The Savage Tide

Rumble in the Jungle

The heated fighting continued. Graven Urthadar got to William and was able to fan a spark of life back into William Nystram. Seaweed Jim in a giant crab form, floated up to the flying, female skinwalker to engage her. After we dropped the female skinwalker, Stievan Silver ensured she would never arise again. We were victorious over the skinwalkers.

  • 13 Magic +1 Olman Shimalo’koi Wood Swords
  • 13 Magic 1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows (5 Str Mod)
  • 13 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields
  • Lesser Metamagic Rod of Empower – Assigned to William Nystram
  • Amulet of Mighty Fist +1
  • Headband of Charisma +2
  • Ring of Protection +2 – Assigned to Elyas Jetables and put Ring of Protection +1 back in the party pool
  • (Ring of Protection +2 from first female skinwalker assigned to Pearl and put a Ring of Protection +1)

We search the village. Seven tree huts and a central tree hut. Seaweed Jim doesn’t notice the Violet Fungus as he searches a hut. The central hut is carved in Olman like scripts.

Some key things we were able to pull out of the carvings:

  • One of the runic symbols comes up over and over again – roughly translates as a name – ‘Khala’
  • The tone the name is referred to is obsessive and zealous, almost fanatic. None of the party recognizes the name.
  • ‘Achcauhtli’ – symbolic name for chief
  • ‘Enkai’ – female pronoun – teacher
  • ‘Nulonga’ – comes up once – in a ramble – a name – Pearl recognizes hearing the name before – When we wear dealing with Totaniuh, he said there was a fall out in ancient Thanaclan, there was a traitor who imprisoned him – that was Nulonga.
  • References to some of the things done on top of the ziggurat – ritual torture, flayed, then lit on fire. The magic skin is then thrown on top to fuse it.

It was getting dark and we were deciding on where to camp. We found a place off trail and Elyas and Seaweed Jim left a false trail. William summoned a hut for us to camp in.

We set watches:

  • Seaweed Jim and Elyas
  • Locke, Pearl, and William
  • Graven and Stieven

During second watch, I heard a soft howling from beyond our hut. I woke the party and opened a shutter to look beyond. A ghost (specter) of an Olman floated 18 inches from beyond the window. I said to him “Honored Elder, how can we lay you to rest?” He replied “Free me or make the pain stop.” Out in the forest, four more forms float. He hisses out again “Free me or make the pain stop.” Graven reached out and touched him with a power and the tortured look changes to one of peace and he fades away. The four specters rushed form the woods focused on Graven, calling out “Free us or make the pain stop.” Graven irradiated positive energy to lay them to rest and a fight ensues. We were able to lay to them rest. Those not on watch returned to rest and we completed the night.

We headed back to a previous four way fork and head north to circle around the area we probably put on high alert. The hidden trails aren’t as concealed, it looks like they aren’t rehiding them. We come across the non-hidden path that goes back to the beach. We head east along it back towards the beach. We come across another village. Seems they had non-audible alarms spells in place.


Lake "Not So" Placid

We battled the mega crocodile. It did it’s best to eviscerate Seaweed Jim. I kept pouring negative energy into it. Graven kept pouring healing into the group. William peppered it with spells. Stieven nicked it with crossbow shots. We vanquished it in the end and took a tooth from it’s mouth as a token of the this eight, unknown legendary beast.

We healed up and continued to Taboo Isle and the beach on the eastern side. It’s been overcast over the Central Plateau since we’ve been here. We found several hidden trails and took a southerly one. On an offshoot trail, we found a duck blind that gave a good lookout post on the south eastern part of the island. No one was there, but we found sign of occupancy within the past day.

We continued westerly, Seaweed Jim realized that someone was coming down the trail. We gave chase and beat the skin walker down.

  • 1 Magic +1 Olman Shimalo’koi Wood Swords
  • 1 Magic 1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows (5 Str Mod)
  • 1 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields

Traveling on wards, we came to a ziggurat in a clearing. No undergrowth seen. We ascended to the top of the ziggurat. The top had signs of use. There was an alter with manacles which is in the middle of a fire pit. It appears it is used for ritualistic torture. It doesn’t seem to have been used in a week. We looked around the top, but could not find an entrance. From the top, we can see two other buildings far off in the distance else where on the isle. We climbed back down and searched around the area. We found ruins, but no tunnels into the ziggurat.

We got back on the trail. The trail comes to a small clearing with a cross roads of trails. It appears to be a maintained clearing. The trail continues west and there is a north-south trail here as well. There is a statue in the middle of the clearing. It is a stylized demon lord – perhaps Demogorgon – standing 30 ft tall. Compare to the rubble around us, the status is crude in comparison and more recent in origin. Rituals have taken place here…perhaps yesterday…20 to 30 people.

We took the trail to the south and found another observation post. It had one skin walker guard that we defeated. We then returned to the cross roads clearing and continued west. We came to another cross roads clearing. There is a second statue here. We head along the southern trail, we find a fork. The fork continues west and isn’t as hidden. We continue south and come to an open area at the coast. There are fragmented ruins that take up 400-500 feet in the open. There is a skin walker lookout and we take him before he can light a signal fire.

  • 1 Magic +1 Olman Shimalo’koi Wood Swords
  • 1 Magic 1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows (5 Str Mod)
  • 1 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields

We returned to the fork and headed west. This trail isn’t as concealed as the others we have been on. We come around a corner and find a native village of skin walkers. We could see six to begin with and we moved in to silence them. Six more came out of the huts over the course of combat. The fighting got fierce with the six new comers using bows to target spell casting. A female skin walker caster entered the fray and targeted William with an mentally enfeebling spell. He was able to shake it off. As the battle progressed, I changed my tactics to counter spell her. She changed her tactics to pounce the flying William and she eviscerated him.

William died and landed on the ground.

Visit to the Central Plateau
All is not as it seems...

(DM note- this roughly marks the start of Chapter 7: City of Broken Idols)

Excerpt from Locke’s journal:

We landed near the Grand Causeway and headed up to the Central Plateau. We traced the river as we searched for signs of civilization or of Noltus, Cleric of Pelor. He may be at the City of Broken Idols, also known as Taboo Isle here. Seaweed Jim had used some magic (Lay of the Land) to find points of civilization on the Plateau.

First, we made our way to Mantru and found it deserted, disturbingly so. Near the shores of the lake, four smaller Coatl’s conversed with Pearl and Seaweed Jim. We bore witness to the passing of Umlot, an Olman holy man of Quetzalcoatl. In turn, we were granted answers to some question by Umlot’s spirit. After Mantru, we made our way to the other sign of civilization.

We had made it into some mounded hills before realizing it was the settlement. We had found the The Pelorian Encampment. We made contact with the Lizardfolk and explained that we were searching for Noltus. That eased their fears and we began to converse. The main Lizardfolk person we dealt with was Rissashtak “Rock Hard”.

Noltus and a band of Lizardfolk returned to the village. Elyas noticed something odd about the dog companion of Noltus. The dog expanded into a huge, ape demon thing (Julajimus, “Eater of Children”). I started to battle it. Noltus took on the visage of a demon – Maurezhi. Is he a false Noltus or has he been changed somehow?

The rest of the Lizardfolk that accompanied the demon-Noltus began attacking the villagers and us. They seemed to be some kind of demonic skin walkers. One of them, a female, flew up into the air and cast a spell on me and I remember little from that time except that I battled for my life.

Sometime in the midst of combat, I regained my mind and used my arcane arts against one of the skin walker’s and the ape-demon. William Nystram fell under the strikes of the ape-demon. Graven healed him from deaths door, but the ape-demon noticed and struck William down again.

My companions and I fought through and defeated the skin walkers, demon-ape and female skin walker. Noltus-demon teleported away after I landed a telling blow. The female skin walker survived as she had been laid low with non-lethal damage.

Loot found:

  • Ring of Free Action (Ape) – (Assigned to Sir Stieven – He added a Ring of Feather Fall to pool – assigned to Graven)
  • 6 Magic +1 Olman Shimalo’koi Wood Swords
  • 6 Magic +1 Olman Tlahui’tol Bows ( +5 Str Mod)
  • 6 Magic +1 Large Wooden Shields
  • 1 Ring of Protection +2
  • 1 Headband of Charisma +2
  • 1 +1 Amulet of Mighty Fist
  • 1 Lesser Metamagic Rod of Empower (Assigned to Locke until Graven is available to discuss)

After consulting with Rissashtak, the rest of the Lizardfolk are planning to leave the area.

Graven used some innate powers to raise one of the fallen Lizardfolk.

Sir Stieven determined that the female skin walker was not salvageable and performed a mercy killing.

Rissashtak believes the demons have taken/killed Noltus so they will head back to the lowlands. Sir Stievan composed a letter of introduction for the Lizardfolk. He directed them to head to Farshore and his intent was for them to be taken in by the church there. We have asked Graven to perform a sending to Farshore and ask someone to meet the Lizardfolk at the wall.

We traveled with them until evening time and camped with them. The Lizardfolk were cautious and concealed our passage as we traveled.

At camp that evening, Rissashtak shared what knowledge he had. We made plans for the next day.

Early the next morning, we sent the Lizardfolk off on giant eagle’s that Seaweed Jim summoned to speed them on their way.

We crossed to the shore where Taboo Island. Seaweed Jim enabled us to walk across the water. On the way, a titanic leviathan struck from the deep.

Note: Graven cast Freedom of Movement in first round.

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