Brissa Santos

Former artist and paramour of Vanthus, trying to take steps forward after life-changing experiences.


Originally growing up as a pickpocket on the streets of sasserine, Brissa had started to earn a small but growing recognition for her artistic painting skills. Meeting and falling for Vanthus changed that for the worse. She joined him in his membership of the Lotus Dragons Theives’ Guild, and followed him again when he jumped ship to go solo and steal from the Crimson Fleet at Kraken’s Cove.

She was at ground zero when the first Shadow Pearl detonated, and was transformed into a deformed savage creature that managed to hold on to some of her sanity, albiet not much. Vanthus abandoned her at this point, faring for himself and thus ended their relationship. When the party encountered her in the tunnels, she mistook one of them for Vanthus, and overcome with her madness desperately tried to get the PC to take her back.

The PC subdued her with great effort, and thinking she may have a great deal of information on what happened brought her back to Sasserine and the Witchwardens who were sucessfully confinced to use her as a test subject to find out what did or did not work to cure this never before seen affliction.

It was a very traumatic experience, even when the transformation was actually successfully reversed by great magics. Even harder to heal were the mental scars from the betrayal and transformation itself, but Stievan spent a large amount of time visiting and talking with her, which helped her eventually get her mental feet back under her.

When the Pc’s left Sasserine to voyage to Farshore, Stieven asked for Brissa to be released into his care for and be able to travel with him, as he realised the City would probably leave her in her cell/observation room indefinitely otherwise. Floundering on her own direction thoughts, Brissa meekly accepted.

Brissa Santos

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