talented Kobold cook...trapsmith...poisoncrafter...


Spared by Rowyn, leader of the Lotus Dragons, Churtle repaid the deed with her loyalty. She helped out in the Lotus Dragon guildhall, making them poisons and doing the cooking. Only rarely were the two confused…

The party encountered her when they stormed the place, Churtle managed to barricade herself in a room and the PC’s chose to come back to her later rather then weather the gauntlet of boobytraps she had set up. retruning after Rowyn’s capture, Pearl felt sorry for the poor creature and persuaded the Pc’s to spare her as well as convincing Churtle to come with her as well.

Churtle joined the group, moving into the Vanderboren Manor with them, and also for the ocean voyage of the Sea Wyvern on its trip to Farshore.



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