Couatl offspring of Quetzalcoatl


Totaniuh is old, having resided in Imperial Thanaclan during its height and was also present during it’s Fall. He was first discovered by the party when they recovered one of his Regalia and the fragment of his spirit imprisoned inside it. From that encounter, the party went through various hardships to recover all his soul fragments and free him from his jailor in the depths of Tamoachan. During the final battle in the ruined halls, they learned the name of the one who had defeated and imprisoned Totaniuh. Nulonga, High Shaman of Imperial Thanaclan.

Once his spirit had been restored, he travelled with the party for a while, recovering his spiritual energy and residing in his Regalia. On the Isle of Dread, he became aware of the presence of his physical body, which had lay in torpor all these centuries and had been hidden away by the Jaguaro, loyal followers of his through the generations and even unto their eventual annihilation at the hands of Onailati the Demon. The party was eventually able to restore his spirit to his body, earning his heartfelt gratitude.

As thanks for his freedom, Totaniuh allowed the party to keep his Regalia, powerful magical items in their own right. He also gifted them with the secrets of Olman Spirit Magic, making them one of the only outsiders to the Olman lands to be able to use it.

He has continued to watch the party’s progress since taking his leave of them to return to the Outer Planes, appearing in person to assist the heroes during the Battle of Farshore, fending off the massed Vrock Demons in the skies as the party dealt with the more down to earth foes.

He has also appeared to the Olman Kirikuka tribe, during the ceremony that transferred the mantle of Speaker to the young Olman Nexal.


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