The Savage Tide

A Bridge Too Far

The fight furiously continued. The death demons and the Nightmare surround Locke. Obviously, Vanthus’s ire is directed at Locke. Soon there was only Vanthus and the Nightmare left. Oh, and S’Sharra is around here too.

In fact, she bargains with Vanthus after all the Shadow and Death Demons are dead and she starts pillaging Locke. The party moves inside and keeps attacking Vanthus.

Vanthus is going to die....again

The fight on the bridge continues. Locke and Jim work to track S’sharra down and vanquish her. The party vanquishes the rest of the shadow demons.

While Locke and Jim are fighting S’Sharra, 4 flying demons move to intercept them as the fight over the lava pool. They are Nebasu (Death Demons). S’Sharra exits the fight, but Locke secures her blood for use with Saberhawk later. Jim and Locke lure the Death Demons back to the party.

After defeating two of the three Death Demons that came back to the group. Graven has his back to the doors of the structure that Vanthus is lairing in. Seven Dread Wraith’s come through the doors and attack.

When we were down to 3 Dread Wraiths, the doors on the keep over the lava pit, opened and 2 Shadow Demons came out. Another Dread Wraith also joins in the fight. Within the building, William spots a Nightmare and Vanthus.

Darkness re-envelops the area again. An unpleasant winny enters the area and a Nightmare rides out. Then in a cloud of smoke, Vanthus makes his way out onto the bridge then unfurls his wings and flies up.

“A Bridge Too Far”

Death of an Angel

Saureya held himself inhumanly steady while Sir Stievan’s merciful blow fell. His blow falls true and Saureya’s head tumbles off and his body falls limp.

The two Trumpet Archons (Danell and Euzza) dip their heads in acknowledgement. Sir Stievan gathers the remains so that the body can be interred some where else.

Graven suggests to Danel and Euzza that they travel with us. He extortions motivate them to travel with them.

The angel had the following:

  • +3 Shocking Burst Greatsword
  • +3 Composite Longbow ( +7 Str)
  • Expanded Quiver – Adamantine tipped x 50
  • Belt of Dex +4 (Assigned to Danel (Trumpet Archon))
  • +5 Mithril Shirt (Assigned to Danel (Trumpet Archon))

We travel back and north to search out the rest of the Angel’s territory. We encounter a moaning pillar and William attempts to go grate his face off, but Jim stops him. We explore the first doorway and the malevolent force almost overcomes Locke, but he resists.

It appears to be dusty, old and out of use. It is not out of reach of the malevolent force. Locke determines a dispel or break enchantment might be able to remove the affect from someone already affected. We eventually finish searching the rooms and leave the area of affect.

We head for out of the angel’s area to the south. It leads to a single immense room – like a small village.

We encounter a dais with 5 statues. One is Demogorgon. The area is massively desecrated. This is probably the focus of the Forbidance and Sympathy affects and it is possible that it is a minor artifact. The first statue – Rams head and wings – Orcus. The second statue – Grazz’t. The third statue (spiderish) – Miska, the Wolfspider (Second Prince of Demons). The fourth statue – we can’t quite identify.

Locke uses Limited Wish to cast Legend Lore to learn more. The 4th statue is Obex Ob, the First Prince of Demons. He is not Tenari. In the lore, he is not revealed to be dead.

The statues symbolize Demogorgon’s greatest threats. The way to destroy the statues is from the blood of the four supplicants or spamming of Disjunction.

When the Tenrai gained control of the Abyss from the previous tenant. Their leader, the Queen of Chaos had Miska as her right hand. In the war, the war lasted along time. A primary force that opposed them was the Wind Dukes. The Wind Dukes had a coalition that worked with them. The Queen and Miska were at least demi-god in power.

When the Wind Dukes won the exchange, at least partially because the demons worked against themselves. It is blurry if the Queen was killed or if something else that happened. Miska, himself, was slain. Demogorgon was left standing.

There are tomes and books that chronicle these events – many of them blasphemous and unholy.

Seaweed Jim catches our attention. Past him, we can see a small 4 ft high figure, floating in the air.

He introduces the figure as “Orgosh, Creator of Deathknights”. He wants us to defeat Vanthus who is on an island. He can give us the name of the paramour of Demogorgon. Locke asked if he would leave this place. He said why would we ask. Locke said “To honor a bargain.”

Death Knights are resistant to Fire and Acid. Immune to Cold and Lightning. Resistance to Magic. Heavily Armored in melee. Inate magics to influence as well as desecrate. A steed from the lower planes. Resistant to life (turn resistance and dr versus positive energy). Channel the raw chaos of the abyss. He believes there is a creature that lives in the lava just to the east of the island Vanthus lives in there.

Charm Monster, Mass Charm Monster, Fear, Fireball,

Vanthus can be potentially greater than this – if Demogorgon improved on him.

He gives a warning that we cannot destroy him. His phylactery is not in the prison. (Reminder: Lilianth is the demoness we made the agreement with).

We head back to the Angel’s area to talk strategy, then we head to back to Lilianth’s quadrant to get ready to head for Vanthus.

Back in Lilianth’s quadrant, we talk with Lilianth. She wants to know about any deal we made with Orgosh. We move to the bridge entrance and buff up before heading to Vanthus’s lair.

As we cross the bridge, enemies attack from below the bridge with Damning Darkness and a fight ensues. William identifies that they are shadow demons. Vulnerable to bright light. Incorporeal Shadow Demons of Shakoth Benoth (x6).

The ninja demon attempted to make a sneak, death attack from the roof on Graven. Locke and JIm flew off to try to kill that bitch.

We stopped at the end of round 5 five.

Something Fetid this Way Comes

Earlier, we had made a deal with the Warden. We went to fight is S’sharra ( a Kelvasu – demon ninja ). We defeated her entourage but she eluded us. She’s crafty and willy and hard to spot.

We returned and spoke with the Warden then moved on to the south western building. We opened a door that flooded us with acidic waste. Then…some critters approached us with malice. Graven eventually identifies them as not true demons, but rather sentient waste – tenari traits – ooze traits. Vulnerable to Sonic. Acidic Breath Weapon with Poison rider.

While we fought these vile waste monsters, S’sharra tried to magically pillage Seaweed Jim from out on the bridge. We defeated them and started searching around. Entering a central chamber, we spot a “angelic winged” figure eviscerated on the the ground and there are three immensely flabby creatures – 2 were invisible and hiding, but Locke and Sir Stievan noticed them.

The trumpet archon is dead. Graven identifies these creatures as Demodants (titan creations; anti-divine; can disrupt divine connections; faith stealing strike; resistant to fire/cold; immune to acid and poison). We defeat them and search the area. Graven bundled up the corpse of the trumpet archon and puts him in William’s portable hole.


  • 4133 gold
  • 6 x bloodstones (50 gp each)
  • 1 x lance +2
  • 2 x potion (cat’s grace, shield of faith +5)
  • 1 x Filthy Tube (300 gp)
  • 1 x Scroll of Finger of Death

We start searching the open area to the south before checking the doors. The area is a massive open space 250 ft deep by 100 ft wide and 50 ft high.

There are stairs on the sides that lead up to upper galleries. At the far end is a raised dais taking up the end of the big chamber with a throne on it. Two backed throne in amber and black flecks.

At the far end, is a large figure with a guiseme that appears to be Demodant – he is toad like and covered in grease. There are alcoves with statues and statues on either side of the throne. All of the same succubus. The Demodant is Belshamoth, a leader of a faction we were warned against by the Warden. He apparently has a few glowing affects, specifically shield. He croaked out, “We are attacked, come defend your master.”

He is a general type, a Demodant, upper echelon. High SR. cold/fire/acid/poison/mind-affecting. His slime is paralytic.

A huge, goat headed demon with wings – an Alfenchi joins the fray. Strong Tenari (Old Type IV). Standard Tenari Trait. SR. Radiate True Seeing and UnHoly Aura. Solid-enough in melee. Power Attack and Cleave. Magic wise – at-will greater dispel, feeblemind, and call lightning.

Three more things join the fray – fetid waste demons.

Pearl expenditure – 3 bard song rounds – 1 haste spell – (bow shots…no expenditure)

Spit into the Teeth of the Maw

We turn the ship towards the Teeth and prepare the meet the Maw. Driving sheets of wind and hundreds of waterspouts whirl all around us.

Our passing through the Teeth…
For the first hour, we are successful. Several spouts pass relatively closely.
For the second hours, we push deeper into the terminus points. The number of spouts increase, but we seems to avoid the worst of it.
For the third hour (44), a swell tosses the ship. Some of us stagger around.
For the fourth hour (54), we proceed through.
For the fifth hour (47), a water spout glances off us. Graven slammed into the railing.
For the sixth hour (61), we make excellent progress. We think we are past the half way point.
For the seventh hour (58), we make good progress.
For the eighth hour (45), a huge wave crashes over the ship’s prow. One of the sails tears. William uses Make Whole to repair it.
For the ninth hour (47), we make it through the Maw’s Teeth.

Graven heals up the ship’s crew from their bumps and bruises.

(Wish (no CL check) or Miracle (with CL check)) might be able to bypass the affects of the Maw. Control Weather and Control Water can provide stacking bonuses.

We start to check the rest of the ship over, Amera calls out for a ship to starboard. Sir Stievan climbs up to sees the vessel is round…with a fire on top of it. We slowly close with it. It’s organic…with a cage on it’s back. There is some type of medium sized humanoid in the cage and they are on fire. They have feathered wings.

At 1200 ft, Graven remote views the vessel. Rather than a critters, the skin is stretched out flesh bits and bone.

Something erupts from the deck itself and the remove viewing ends. An angry shriek erupts then cuts off.

We get ready to fight…

3 x Blood Fiends

We defeat them, head to the ship and learn from the prisoner that they were reforming inside the ship. We tear a whole and Sir Stievan uses his Sunblade to destroy them.

We think the thing in the cage may have been a good aligned outsider at one time, but is no longer. He could be a palenthree (failed to become a Balor). Pearl draw down on it, it does not provide a satisfactory response and she shoots it once.

Sir Stievan stands between them and we enter into further dialogue. He had been a servant of Orcus.

He was a spy for Orcus that was captured by Demogorgon. He can lead us to Divided Ire. We break him out of his cage.

His name is Azael. He point out where to dig into the ship to get the loot.


700 pp
1 x emerald – 1200 gp
3 x black pearls – 600 gp each
4 x amber – 110 gp each
1 x ring of improved swimming
1 x periapt of wound closure

Azael helps us to identify our location in terms of getting to Divided Ire. He sketches out a map. It is a curving approach that goes around the island with St. Cargath (first and leader of the Death Knights) to Ire. He expects us to take three days..then after seeing the boat travel for a bit..says two days.

We sail for two days. We will arrive the evening of the second day. Sabrehawk “confirms” that path we are following (slightly different since he points directly).

We are deciding on which side to visit. Azael offers that we should search for the ship that Vanthus and Lavinia came in on.

As we swing around Paradise, we find a cove with a ship in it. It is empty and cleaned out.

We take an hour to traverse Paradise to get to the building complex. We take a look at a tower that is here off to one side of the complex. 50 ft diameter and 60 ft tall. It is made entirely of skulls. There is a door on the western side. Seaweed Jim checks the door.

We investigate and don’t find anything. We may be able to use this as a retreat point.

We enter the prison complex through a broken wall.

There is a massive chasm inside the complex. To the west of the chasm are structures. To the east there is a hastily constructed wall to the east on the other side of the chasm. Locke takes a sighting with Saberhawk for Lavinia which points south by south-west.

We head west and check a big room with a door. It’s a torture chamber. We find one cold iron dagger. Locke does a quick look around and finds a silver dagger and two adamantine daggers. We perform a bit more detailed search and find a total of the following. We find a bloody remains of some angel wings in the corner.

3 x cold iron dagger
3 x silver dagger
3 x adamantine dagger

Heading south are a bunch of adamantine cells a foot off the ground. There are alot of cells. Graven is very interested in seeing if there are any non-evil things.

Saberhawk triangulating indicates Lavinia is probably in the north west building on Penance. (adjusting directions)

We find an Brelani Eladrin in one of the cells – Locke uses Knock on the door. Graven goes in to check on him.

A wandering patrol encounters the party.

8 X Hezrou (Frog Demon things)

After the Wreck

Sir Stievan Loot

  • +5 Ring of Protection
  • 65,649 gp

Ship Purchases

  • Mithral hull plating 84000 -
  • MW controls 4800
  • Everfull sails 36000
  • dolphin helm 5000
  • captains lantern 12000
  • rigging fort 1500
  • secure lines 10800
  • Living Figurehead – 56000 – Fire Wyvern (Pearl contribution)
  • Skilled Crew (+10 on roll) – 200 gp/week x 3 weeks x 1 = 600g
  • Highly Skilled Crew (+15 on roll) – 500 gp/week x 3 weeks * 3 = 4500g
  • Ballista – 3d8 – 120 ft range – (ship cargo set aside for ammo)
  • Heavy Catapult – 6d6 – 200 ft range – (ship cargo set aside for ammo)
  • Waterclock


  • 2 weeks of travel back from Scuttlecove
  • Day 8 – Some of the group travels back to Sasserine
  • Day 9 – Return from Sasserine – Party discussion about Lux Seona -Someone was compromised
  • 3 weeks of dry docks time
  • Pearl want so talk to the Speaker for Mictiantecuhtli – will get a brief conversation – Granted domains onto Pearl’s list -

Research Activities

  • Abyssal Ocean – (41 – Graven; 33 – Pearl) – 1 week of downtime
    • Demogorgon’s Planar Realm is called – Gaping Maw – Primal Jungle Realm
    • Effectively has two different aspects
      • Massive primeval continent – strength based creatures
      • Seeming endless oceans and brine flats – more subtle creatures
    • Death Knights are rare – but they seem to be Demogorgon’s creation – undead warriors – First one – St. Gargeth
    • Variety of places of notes in Gaping Maw
      • Lemoriax – Planar Capital
        • City of wide open streets and crumbling ziggurats – screams of thousands of demons
      • Abysm – Pair of opposing serpentine towers – minurats
        • Fortress – Possibly Demogorgon’s personal sanctuary
      • Divided Ire – Once was a Pleasure Palace, repurposed to demonic prison
        • Based on the commune William had, this is likely where Vanthus and Lavinia is
    • Pearl – Abyssian Ocean – Borders Gaping Maw at a location called Maw’s Teeth
  • Demons – (Graven) – 1 week of downtime
    • Base Tenari Powers and baseline fiendish templates
    • Find a tome dealing with Demons – Individual Subtypes – 5000 gp
      • MW Tool +2 bonus to rolls
      • 1 hour per day

The Wake Portal

  • Harliss walks us through how to use the Wake Portal
  • Two pre-req: Ship must be under full sail and 10 minute activation time
  • Operable once per day
  • Ship, crew and cargo and 60 ft. radius
  • Target: Abyssian Ocean
  • Lawful or Good suffer affects – grants -2 on anything Charisma based (Lawful Good is -4)

The Sea Wyvern Crew (Need 7 full time crew)

Recruited Crew (1200 gp/month) (Party paid for one month in advance)

  • Amera Brighton – Elf – Exuberant – Lookout – Improves ship speeds – 300 gp/month
  • Graydon Stoneguide – Dwarf – Quiet – No Sailor – Cartographer only +2 bonus (geography) – 150 gp/month
  • Olart Grimturk – Human – Barbarian levels – Rough around the edges – Crude/Outright Hostile – Marine – Sailor and Combatant at Sea – Knack for repair, upkeep and maintenance – 150 gp/month
  • Somat the Firebringer – Olman – Panitube – Greedy – Sorcerer/Sailor – Ship’s Mage – Ship Defense and Sailing – 600 gp/month

Other NPC Activities

  • Tren – Sasserine – keeping an eye on things
  • Zan Oldavin – Got a port back to Sasserine and disappeared
  • Tolin Kientai – Ranger – Staying in Farshore

Leaving Farshore for other worlds….

  • General Spells
    • Flameward on the ship (Seaweed Jim) x 2 castings
    • 40 hr Mass Planar Adaption (William)

Day 1 of the Journey

  • The water is completely different. The swells are different – it’s like relearning the Sailor skill.
  • Clarrisa and William go below deck.
  • There are brighter and dark periods. (Might need a clock)
  • During the dark period – there is a palpable feeling of menace.

Day 2 of the Journey

  • 40 hr Mass Planar Adaption (William)
  • Flameward x 2 (Seaweed Jim)
  • Sails ahoy! Seaweed Jim scries the ship. A caravel sized ship. Painted blue. Sleek transparent sails. No wake. Majority of people on the ship are humanoid. Horns, clawed hands, tails. Dozen or so of them as ship’s crew. 9’ tall massive blue fellow. (5 of them). (The crew are planetouched – tieflings. The 5 blue guys are Mercane).
  • We sail closer. It will take 20 minutes. We hail each other. Seems they are traders. Blue guy has a jolly personality – (Saudi Arabian Sales) – Aussie (for short). They are Mercane (Planar Traders). They buy and sell things. Confidentiality is a standing by-law. They are information brokers though.
  • How do we contact them if we want to do repeat business? He provides his token. Ceramic plaque – business card like. Break it to use it. Within a span of a day, they will arrive.
  • We buy and sell some stuff
  • We ask about Gaping Maw.
    • Map/sketch/copy basic layout of the co-terminus area for Gaping Maw near Maw’s Teeth – 1750gp
  • We ask about Divided Ire – 5000 gp
    • Currently a prison – used to be a pleasure palace. Island is two islands. Three buildings. Corridors and walkways that connect them. They are up high on the island complex. One of the islands is lush and tropical and the other is a blasted wasteland and volcanic. Paradise and Penance.
    • The largest of the three is on Paradise and Penance has two buildings.
    • The prison itself and the island out to a reasonable distance is under Interdiction (kind of like an amped up forbidance affect). For 1000 ft around it, blocks planar travel including teleport, ethereal, summons, magical location. Sympathy affect – people inside don’t want to leave. It may only affect planar people, not primes.
    • Prison Warden is a glabrezu named Kululblax.
    • A short times (a few years, maybe a decade), some type of earthquake hit the island. There may be some lingering structural damage.
    • Demogorgon doesn’t pay much attention these days to these.
    • There is one place outside the warding for arrivals. Island on the Lava/Penance side.
    • In the sky, Vrock and Nebasu can be seen.
  • He will sell us info about a prisoner on the island – for 1000 gp
    • One of the prisoners/residents – Astral Deva – named Saureya -
    • Long time ago, there was the Blood War – hoard of abyssal creatures invaded the Seven Heavans – their progress was great enough that they severed part of the realm to cut off the breach. Part of that layer was incorporated into the Abyss. Saureya survived that. He caught Demogorgons notice and was tossed into the prison.
  • His thoughts and musings – 1500 gp
    • Some information that was not available – why the facility switched roles.
    • It was a pleasure palace – it usually takes two – and he could not get a name.
    • He’d be interested in the name.
  • We sail on after a nice interlude with the Mercane.

The Maw’s Teeth

  • Driving sheets of wind and several waterspouts
The Wreck 5: Clean Up on Isle 5

There are three areas left for us to clean up.

1) At the seagate structure, there appears to be a Death Slaad.
2) The Captain had an aquatic pet.
3) There is a ship outside the seagate.

We prepare ourselves to meet the Death Slaad and make our way around the docks to where the Death Slaad sits watching us approach. Seaweed Jim casts Air Walk on himself and combat ensued. Seaweed JIm, Sir Stievan and William ported to the top of the tower and killed the Death Slaad. In the Slaad’s tower, there are the remains of 54 previous opponents.

We wave our captive Captain over and he points out where the ship is and where the aquatic pet is supposed to be.

We decide to head to the ship first to start getting the slaves organized and hold our loot.

The ship is empty – seems Captain Slipnot had it stashed in case his coup did not work out. Seaweed Jim uses some magic and clears away the seagate. Harliss organizes the slaves while we go to deal with the pet.

Seaweed JIm notes that there are infestations of Fen Rot algae in the swamp. We find where the Seventh Coil had quarters – ransacked recently.

We get to the supposed lair of the aquatic pet. The building is a ‘death trap’, lack of flooring – etc. Graven pulls the doors off with his ring of Telekinesis.

William can detect an illusion inside the structure – there a appears to be a hole in the surface of the

Off to one side, a 15 ft diameter bulbous mass with one eye, two eye stalks rise up into the air, two crab like pincers.

It is some sort of aquatic beholder – fiendish – Eye of the Deep.

Eventually, we killed it…but it was tough.

We start looting the complex and finish that.

On the second ship, below decks which had a room with a shrine in it. There a grotesque, scrim shaw two headed monster – made of huge whale bones fitted like a jigsaw puzzle.

Legendary Iron Chest of Hathruman – in the Treasure Room – Slabs of Irons – 7 Gargoyle Faces – 50 – 60 angel faces – the faces of the gargoyles can be manipulated in.

As a face is manipulated – it makes different expressions – angry, scared, happy, sad – do the scrolls we found in Capt Wither quarters help us with the pattern? Graven is able to put together a solution and is able to open it.

The box is bigger inside.

  • Neatly organzied with stuff in it

The group next works on the shrine with the box. They manage to open it and it puts out a haze of mauve incense – stink of fish and seaweed.

The statue moves and seems to shiver to life – information appears in Williams head…it is a commune with Demogorgon. “Where did Vanthus and Lavinia go?” “The Newest Knight of my Order, awaits audience with his captive at my Ire, divided.”

Then there is a loud roar that litteraly shakes the walls. The statue flails around. It says “I know you. You seek to oppose me. But you are mortal. I shall be with you soon. /You/ shall know my wrath.” It roars again and then there is an explosion of fire and acid that reaches out of the room.

We take heroic measures to save William and Graven’s life.

When the statue roared, Capt Slipknot attacked Atl and Harliss and is now dead.

We crowd onto the ship with our pirate loot and set sail for the Sea Wyvern with the Avanti slaves.

Harliss goes into Scuttlecove and comes back with the Blue Nixie.

We get Harliss to show us how to use the Wakeportal. It has to be put in the keel near the figurehead. It grew to the helm and put a crystal at the helm.

Locke, as a Dawn Council rep, writes up a pardon for past crimes for Harliss.

We liquidate our loot in Scuttlecove. It takes 2-3 days. Locke and Pearl go into town to do the liquidating. After the first day, Pearl gets a note that is a Thank you note.

We are able to buy stuff if needed.

We then sail back to Far Shore (2 weeks).

Day 5 after leaving Scuttlecove, about 3 in the afternoon, there is a flash of light and an angel appears and converses with Sir Stievan.

Day 7- Totaniuh appears on deck and returns Sabre Hawk to Locke.
We ask him about “The Savage Tide” – he doesn’t know about that.
We fill him in about the 35 cities and the shadow pearl. He thinks there is more reasoning beyond that. We give him a copy of the list of 35 cities. He says, “If it should become necessary, I would not be adverse to being called.” (the target of a Gate spell). He can offer a mitigation on the cost. Every HD of evil outsider slain while he is summoned, his cost would be reduced by 1000 gp.

Totaniuh spends a few minutes with Graven, William, Seaweed Jim, Pearl and Locke to tell them how to target him with Gate.

Pearl would like his opinion on where the Avanti should go. Totaniuh will converse about it.
Pearl also asks about the “extra Speaker” of the Olman – oldest surviving Guardian – he has been a guardian so long that Mictiantecuhtli is more of him than the original person – he is both a Speaker and Guardian – he has a territory focus that is for the Guardians to train at.

Day 8 – Locke, Graven, William and Seaweed Jim teleport to Sasserine.
Graven shares information with the Church of Wee Jas including about Scuttlecove location and their wierd priesthood.

Locke meets with the Dawn Council and goes over the events (at a high level). Location of Scuttlecove. 35 cities targeted. We destroyed the Crimson Fleet as a going concern. Provisionally faction increased to 4 with the district being Far Shore. Locke had to pardon one pirate. On my way out of the council chamber, Locke encounters Lux Seoni the head of the Witchwardens. He ends up having a discussion.

William meets with the Witchwardens and gives the leader, Lux Seoni a run down.

Seaweed Jim makes contact with the Seekers contact.

  • The substances that we regained from the alchemy lab for the Shadow Pearls – hearts, flesh removed from bone and brain tissue
  • Any resources that might useful in the Abyss

Harliss will be taking her leave at some point. Graven bargains with her to leave Far Shores shipping alone year.

The Wreck 4: Crimson Sunset

Battle with Norah started. Outnumbered, she got in a few good hits before taking severe injury. The Olman pirate, Ziovayne, chose to get involved after only a few rounds. His form ripped itself apart, reforming into a serpentine lower body split into two torsos with a half dozen arms apiece and a pair of monstrous baboon-like heads.

A whirlwind of scimitar slashes and natural weapons descended on Seaweed, but healing from Graven and Atl kept him standing. Norah was finished off, and all efforts turned onto the beast. Seaweed shifted to a defensive, survival oriented stance, which cut down on his damage recieved immensely, and before long that horrific creature also lay dead.

Before the heroes could catch their breath, a flap of wings brought yet another combatant. Cold Captain Wythyr himself soared up to the top deck. He threw a wicked looking knife at seaweed on his swoop in, which struck a vital blow if not for Atl, who expended some of his own magic to negate it.

Seaweed retaliated by changing into a shambling mound, lashing out at the Crimson Fleet Captain and pulling him in close. The Cold Cpatain retaliated, smiting and rendering Seaweed flat footed for a fatal volley of mightly blows, pruning Seaweed like a shrubbery. Seaweed collapsed, releasing his hold and causing the heroes to rally in alarm. It was only through the strongest healing of both Graven and Atl that Seaweed was saved from perishing at that moment.

A mighty battle unfolded on the bloodsoaked deck again, as Pearl, Locke, Harliss and Seaweed unloaded damage upon the Cold Captain, Graven and Atl coped with the damage he was inflicting, and Stieven , out of arrows, raced forward to melee, and William used his magic to slow him down in any way he could think of, at one point wrestling with the Cold Captain via magic over his sword.

Ultimately, the Cold Captain fell once Stieven reached melee, and the heroes raised their voices in cheer. Harliss swiftly cut off his head and strode to the railing. Taunting the pirates still below, she hurled the Cold Captain’s head to the lower decks. This was the last straw for the Crimson Fleet pirates below, and they broke, many outright fleeing. The heroes now had a reprieve from the endless onslaught.

Revenge of the Wreck

The intense fighting in the Yuan-ti Layer continued. William slung Sir Stievan across the room in pursuit of Sartis and dropped him.

When one of the Yuan-ti Assassin tried to re-position itself, the Golem dropped it. When another tried to move away from Locke, he was able to drop it.

A beam shot out from the Seventh’s necklace to strike Pearl, but Pearl shrugged off the worst of the effect (death!).

Atl changed one of the assassin’s into a squirrel, though it returned to it’s own form on it’s turn.

Pearl seemed to be overcome with a fear of all things serpentine and made haste to get off this deck.

Sir Stievan moved in to face off against the Seventh. The Golem took down an assassin and then Locke took down another assassin. Locked directed the Golem to protect Graven.

The Seventh cast Blasphemy. After a viscious back and forth with the party, William laid the Seventh down. A moment later it’s head snapped up. We beat on it some more. And eventually Locke wished for it to die and a sacred spiritual weapon appeared to beat upon the body.

Locke peered over the edge (two ballista bolts shot past him). We have a minute or so until more pirates get to our level.

We elect to have Pearl evac us to the top level and while some party members prepare to repel boarders, Graven will start to raise dead on Harliss.

William casts Vortez and Blistering Radiance to hold off the pirates to give us time to raise Harliss.

Graven is able to get the Raise Dead completed on Harliss and then follows it up with a Heal. She recovers her equipment. Graven and Atl were able to dispel Pearl’s aversion to serpents.

A few moments later, two creatures appear. One is an ogre sized woman with demon traits. The other other is a Ollman looking pirate. She has armor, an oversized bastard sword and with some magical protection effects up. The Olman pirate says, “Nora, show me what you can do.” He then crosses his arms and combat ensues. Harliss says to the woman, “Bilgerut, you got real ugly.”


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