weapon (melee)

Saberhawk always appears perfectly polished. When attacking, the slice of his arc leaves a shining razor-thin trail that lingers in the air for several seconds. Saberhawk does not radiate light like other magic swords, but while unsheathed the sword tip afterimage glows like candlelight in the square the wielder is in.

Originally an Intelligent Weapon created during the War of the Wielded, Saberhawk went dormant after the destruction of the rival faction and the end of its purpose of creation. He was one of the few Wielded who actually cared about his Wielder and the bigger picture beyond the War, and realising that the time for both factions was long past he was even willing to go along with a mutual destruction plan to end things once and for all for both sides.

Reawakened by Totaniah and the Olman Speakers during a magical ritual after the City of Broken Idols, Saberhawk is now an Investible Item, with a newfound strength and Special Purpose.

Base Ability: +1 Mithril Cutlass of Speed. Inactive Intelligence

Investment 1: +3 Mithril Cutlass of Speed, Locating*.

Investment 2: +5 Mithril Cutlass of Speed, Pathfinding**.

Saberhawk is an Intelligent weapon.
AL: Neutral
Int: 14
Wis: 14/20
Cha: 14/20
Ego: 0/19/29
Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +9
Speech(Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Olman)
Skills: Perception +7/15, Survival +7/15.
Vision and Hearing 120’
Darkvision 120’
Special Purpose: Finding
*Locating:(Standard Action)Saberhawk can track a target through its blood. Age of blood does not matter. Functions like Locate Creature with no range limit. Gives direction, not distance.

**Pathfinding:(Standard Action) Saberhawk can track a target through its blood with greater skill. Functions as Find The Path, but on the target creature.



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