The Nimbus Bow

weapon (ranged)

The Nimbus Bow is a beautiful weapon, made of fine wood carved with spiraling motifs and encrusted with diminutive turquoises. The string sparkles and shimmers with electricity.

The Nimbus bow is a Minor Artifact, and an Investible Olman Magic Item.

0 Points(default): +1 Thundering Olman Bow, Sun Blessing, Grants Proficiency.

1 Point Invested: +3 Thundering Burst Olman Bow, Sun and Moon Blessings, Grants Proficiency and Precise Shot.

2 Points Invested: +5 Thundering Burst Olman Bow, Bane vs Reptiles/Earth(subtype), Sun, Moon and Sky Blessings, Grants Proficiency, Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot.

Sun Blessing:
Moon Blessing:
Sky Blessing:


The Nimbus Bow

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