The Savage Tide

Aftermath of the Temple of Doom

Following the explosion, we took a bit of time to try to gather our breath and remove the most egregious affects. We explore the rest of the rooms in this area.


  • Large Black Pearl
  • Alchemical Supplies (Witch Wardens)
  • Nalthus’s gear (already split up)
  • Holy Symbol of Pelor (Nolthus?)

We take the canoes back to the shore and use the Acorn Gate to return to the main grove to Verdant. There had been a shudder in the area and he believes that the realm feels cleaner. There is a band of skinwalkers on their way. We stay to help and defeat the band just as the sun rises.

We encourage the northern Olman survivors to travel with us to Tanaroa. We rest for the day and identify the loot and divy it up.

Steivan breaks Graven’s curse.
Steivan breaks Williams’s curse.
William breaks Seaweed Jim’s curse.
Atl breaks Pearl’s curse.
Atl breaks Stievan’s curse.

We expended alot of spell casting resources to do so.

Graven then casts consecrate and then restores the Vile Constitution damage.

Seaweed Jim summons many giant eagles to fly us and Olman Survivors (22) back to the Tanaroa. The wall seems to be manned with more than normal.

They were on alert due to an earthquake 2 days ago. The Speaker is here, but the Chief is not. We convince the Speaker to take the Olman Survivors, to give them a chance. The chiefs are meeting near the Panitube.

We head to the Panitube tribe. The Speaker is there, but the Chief is not. We convey similar information and they give us a guide to take us to the chiefs.

We meet with the Chiefs. We relay what happened including the origins of the Nimbus Bow. We spend some time going into details based on their questions. We sketch maps for them. The Chiefs will want to talk with us further, at a later time. We tell them we’ll be at Farshore.

After discussion, the chief of the Mora let’s us know that his scouts have noted smoke rising from Farshore a few days aback, just after the quake.

We teleport back to town in two parts. Locke and Seaweed Jim port back as one group to Vandorboren manor and Graven ports the others back to the Church is Farshore.

Inside the church, there are bodies layed out on mats – 30 something.

Vandorboren Manor – a portion has been burned away. There are a dozen other places that have suffered fire damage. The various watch towers are /not/ burned.

The Wyvern and the Brine Harlot are in the harbor, but are damaged as well. The various people out and a bout, are doing ship repair.

The party is noticed and a mob of towns folk appear. They recount various bits of information:

At the Church:

  • Merovanchi is probably down at the docks overseeing repairs for the evacution
  • Lavinia was taken that night by her brother Vanthus
  • Pearl checks on what happened with Churtle. He died. Pearl will have him raised.

At Vanderborn Manor (Locke, Jim, later Wiliam)

  • Clarissa is alive and at her house
  • Vanthus was heard to say: “It is time for you to love me again, sister. The Lord of the Crimson Fleet can awaken it in you when i bring you before him. Your time here. Is. Over.” Muhahaha. Then he vanished on his nightmarish mount.
  • T’Ren participated in the nighttime assault and had to retreat due to the damage. He’s been back, but reclusive.
  • Tara left on the Nixie.
    • The Jade Ravens gathered supplies and along with Tara, left the next morning.
    • They took the captain’s logs from the old ship to figure out were to go to find the Crimson Fleet base.
  • William later attempts to scry Lavinia and fails – it seems she is shielded or something is preventing.
  • William tries scrying Liamae and fails. He tries scring Tara and gets an image of the open sea.
    • He then attempts to Message Liamae. He gets a reply, but seems offended he didn’t think they could complete their mission.

At the graveyard (Graven, Pearl, Atl, later Graven returns)

  • There is a section of the soil that was burst out from inside
    • The graveyard was consecrated by Graven that prevents undead from rising.
    • But if something awakens the spirit from the far side, something could have happened.
  • Graven returns to process the dead.

At the docks, work crews are going (William, then Pearl and Atl):

  • William and Abner Merovanchi have a private conversation. The Crimson Fleet attacked again. No warning, just appeared in town.
  • There were Gorilla, Demon Things. Some were killed and they have the bodies. They had tattoos of the Crimson Fleet on them.
  • The leader hit the Vandorborne manor and took Lavinia when he left. Casterly (the Chaplain) tried to stop them and was struck down and is dead. There is alot of conflicting information.
  • We lost 75 people that night.
  • Amela and Brissa have also left on the Sea Nixie.

At Clarrisa’s (Seaweed Jim, Locke):

  • Clarrisa was working on things at her work bench.
  • Locke heads out.
  • T’ren stopped in and checked on her.
  • Locke heads for the Church.

That is the general status of the town so far. The townsfolk are very subdued.

We plan to meet with Merovinchay later that evening. Graven is planning to have a prayer service for the dead the next day.

We meet in the town hall with the survivor’s of the town council.

  • Capt of the Guard chair is empty
  • Professor
  • Alchemist
  • Merovinchi

They recap the events of the attack.

According to Churtle, there was a large explosion. She ducked in to Lavinia’s room. Churtle was killed by Vanthus.

The Jade Raven’s did not check in with them.

Merovinchi gives Locke a bloody hankerchief with a necklace that Locked had gifted to Lavinia.

We relay what happened with the Avatar of Demogorgon and about the graveyard and the workings of the Crimson Fleet.

We convince them to stop the evacuation for now. Perhaps we can secure some Olman Garrisoning to aid the security of Farshore. Merovinchi has been looking into securing the Scarlet Brotherhood to aid in security.

We identify the gorilla demons a Bar Lagura. They have tattoos that qualify as a vile deformities that tap into dark powers.

Is Jakarta here? He arrived yesterday. Pearl takes Atl to visit.

Graven spreads the word of the wake on the following day.

Telda Sirian ( Alchemist Girl ) seeks Locke out. She has a letter from Lavinia. She thought about our last conversation. If anything happens, Locke is the executor of her estates.

The next day dawns.

Graven found a letter from Tara.

Over the next several days, Atl will gain his Patron theme, the Lost.
Pearl check with Jakarta about imbuing the idols for spirit resonance. The party submits requests for building and imbuing idols.

  • Graven conducts the service in the morning. Locke attends. It goes well.
    • Hallows the graveyard.
    • Sending to Tara. Conveys that Crimson Fleet is backed by Demogorgon. She responds that Tolan found maps of reefs around Scuttlecove.
    • Burials for 74 remains. (An Hour Per/A Dozen a Day) – Will take about 6 days
    • Will Hallow the Church with Gentle Repose mixed in
  • Stievan visits the Mora tribe.
    • Tries to convince them for help and spends time with them building faction.
    • They will send about a dozen tribesmen to help and rotate them in.
  • Pearl visits the Burrowoa tribe.
    • Meets with the twins and Bulgach and conveys what happened.
    • The Twins say the island has felt different in the last couple of days.
      • The Creation Process had to be what was important there. To find the goal, we’ll have to follow the trail.
    • The Speakers will communicate with the other speakers on things.
    • She wants to speak with Sheol; he is down at the shore. She grills him on Crimson Fleet knowledge that he might have.
      • He was processed in Scuttlecove. The slaves are handled by the Seventh Coil. The Seventh Coil has ties to the Crimson Fleet.
      • The leader of the Crimson Fleet is named Cold Captain Wyther. The Prince of her people is likely in his care.
      • Sheol would like to be a member of the crew if/when we go to deal with the Crimson Fleet.
    • She plans to stay at Burrowoa until the party sends for her
  • Locke’s Actions
    • Find T’Ren and talks with him
    • Visits the Tanaroa tribe to continue building faction.
  • William visits the Usee tribe to speak with Belatin of the Scarlet Brotherhood for information on the Crimson Fleet.
    • They had a group at Rat’s End that was exterminated by the Scarlet Brotherhood.
    • William asks if they took any charts or ledgers from those ships. Belatin doesn’t answer, but inquiries lead to the name ‘Scuttlecove’.
    • Does Belatin know where Scuttlecove be? He asks for a favor. It would take about 2 weeks to travel to Scuttlecove from the Isle of Dread.
    • The Crimson Fleet does not control Scuttlecove, there are various factions, though the Crimson Fleet is the lifeblood of the city. There is a strange magic affect that makes some magics in-effective. The city ruled by a trio of priests. Seem to control the affects of divine magic upon the city. We should carefully prepare.
    • Returns to Farshore
    • Spends the afternoon aiding in the analysis and repair of the ships.
      • Sea Wyvern is not sea worthy.
      • Brine Harlot has some rigging down.
  • Seaweed Jim goes to the Hall of Records
    • Meeting his contact Shady.
    • Relays what happened.
    • Provides the Stone Tablet archive
      • Jim makes some rubbings of some of the tablets
    • Provides some of the Alchemical items
      • Asks him to analyze and share what he learns
    • Asks for insights on what happened with Vanthus and the Crimson Fleet
      • Stationed around the pirate isles
      • Would like a general intelligence report or a map? The Seekers have a local chapter at Scuttlecove. Follow their secret signs.
      • Any suggestions on how to arrive in the city? If we can pass ourselves off as Reef Scum. Divine Magic is outlawed there. Has permission to drop ’Shady’s’ name.
  • Atl will take about 3 days with Jakarta to get his initial Tattoos.

Day 3

  • Olman Faction – Metagame Wise
    • Can spend two days with the tribe to auto-raise our Faction by one level. Can be repeated
  • Clarissa has completed the following people’s items:
    • Locke’s Robes of Arcane Heritage and chords of dispel
    • Pearl’s chest piece
  • Pearl spends time with the Burrowa
  • Stieven spends time with the Mora
  • Graven will be working to inter the bodies
    • Sending to Tara
    • Sending to his mother Superior
  • William continues working on repairing the ship
    • Check’s on getting the spell of Fabricate from Clarrisa
  • Seaweed Jim goes to spend a day with Panitube
  • Locke spends another day with Tanaroa
...and coming...
We are working on platinum!

Pearl realized the large statue was of Quetzalcoatl.

Over the course of the fight, Khala summoned several toad demons. The fighting is quite intense, so much so, that I lost track of who my friends and enemies are. Atl’s healing magics restored my wits and the battle pressed on.

Khala called another demon, the one we faced up on the docks. It’s an aquatic based demon, a wastreleth. Sir Stievan fell during the titanic fight, but his heroic will would not allow him to send his spirit on to the afterlife. Atl was able to restore Stievan’s body to life.

Seaweed Jim gestured towards the two demons with his trident and dropped them. The party kept damaging the bodies to ensure they would not return.

The stones in the room shake as a pair of roars fills the room. Khala’s body explodes. In the smoke cloud, we see a pair of simian heads. They glare at us as if they do see us. Two loud, gutteral voices speak over each other in Abyssal “I know you.” “You will pay.” Then the cloud finished exploding and the party is awash in demonic energies taking the form of a greater curse.

All of the party was affected except for Locke and Atl.

And the hits keep on coming...

And the battle with the Hezrou continued. Pearl’s shooting got the killing blow on the three remaining Hezrou. Two of the Hezrou faded while the bodies of three remained. We took a short breather then continued through the passage to the west. We’ll come back to the stairs up on the eastern side later. To the south along the passage are several cells that terminate at a torture chamber. We examine the cells and do not find anything. We continue west then north. It ends at a set of stairs up. It goes about 10 ft and levels off. After a short stretch it goes back down. This section is still flooded with water, but we proceed. Unfortunately, Locked wandered into a patch of green slime. Jim was a able to cure that…with a cone of cold. Atl restored the loss of health that Locke received.

Past a sealed stone door, is a room with a desk and shelves with clay tablets. The desk is in the shape of a head. We searched the room. It appears to be an archive. The tablets way close to 1000 pounds in total. We relocated the tablets into a portable hole. In a secret compartment in the desk, William finds a dagger, some coin and some statues.

  • 120 tablets (1000 lbs total)
  • Magic Olman Style Dagger – +2 Human Bane Dagger
  • Coin – 500 gp
  • 2 Coral Statuettes of fish with Ruby Eyes

We return to the double wide stairs heading up and proceed up to confirm it connected where we thought it would. Part of the way up, is a room with Olman statues and a passage to the south and stairs continue up to the east. We follow the passage to the south. We enter a chamber that has an exit to the west. There are 18 urns on one wall and on the south wall – fishing nets, harpoons and a pry bar (8). The urns seem to be full of interesting alchemical things. One has red mud that seemed to be boiling. one has not water, and one has headless bugs that are moving around (Abyssal Locust). The other items are probably extra planar in origin. We take copious notes about them.

We take the stairs down to the west that ends in a cave. The floor of the cave is covered in water and the room has hundred of oysters. Six oysters have grown quite large have black and red stripes and curved hooks and twisted horns. We collect some water samples and smaller oyster samples. Pearl shot some arrows until she damaged one of the oysters. It started letting out a high, piercing screech.

After a few rounds, three flying, armored Koppru entered the room and combat ensues. The party quickly dispatched the Kopru.

  • 3 Magic Large Studded Leather Armor
  • 3 Holy Symbols
  • 6 Fruits

We pry open the shrieking one. Inside is a partially formed black pearl the size of a grapefruit. It’s not magical. We destroy the bodies of the 6 fiendish oysters.

  • 6 x Grapefruit Black Pearls (1k gp each)

Leading from this chamber on the western side are a northern passage and a southern passage. We investigate the northern passage first. It leads to a dead end chamber. It is covered in limestone formations. On a partially semi-submerged table, there are flasks with fluids in them. William has us take all the various chemicals. There is a crystal box.

  • Various Chemicals
  • Crystal Box – There is a rough powder of pulverized gemstones, rainbow colored

There is a 5 ft water filled tunnel in the floor. Since it went down more than 10 ft, we examined the southern passage. After a bit, the slopes down until the water fills the cavern. We go about 500 ft then turn back.

We examine the 5 ft tunnel. After about 300 ft, it opens up into a larger chamber. Locke casts detect magic and get’s two pings. A net and something in a pile. There are nine piles of algae beddings

  • Two foot blue ceramic vase decorated in torquise and filled with platinum
  • 12 statuettes of aquatic creatures
  • 13 large red coral platters shaped like clamshells
  • Mother of pearl box – full of black pearls and jaspers
  • Magic Trident
  • 25 ivory fish hooks
  • Magic Sealed Crystal Flask with a liquid in it

There are 4 other passages leaving this room. We explore the one to the right and it the water gets warmer and muddier.

We go back and go to the next passage counter clock wise, rinse and repeat until the 4th passage ends in a chamber.

Algae and anemenis cover a passage that goes down at least 500 ft before we turn around. (OOC – probably leads to deeper unpleasant stuff)

Clock wise, we return and go up that passage – possibly returning to the grotto area. It ends in a chamber that has air in it. The chamber has coverings that result in a huge amorphous monster. A serpentine creature has passed through here recently.

We take the air passage and come to a T. We take the left passage and run into a large room.

There is a 20 ft statue that has been damaged by age. A large crack splits it’s face. There is a pool of foul water and algae. There are two balconies running on the eastern and western sides.

At the alter in the room, is a large black pearl putting out a aura. There is a creature that is vaguely humanoid. Koppru like with two heads with one mouth. Named “Khala”, we think it is an aspect of Demogorgon. He is next to the alter with the pulsating pearl.

  • 6 x Large Lizards – Evil Outsiders – Not true Tenari – Lightning works on them.
  • 1 x Khala – Aspect of Demogorgon
  • 4 x Ghoulish Creatures appeared (possibly summoned)

We have killed 1 of the lizards and Graven Holy Worded to banish 4 of the lizards.

1 x Abyssal Retrievers

Washing all your troubles away...
A little dirt is good for the skin

The wave of water swept away Graven, Stievan, and Atl down the stairs. The water tapers off and the rest of the party attempts to rescue the party members swept away. They came to rest on the third level of the complex in a grotto with bubbling mud pools.

Then I (Locke) felt like jumping in the mud and swimming to the middle. The rest of the party realizes there is a bulbous mass out in the mud pool. One fiendish Kopru attacked the party near sure while I tried to swim out to another fiendish Kopru. Atl caused a whirlpool to come into existence that kept me and a Kopru occupied. They dealt with the two Kopru and then worked to break the affects of the domination magic. We stripped their magical equipment.

  • 4 x Fruits (Flying Fruit)(1 assigned to Jim and 1 assigned to Stievan)
  • 2 x Large Studded Leather Armor
  • 2 x Elaborate Coral Necklace – with a symbol of Demogorgon (1 assigned to Pearl)

Next we started exploring the rest of the chamber. In a southern area, we were jumped by 4 more fiendish Kopru. We slew them and dragged their bodies back to shore

  • 6 x Fruits
  • 3 x Large Studded Leather Armor
  • 3 x Elaborate Coral Necklace – with a symbol of Demogorgon
  • Carcass of a Rabbit

We proceeded back north to the central column and to the west. There is a passage out of the chamber heading west, but we decide to explore the rest of the chamber first. A second narrow passage leads away to the west…the path to it collapsed over a super heated section of the mud. We continue exploring the main chamber.

In the northwest corner of the chamber, we find a throne. There is a skeleton with a rod across it’s lap in the throne and covered in a layer of deposited minerals. Jim uses some stone magic to remove layers of mineral around it’s hands uncovering a gemmed ring. It has a Dog with snake tails – Olman god of the dead, Mictiantecuhtli. The ring appears to be magical. It looks like the skeleton was buried here with a funeral shroud. It looks like it is more of a weapon sheath with a large sword than a rod. We unearth the rest of the skeleton. It appears this was a high priest of Mictiantecuhtli.

Graven addressed the skeleton that we were here in service to the people and removed the weapon from it’s hands. The hands crumbled. Pearl tried to put the hands back together and said a Olman prayer of the death.

Graven attempts to identify the sword. He has a partial success. The weapons is bastard sword, mithral like, +2 equivalent, and bane vs evil. It is light enough to use. The hilt was covered in gems representing many of the gods. William identified the ring as a Ring of Telekinesis.

  • +2 Bane (vs Evil) Mithral Bastard Sword (and other stuff – Possibly a Sun Blade) – Assigned to Stievan
  • Ring of Telekinesis – Assigned to Graven

We recover the body, wrap it in cloaks to take back to be re-interred. Stievan places his old weapon with the body. Graven puts up a new fire resist before the party continues searching the main chamber.

Before exploring the off shoots to the west, we returned to the second level to finish exploring there.

We proceed beyond the door that released the water. There are mosaics on the wall that we clean off – underwater motifs – fantastical scenes and horrific ones. We follow a corridor that opens into a large room. There is a pit in the center of the room with water in it. Graven went to take a look and a giant hand reached out to grab him. It appears to be a demon of some sort. Sir Stievan stepped in front to take the hit and combat ensued. There is a carving of a feathered serpent covering the ceiling. Over the course of the combat, three Hezrou rose from the watery pit and then a fourth and then a fifth. We have defeated two so far. One was killed and one was blasted back to the Abyss.

Return to the Temple of Evil

The party identified the magic items we found and parceled them out. We sent some of the party members back to town with Elyas and his Prince’s body to return to his body to his people. They returned to the grove and camped for the night.

We use the grove portal to return to the island and trek back in. On the way we encounter some giant bug creatures. We re-entered the temple through the secret door we used to enter the complex. From there we proceeded back to the secret room with a covered hatch that led down. (There are 4 ways in total to go down.) Sir Stievan’s coin was removed from secret door with stairs, but not from the open stairs.

The bodies have been moved slightly, possibly checking for survivors. Looking down, there is a 5 foot shaft dropping about 60 ft down. It opens out into a large room. 10 ft statues, about a dozen in number litter the room (50 ft x 50 ft x 20 ft height) There are puddles in this room.

The statues are the heroes of the old Olman and the creatures they defeated. We start exploring the room and William seemed to set off some sort of trap. A gate fell and four of the statues in the corner’s animate and attack us. Pearl determines they are clay golems of some sort, have a vulnerability to the spell Disintegrate, and immune to any spell that has DR.

After a brisk fight, we defeat the four clay golems and use magic to search for secret doors. None are detected. The room was searched in antiquity.

Down the hall are three 2 ft wide tunnels that go off in slightly different directions and declination to a liquid source of some sort. We proceed past them and plan to investigate later. As Seaweed Jim passes the tunnels, a transparent pseudo-pod attacks him. This is an underground, ooze creature – it acquired a yellow, orange tinge – ochre jelly. Most jellies do not have a DR, however, slashing and piercing attacks will cause it to split and are immune to electricity. We poured a bunch of a damage at it to defeat it.

William shrinks us and we investigate the middle tunnel. After twisting and turning it opens out into a water filled hall. There are four tunnels continue to the east. The hallway goes north and south. We continue through the tunnels while the reduction magic is upon us. The tunnels converge into a chamber. Back at the hallway, we follow until we come to a door, we proceed through it. We come to a well with steam rising from it. Beyond we got to a door that took a good bit of strength to open…and then we realized there was water behind the door. A wave of water headed towards us. (Pearl was around the corner)

Battle Royale in the Temple

The battle with the Elven Prince Skinwalker and the two female, caster skinwalkers continued fiercely. The shear damage output of the the Prince was impressive. At Elyas’s request, Sir Stieven tried to knock the Prince out but unfortunately the Prince succumbed to his wounds.

William was able to dispel the flying effect on one of the female casters and then Sir Stieven took her down. The party ganged up on the remaining female skinwalker to bring her down.

We loot the bodies of the fallen and prepare the Princes body to be transported. (Toby will list the loot later) We take a quick look around the area, but we are feeling very winded and want to return to recuperate as soon as possible.

There is a chamber to the south (roughly 30 by 40 ft) with a large heap in the middle of it. A pile of tiger fur. There is a wooden trunk. There are wooden shields of an Olman nature as trophies hanging on the wall. William is able to open the trunk. We took the trunk and the shields. This was a chieftain’s room.

  • There is an old, religious bronze mask with lapis lazuli and malachite on it. It has a beaten, skull motif of the Olman god of death Mictiantecuhtli.
  • Scepter
  • 2 gourds (potions)(magical)
  • Pipes (magical)
  • 9 Ivory statues – 1 ft tall – patron themes

Beyond the North side door is a room that looks like it was used as a ‘barracks’. We search the room.

  • Pouch in the bedding piles – shards of obsidian in it and an amethyst gem

Beyond the middle door is a similar room. Close to a dozen would sleep in here. We do not find anything.

Beyond the third door is a grizzly sight. Many human skins decorate this room. There is a stone in the center of the room and a battered coffer. There is a trunk in here too. There are religious writings of Demigorgon. The coffer is lined with fine fur. There are 4 chalices made of gold. Graven is very interested in them. The trunk has 5 colorful, feathered cloaks with ivory clasps and 6 gold bowls. We take the interesting items and burn the skins. After burning the skins, Sir Stievan and Graven say prayers for the fallen.

Pearl uses magic to detect secret doors and found two secret doors. One of them leads to behind the stone face. In the observation room, we find a hidden trap door. Sir Stievan and Locke use a crow bar to open the trap door. It has not been opened in a long time. It drops down 20 ft. We decide not to proceed for now. We camouflage the trap door.

We examine the other secret door. There is a short hall (40 ft) that opens up into a chamber. (15 by 20 ft) This is an observing point with a peep hole and levers. It looks out on the west side of the island to a harbor with canoes with out riggers.

On the way out, Locke was struck down by a symbol of death. Sir Stievan was able to bring him back from the brink of death. His brush with death left one of locks of his hair white.

As we head down to the docks, a huge eel like, malevolent creatures rises from the water. Seems the creature is using illusions to mislead us, but it’s origins are demonic.

During the fight, the demon left the water and flew up to William. Sir Stievan flew up to it. It seemed to be able to quickly dispel magic and dispelled the flying affect on Stievan. We drove the demon off and we leave the island. Once off the island, we use the portal to go back to the grove.


  • Enkai’s Rod of Wrath – Empower – Investable – 0 is Lesser – 1 is intermediate – 2 is Greater (Assigned to William)
  • Belt of Str +4 and Con +2 (Assigned to Sir Stievan)
  • Girdle of Fangs – (Assigned to Seaweed Jim)
  • 12 – +1 Magic Spears
  • 12 – +1 Magic Bows
  • 12 – +1 Large Wooden Shields
  • +2 Axe
  • +1 Magic Bow
  • +2 Ring of Protection
  • +2 Headband of Charisma
  • Lesser Rod of Empower (Assigned to Atl)
  • Lesser Rod of Empower (Assigned to Pearl)
  • +3 Ring of Protection (Assigned to Graven)
  • +2 Ring of Protection
  • +4 Charisma Headband (Assigned to Atl)
  • Gorilla – 2 x Elven Chainmail – Has to be repaired first
  • Unholy Amulet of Mighty Fists +2 & Natural Armor +2
  • Battle Augments – 2 x Hand and 1 x Jaw apparatus – Masterwork Weapons – Magical – +1 Human Bane
  • Amulet of NA +2 (Assigned to Stievan)
  • Amulet of NA +1 (Assigned to Atl)
  • +3 Elven Chainmail (Assigned to Locke)
  • Belt of +4 Dex and +2 Str (Assigned to Pearl)
  • Cloak of Resistance +2 (Assigned to Atl)
  • Potion Gourd x 2 – Cure Moderate Wounds (Assigned to Seaweed Jim)
  • Pipes of Pain – Fascinate people – Anyone that was fascinated takes damage
  • 4 x Chalices – 500 gp each (Assigned to Graven)
  • 6 x Gold Bowls – 200 gp each
  • 5 x Colorful, Feathered Cloaks – 50 gp each (One assigned to Atl, Seaweed Jim, William, Clasrrisa)
  • 1 x Bronze Mask – 1100 gp
  • 1 x Ritual Scepter – 1450 gp
  • 1 x Bag of Gems – 55 × 10gp each (Obsidian) & 5 × 100 gp each (Amethyst)
  • 9 x Ivory Status – 70 gp each (Not selling – sharing with Jakarta)
    • The Forsaken
    • The Lost
    • The Chief
    • The Protector
    • The Maelstrom
    • The Void
    • The Muse
    • The Warrior
    • The Tempest
Within the Temple off Taboo Island

As we entered the room, the skinwalker guards shouted about intruders. Turns out there were eight more on the balcony with bows. A robust fight broke out. Part way through the fight, a beam of black energy emitted from an eye hole in a stone face set above where we entered and struck Seaweed Jim (Enervation). Seems there is a female caster skinwalker behind it. Seaweed Jim was in an air elemental form and had changed to a gargantuan whirlwind. He sucked up six of the skinwalkers and swept them up into the chimney. Shortly after that, a great ape in elven chain mail burst into the room to join the fray.

The melee continued and it has looked quite dire. A second female caster skinwalker joined and then an elven skinwalker joined too. A stonewall by Graven and a icewall by Atl kept the second female skinwalker from joining the fight for a bit. Sir Stievan fell under the concerted blows of the ape, elven skinwalker, and one of the female skinwalkers. Graven was able to heal Sir Stieven before he succumbed to his wounds.

Temple of Taboo Island

Synopsis of the last session

We investigated the inverted ziggurat. It was well trapped and Seaweed Jim’s summoned Bullette’s triggered them. Since the skin walker did not aggressively attack us, we retreated and returned to Far Shore.

Returning to the island, many of the trees were dead. The skin walkers are on the offensive and killing the sylvan groves. It’s estimated that it will take about a week for the skin walkers to find the central grove. The skin walker hunting groups seemed to have two casters with them.

Some of the areas of the islands are desecrated and the treants portals can’t reach into them. We ported as close to the north west corner as possible and approached the last ziggurat.

Graven used clairvoyance to survey the ziggurat. There are several Olman prisoners, several skinwalkers, and a demonic looking pirate. Beyond the ziggurat, along the mountainous wall are 5 to 6 large stone figures.

In rescuing the prisoners, we had a vigorous battle with the skin walkers and the demonic pirate. He using sniping tactics and could fly. Eventually, the party drove him off. [He used dimension door to make his escape.] We released the prisoners and used a treat portal to rescue them. We found a ledger and investigated the pyramid. Used to be dedicated to Tlaloc. The eye of Tlaloc was dropped from here into the the Aboleth city in the Underdark below the island.

One of the prisoners had a seizure and when the came out of it, proclaimed that they wanted to come with us. He was meant to go with us and help us bring things to an end. His name is Atl.

Loot from the battle:

  • 4 Olman Bows
  • 7 Claw Bracers

After retreating through the portal, we asked Verdant (the treant) to allow the prisoners to stay there. The ledger (written in Abyssal) discusses how many sacrifices were made and some accounting of shadow pearls.

Entries over one year:

  • 160 sacrifices
  • 23 of which are special sacrifices
  • 44 shadow pearls sent below
  • There are check marks beside each shadow pearl except for the bottom 9
  • Note: We have dealt with 8
  • There is a two month break before the most recent entry and the entry was from several weeks ago
  • Our theory is that they production of shadow pearls has started up again in some way

We did not take much time and proceeded back through the portal to advance on the temple.

The Temple of Taboo Island

The entrance to the temple is set into the mountain wall and a pair of 15 foot tall stone doors. To either side are several stone statues of an ‘honor guard’. There is a residue of magic on the door – it appears to be the residue of the activities taken to taint the area.

Stieven tried to push the door open and failed. Pearl examined the doors and realized the hinges have been removed.

Refresher on the Stone of the Sun and Moon

  • Three deities pictured
  • Non repeating patterns around the edge
    • 11 Moons, 12 Suns, 13 Stars
  • Originated in the ruins of Thanaclan

Graven looks for secret doors on the outside with Stieven while Atl is looking to go to a fluid form and see what’s on the other side of the doors. On the other side, Atl detects a foul stench. Advancing in, he activated a trap where several poisoned spears shot at him. He retreated back to the group and told us of what he saw.

Graven detects a secret door near one of the stone honor guard statues and returns to the group. Locke takes the lead through the secret door. 200 feet down we pass through a second secret door into a room with a passage south. In the center of the room is a model ziggurat, 4 foot high with inscribed Olman runes on it – “May the blood keep safe the flesh”.

William, Pearl and Locked gave blood sacrifice into the ziggurat model. There was a secret door in the north wall that revealed a boulder when William cast knock to open it. Proceeding down the southern corridor, we set off a trap, magic in origin that probably would have caused the boulder to roll down this corridor.

We found a room with a wooden altar with blood on it. A blood trail led to a secret door. Behind it were stairs that led down to another secret door. Water covered the bottom two steps and we decided not to open the door at this time and returned above.

We proceeded east and found the entrance area Alt had found earlier. We moved north from a four way intersection. We came to a 50 ft wide, 60 ft high room with a pit dominatingvk the room (15 ft deep) with a 5 foot ledge around the edge of the room. Liquid and body parts litter within the pit. Locke noticed something moving in the liquid and fired a magic missile into it. A mound of body part rose up and started climbing the edge of the pit. A fight ensued. After a few tense minutes, we defeated the critter and it lost cohesion. Graven nearly died within it’s bowels, but we killed it before it could absorb him.

We then proceeded south past the four way intersection. We entered a room with 4 columns. Walls have carvings all over them and the floor has hundreds of flat copper rings. The rings are carved with runic symbols. Pearl picked one up to examine it. They were used in divination’s. We collect all 350 copper rings. Further south is a large room.

The room is a large circular room with bas relief carvings. There are three 7 ft tall statues and 3 circles carved into the floor. There is a large magical presence in this room. Perhaps the key of the Stone of the Sun and Moon.

  • Ingrained in the tile of this room are 3 rings of 16.
  • The three statues are dressed similarly. Seven ft tall – Olman in visage with scepters. There are some. Western has a Sun. Eastern has a Moon. Southern has a Star.
  • Spheres -
    • Smooth Brown Stone – Olman Rune – Star
    • Olman Rune – Sun
    • Olman Rune – Moon

We move the Moon, Sun, and Star stones clock wise based on the quantity of symbols around the edge of the Stone of Sun and Moon. The room is filled with swirling wind, a shaft of daylight covers the Western statues. A beam comes down of glittering light onto the Eastern statue. Finally, a third column of shimmering stars alights on the Southern statue.

We receive some divine wisdom.

In time of need, weapons can be turned.
In time of need, wind will down the wings of evil.

In Unison:
The Bow of Macutotnal, Hero of the Olman, Use It Well

The light fades and a bow remains. It is named ‘Nimbus’. Pearl takes the bow.

The bas relief around the edge tells of Olman battles against land worms. Flightless dragons with death curses. It tells of the Olman hero, Macutotnal. He managed to unify all the tribes. His achievements managed to gain the favor of the divine. Three god’s separately thought to gift him a bow. Since he knew taking one over the other’s would offend the others, so he refused. Quetzalcoatl was impressed and combined the three bows into one as a gift to him.

Returning north, we take a western passage that goes on for a while then terminates in a room. A dozen man sized niches occupy the north wall with some honored remains. There is an exit to the south. We don’t take any of the jewelry adorning the bodies and head to the south.

The hall turns west and ends in a door. There is a dusty room with an ornate pedestal on the far side with several items arranged on it. A statue of a hideous two headed monster – not Demogorgon. While similar it is different. The arms are tentacly, but end in claws. An acquatic god. Perhaps a Kopru version of Demogorgon. There is a door in the far wall of the room.

The items on the pedestal – five ivory sticks (rhythm sticks), 3 small bowls (inlaid with gold filagry), crumbling bamboo flute, remains of a feather fan. No magic is detected. We took the items and smashed the aquatic Demogorgon statue. As the statue was smashed, we seemed to be the target of a curse that the party managed to shake off.

We exit through the door to the west and continue on looping north then back east then north again. Stieven and Locke fell through a weak portion of the floor. The area we land in is flooded with water – 4 ft of water. It appears this is an ancient interrogation chamber. There are about 40 ft of weakened floor. Seaweed Jim changed into a large Air Elemental to shuttle the rest of the party across.

Heading north, we come to the remains of a make shift wall. There is a man sized hole through the wall. The rubble was on the other side of the hole. There are stairs up. At the end of the passage is a large chamber – 60’ tall. There are skin walkers present (4 with weapons). There is fading daylight seen at near the roof. There are stairs ascending on the north and south side up to a balcony.

The Crab Continues Squeeling

The tide had turned again and again. Locke finished his personal melee and re-entered the general fray. After a fierce fought battle, we prevailed.

William Nystram put down his portable hole and we put the bodies of the skinwalkers in so we can recover their magic items later. Time is of the essence as the horn sounded earlier will bring reinforcements.

We perform a quick search of the plaza.

  • Collapsed Ziggurat – communal living area -
  • Columns (8) – They were deific representations -
  • General Information – This plaza used to be used for a ritual purpose.
  • Undamaged Ziggurat -
    • One of the room is used for communal quarters
    • One was used by the female skinwalker
    • Similar state of disarray – scripts carved and chiseled.

We split the party – Pearl, William and Locked stayed to translate what they could of the carvings while the others continued surveying.

Pearl and William deciphered some of the scripts – it is similar to the previous site that depicted.

  • Reference to Kala. For further reference, see Rumble in the Jungle
  • The person that carved them was most likely agitated. It is like a complaint or rant. Who or whatever Kala is, granted the name ‘Achcauhtli’ a favor that took ‘Enkai’ away from the carver. The excerpt contained a phrase or suffix of ‘white’ in regards to ‘Achcauhtli’.

The other group looked in the pit and found the remains of Olman things – blood stains. Notes found in the runic script indicates that Olman deemed not worthy to become skinwalkers were used as entertainment.

At this point, the outside group went back to the group trying to translate and indicated we needed to leave.

We determine to head off trail north east trail blazing. We pack ourselves onto Seaweed Jim’s back while he is in Giant Crab form and his druidic powers greatly reduces the trail left.

About 10 minutes after we leave the clearing, we can hear the cries of the reinforcements arriving and finding the carnage we left behind. A minute or two later, we hear a difference in the calls that are being made. They are using bird calls and other calls for long distance coordination. At about 15 minutes, we hear a sharper call indicating they found something.

We prepare an ambush for those following us to defeat them in details.

Graven asks William to identify the items on the female skinwalker.

  • Lesser Metamagic Rod of Empower – Assigned to Graven
  • Amulet of Mighty Fist +1
  • Headband of Charisma +2 – Assigned to Atl
  • Ring of Protection +2 – Assigned to Atl
  • +1 Keen Olman Axe – Assigned to Atl
  • +1 Large Wooden Shields – Assigned to Atl
  • 16 Magic +1 Olman Axe
  • 16 Magic 1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows (5 Str Mod)
  • 16 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields
  • 1 +2 Olman Axe – Assigned to Pearl
  • 1 +2 Olman Large Wooden Shield – Assigned to Seaweed Jim
  • 1 Masterwork Instrument -

We finish prepping for the ambush. Four skinwalkers move into our ambush. We made short work of them. We sweep their bodies into the portable hole then prepare in case there are more incoming.

Graven uses some farsight magic to see a large party of skinwalkers coming towards us (approx 20). In the other direction, green energy extends between two trees. Pearl thinks it’s a portal off of the Plateau. The party moves through the portal.

On the other side of the portals…there is a jungle with blocks of stone that are eroded and crumbled. It is a grove and in the center is a stone basin with some clear liquid in it.

William summoned a hut to block the portal from this side. Pearl tries to use the basin to possibly close the portal and succeeds. Locke notices some of the trees in the area moved. One of the trees addresses in Olman “They have seen our struggle, but you were surrounded.” They wanted to know our purpose. We told him we wanted to eliminate the source of the evil on the Plateau. He told us that we could this this site to recover from our days ordeal.

Locke introduced himself and asked how to address him. He replied that they normally did not use names, but we could address him as “Verdant”. We ask several questions about when we leave – making sure we protect the grove. Verdant would prefer to send us back through the portal and does not want to reveal where this grove is.

Locke attempts to barter for additional support. Verdant provides an Acorn. It is a contact for Verdant. Locke has to bleed on it to bond to it. (Like Spectral Hand, it won’t heal. Taking 4 points of damage.) Locke can send out a non-specific notice asking Verdant and potentially open a gate to us. Caveats, not in combat and Locke should drop it if it looks like he’ll be captured or killed to sever the bond.

Other bits of information:

  • Verdant fills in additional details on our map
  • Some additional locations are:
    • There is a fourth Ziggurat structure
    • There are two other clearings with statues
    • There is one other village
  • We have killed mid-forty. Verdant says that is most likely under a quarter of their total number.

The party will loot and identify the items we captured.

Loot breakdown

  • 84 +1 Magic Weapons
  • 41 +1 Shields
  • This will be a total of 104,500 when sold which divided by 7 is 14,928.
  • Reminder, we can buy things from Clarrisa at 75% book cost

What is left

  • 1 Ring of Protection +2 (8,000 gp each)- Assigned to Atl
  • 3 Headbands of Charisma +2 (4000 gp each) – 1 is Assigned to Atl
  • 3 Amulets of Mighty Fists +1 (4,000 gp each)
  • 2 Rings of Protection +1 (2,000 gp each)
  • 1 +2 Olman Axe (8,000 gp each) – Assigned to Pearl

(Note to Rick – Robes of Arcane Heritage – Clarrisa cost is 12,000 gp and add Dispelling Cord for an additional (factored) 1250 gp)

The party discussion is to hit the third village and then return to Farshore to covert our plunder.

Verdant relays that the third village is like an inverted Ziggurat. It is one place that they process captives.

(Note to Rick – Dispelling Cords from Magic Item Compendium for bonus to dispel)

The Crab Squeels

Graven looked out into the village, unable to see the archers in the distance. He was able to buff himself before four arrows flew through the air towards him. With a bit of a warning, the rest were able to prepare for the onslaught before it happened. Seaweed cast a wall of air to prevent the archers from succeeding, frustrating them and forcing them to move down from their ziggurat perches. Seeing them head into the wilds, he then used his olman magic and cast true seeing, expecting to not see anything and cast a wall of thorns to protect the party from the archers coming from the sides. Instead, his eyes went wide with fear and he yelped out something about being surrounded as he shifted into crab. Seaweed quickly cast his wall of thorns to give the group coverage from the immediate attack of skinwalker stalkers.

With the defenses laid out, and each member having sufficient warning to protect themselves, the attack swung quickly in favor of the small group. This was short lived, though, as from the pit in the middle of the village arose a female skinwalker. She proceeded to start her onslaught on the group, while her men scaled the trees and leaped over the wall of thorns. The archers changed their tactic and instead headed straight for the pathway, to cross through the wall of air in order to shoot that the party while their compatriots meleed.

With William having taken a great deal of damage, the female skinwalker throwing her spells, and things looking very grim for the group, Pearl cast a spell forcing her to stand perfectly still while singing a single note. The sound was enough to paralyze the skinwalkers, though the female resisted. To keep Pearl safe, William cast a spell that encased her in an ethereal prison that only allowed sound through. Taking advantage of this, Graven performed a coupe de gras on one of the skinwalkers next to him.

Even though the female skinwalker eventually dispelled the song, it was enough of a tide turner to give the group hope. However, there was still the sound of a horn in the distance that kept getting closer. Just after the song was dispelled, Stieven charged from further down the path to engage several of the skinwalkers.

Feeling recharged with the shift in the battle, the group took renewed effort to deal with their attackers. However, it seems as if the day was not all that in favor of the group succeeding, as from the depths of the pit something horrific took flight. It was a Vrok. The creature took a few moments to gather its bearing before it decided to descend on the group.

In an attempt to deal with Pearl’s invulnerability within the ethereal tomb, one of her skinwalker attackers began beating on the cage. He was not alone, however, as from just past the wind wall stepped the skinwalker wielding the horn. The bardic skinwalker took Pearl as a target, and assisted with destroying of her prison. Once freed, she thanked the bard by casting hold monster on him, dropping his bardic song and denying his companions the benefits.

Several skinwalkers fell to the might of the group, but even as they started to win, the Vrok’s presence was distracting. Finally, the Vork took flight and headed towards the group to engage in melee. Pearl, in a panic, attempted to cast hold monster on the Vrok before it could do serious harm to anyone, and was stunned at the success.



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