Tolin Kientai

Brash good looking brawler.


Tolin is as vain and brash as he is handsome, a rugged man whose rustic good looks have served him well over the years. As Tolin adventured , he came to realize that what truly appealed to him about his lifestyle was looking good in a fight. Growing less and less enamored with the natural world, Tolin abandoned the ranger class and began to focus solely upon perfecting his twin short sword fighting style.

Tolin’s obsession with Lavinia is not as secret as he suspects. Certainly, the rest of the Jade Ravens know that he’s been pining for their beautiful patron for many months, if not years. Even outside that group, those who have interacted with him while Lavinia is present for any length of time will easily clue in on it as well.

He has taken it upon himself to help Farshore’s Militia, assisting the Captain in charge with drills, training, and actual duty work when not running missions with the rest of the Ravens elsewhere.

Tolin Kientai

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