The Savage Tide

Washing all your troubles away...

A little dirt is good for the skin

The wave of water swept away Graven, Stievan, and Atl down the stairs. The water tapers off and the rest of the party attempts to rescue the party members swept away. They came to rest on the third level of the complex in a grotto with bubbling mud pools.

Then I (Locke) felt like jumping in the mud and swimming to the middle. The rest of the party realizes there is a bulbous mass out in the mud pool. One fiendish Kopru attacked the party near sure while I tried to swim out to another fiendish Kopru. Atl caused a whirlpool to come into existence that kept me and a Kopru occupied. They dealt with the two Kopru and then worked to break the affects of the domination magic. We stripped their magical equipment.

  • 4 x Fruits (Flying Fruit)(1 assigned to Jim and 1 assigned to Stievan)
  • 2 x Large Studded Leather Armor
  • 2 x Elaborate Coral Necklace – with a symbol of Demogorgon (1 assigned to Pearl)

Next we started exploring the rest of the chamber. In a southern area, we were jumped by 4 more fiendish Kopru. We slew them and dragged their bodies back to shore

  • 6 x Fruits
  • 3 x Large Studded Leather Armor
  • 3 x Elaborate Coral Necklace – with a symbol of Demogorgon
  • Carcass of a Rabbit

We proceeded back north to the central column and to the west. There is a passage out of the chamber heading west, but we decide to explore the rest of the chamber first. A second narrow passage leads away to the west…the path to it collapsed over a super heated section of the mud. We continue exploring the main chamber.

In the northwest corner of the chamber, we find a throne. There is a skeleton with a rod across it’s lap in the throne and covered in a layer of deposited minerals. Jim uses some stone magic to remove layers of mineral around it’s hands uncovering a gemmed ring. It has a Dog with snake tails – Olman god of the dead, Mictiantecuhtli. The ring appears to be magical. It looks like the skeleton was buried here with a funeral shroud. It looks like it is more of a weapon sheath with a large sword than a rod. We unearth the rest of the skeleton. It appears this was a high priest of Mictiantecuhtli.

Graven addressed the skeleton that we were here in service to the people and removed the weapon from it’s hands. The hands crumbled. Pearl tried to put the hands back together and said a Olman prayer of the death.

Graven attempts to identify the sword. He has a partial success. The weapons is bastard sword, mithral like, +2 equivalent, and bane vs evil. It is light enough to use. The hilt was covered in gems representing many of the gods. William identified the ring as a Ring of Telekinesis.

  • +2 Bane (vs Evil) Mithral Bastard Sword (and other stuff – Possibly a Sun Blade) – Assigned to Stievan
  • Ring of Telekinesis – Assigned to Graven

We recover the body, wrap it in cloaks to take back to be re-interred. Stievan places his old weapon with the body. Graven puts up a new fire resist before the party continues searching the main chamber.

Before exploring the off shoots to the west, we returned to the second level to finish exploring there.

We proceed beyond the door that released the water. There are mosaics on the wall that we clean off – underwater motifs – fantastical scenes and horrific ones. We follow a corridor that opens into a large room. There is a pit in the center of the room with water in it. Graven went to take a look and a giant hand reached out to grab him. It appears to be a demon of some sort. Sir Stievan stepped in front to take the hit and combat ensued. There is a carving of a feathered serpent covering the ceiling. Over the course of the combat, three Hezrou rose from the watery pit and then a fourth and then a fifth. We have defeated two so far. One was killed and one was blasted back to the Abyss.



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