The Savage Tide

Who and where is Crimson?

After we leave the audience with Malcanthet and leave the palace, we start investigating who Crimson is.

Crimson Research

  • Kn: Planes -
  • Asking Lynarra
    • Upper cast of servants for Malcanthet is the Radiant Sisters. She renames them to color based named.
    • Radiant Sisters – Lilitu Demons – Unique
    • Advanced Succubi that focus on the corruption of Clerics and mortals
    • One of the structures around the town is Crimson
  • Lynarra returns with the identified location of Crimson – a corrupted church of Pelor

Hiring a Smith (to use the artifact anvil)

  • Sending Azael to buy/purchase a smith (8000 gp) – Hire them for 3 months and then release them

We teleport to the vicinity of “church” of Pelor. It’s immediately obvious that the place is in need of repair. The damage occurred years go.

Area wreaks of magical desecration. We make our way in the apparently quiet chamber.

We find a trap door and proceed under the ground. We make our way through the lower level. We are surrounded by 6 “Pelorites”. After a bit of banter, combat ensues.

Some shadows and rat swarms join in. We vanquish the vampire (monk/shadow dancers) and their companions and cure Graven of his affliction.

Stepping up around the corner is a female demon. She has a bright red halo of light around her hair, hooved feet, 4 tails and like she had wings at one time. She’s dressed casually, but had a bladed whip. Crimson, we presume.

She addresses us “Look, I’m really not in the mood right now.” Talk descends to a fight – we have a zesty fight and subdue her. We strip her gear.

We track the vampires down and stake them. We take an hour and track the mobs down and collect the loot. (Loot recorded in spreadsheet)



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