Kaskus Kiel

Loud but loyal lover of mountains and caverns.


Kaskus has a deep and noisy love of mountains and caverns, and longs to return there some day after he’s repaid a debt of loyalty to Lavinia, whose father rescued Kaskus from slavery to the Scarlet Brotherhood nearly a year ago.

Kaskus Kiel’s loyalty to the Jade Ravens is matched only by his loyalty to Lavinia and the natural world. Although he spent much of the voyage seasick, he’s fallen in love with the Isle of Dread and its exotic environs. One of the first things he did upon arriving was to forge a bond with an animal companion from a nearby lagoon- a cantankerous giant crocodile Kaskus has named Kruthkur. After several unfortunate misunderstandings, Kaskus no longer allows Kruthkur inside of Farshore; the crocodile has instead taken to living in the river just west of the colony.

Kaskus Kiel

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