Tide

Visit to the Central Plateau

All is not as it seems...

(DM note- this roughly marks the start of Chapter 7: City of Broken Idols)

Excerpt from Locke’s journal:

We landed near the Grand Causeway and headed up to the Central Plateau. We traced the river as we searched for signs of civilization or of Noltus, Cleric of Pelor. He may be at the City of Broken Idols, also known as Taboo Isle here. Seaweed Jim had used some magic (Lay of the Land) to find points of civilization on the Plateau.

First, we made our way to Mantru and found it deserted, disturbingly so. Near the shores of the lake, four smaller Coatl’s conversed with Pearl and Seaweed Jim. We bore witness to the passing of Umlot, an Olman holy man of Quetzalcoatl. In turn, we were granted answers to some question by Umlot’s spirit. After Mantru, we made our way to the other sign of civilization.

We had made it into some mounded hills before realizing it was the settlement. We had found the The Pelorian Encampment. We made contact with the Lizardfolk and explained that we were searching for Noltus. That eased their fears and we began to converse. The main Lizardfolk person we dealt with was Rissashtak “Rock Hard”.

Noltus and a band of Lizardfolk returned to the village. Elyas noticed something odd about the dog companion of Noltus. The dog expanded into a huge, ape demon thing (Julajimus, “Eater of Children”). I started to battle it. Noltus took on the visage of a demon – Maurezhi. Is he a false Noltus or has he been changed somehow?

The rest of the Lizardfolk that accompanied the demon-Noltus began attacking the villagers and us. They seemed to be some kind of demonic skin walkers. One of them, a female, flew up into the air and cast a spell on me and I remember little from that time except that I battled for my life.

Sometime in the midst of combat, I regained my mind and used my arcane arts against one of the skin walker’s and the ape-demon. William Nystram fell under the strikes of the ape-demon. Graven healed him from deaths door, but the ape-demon noticed and struck William down again.

My companions and I fought through and defeated the skin walkers, demon-ape and female skin walker. Noltus-demon teleported away after I landed a telling blow. The female skin walker survived as she had been laid low with non-lethal damage.

Loot found:

  • Ring of Free Action (Ape) – (Assigned to Sir Stieven – He added a Ring of Feather Fall to pool – assigned to Graven)
  • 6 Magic +1 Olman Shimalo’koi Wood Swords
  • 6 Magic +1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows ( +5 Str Mod)
  • 6 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields
  • 1 Ring of Protection +2
  • 1 Headband of Charisma +2
  • 1 +1 Amulet of Mighty Fist
  • 1 Lesser Metamagic Rod of Empower (Assigned to Locke until Graven is available to discuss)

After consulting with Rissashtak, the rest of the Lizardfolk are planning to leave the area.

Graven used some innate powers to raise one of the fallen Lizardfolk.

Sir Stieven determined that the female skin walker was not salvageable and performed a mercy killing.

Rissashtak believes the demons have taken/killed Noltus so they will head back to the lowlands. Sir Stievan composed a letter of introduction for the Lizardfolk. He directed them to head to Farshore and his intent was for them to be taken in by the church there. We have asked Graven to perform a sending to Farshore and ask someone to meet the Lizardfolk at the wall.

We traveled with them until evening time and camped with them. The Lizardfolk were cautious and concealed our passage as we traveled.

At camp that evening, Rissashtak shared what knowledge he had. We made plans for the next day.

Early the next morning, we sent the Lizardfolk off on giant eagle’s that Seaweed Jim summoned to speed them on their way.

We crossed to the shore where Taboo Island. Seaweed Jim enabled us to walk across the water. On the way, a titanic leviathan struck from the deep.

Note: Graven cast Freedom of Movement in first round.



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