The Savage Tide

The Wreckoning

The group takes the fight to the forth level of the complex with the Yuan-ti while the Yuan-ti retreated into their skin shrouded layer and buffed up.

Pearl used her bardic magic to take down a portion of the skin shrouds. More skins hang behind them.

A swamp bird flew in with a stone and landed near Locke. He took the stone and seemed to get a message from it.

There were several snake swarms, 2 yuan-ti sorcerer, 9 yuan-ti assassins, 1 Iron Golem Statue, “Father Sartis” and the Seventh, an Huge Yuan-ti Abomination.

During the fight, Locke called out “V’sesslin is no ones tool” and took control of the Iron Golem and directed it to kill Father Sartis.

The swarms were taken out by several area affect spells by Seaweed Jim and Atl. Seaweed Jim killed one sorcerer’s and William killed the other.

Five Yuan-Ti Assassins, Sartis and the Seventh remain.

[End of Session 2/22/14]

Getting Wrecked

Seaweed Jim finally got the door open through brute force. It’s an empty chamber with a bed. Possibly where Lavinia was kept??

The Crimson Captain’s came flying up and engaged us. They each used varying tactics and the two ape demons that escaped earlier teleported into the fray.

Sir Stievan took down one of the two Captain’s that engaged him after a vicious exchange of blows. (Captain Gashgape – wielding a polearm and was raging.)

Harliss and Captain Casketbreath exchanged a similar vicious exchange of blows that left both dying.

Captain Two Stubs and Captain Rumbelly are remaining. Pearl used her Bard’s Escape to reposition most of the party advantageously.

Graven was able to stave off Sir Stievan’s death. Captain Rumbelly’s bombs dropped Atl and Pearl. Pearl’s shadow bard healed some of the party. Pearl regained consciousness and Atl did not.

An invisible, magus based Captain, took down Locke. Some desperate healing kept him from death’s door and then he teleported near Seaweed Jim and glitter dusted the Captain.

Captain Two Stubs dominated Atl then Pearl filled Captain Two Stubs with arrows and killed him. Sir Stievan killed Captain Rumbelly and then William dispelled the dominate on Atl.

And then, there was just Captain Magus McGlitterPants…for now at least. Seaweed Jim started a hurricaine to help keep the regular pirates from making it all the way up.

Sir Stievan moved to engage the last Captain here. A concerted effort brought him down, but not before Locke was dropped again. With some party healing, he was saved from death yet again. Jim’s Hurricane Wind Spell was dispelled.

William went to look over the edge and Yuan-Ti Assassin Archer’s tried to make a pin cushion out of him and “Father Sardius” fired a Disintegrate past him.

William rained down electricity upon them. Father Sardius reflected part of the damage back up at William. Two of the Yuan-Ti Assassin’s took some the electrical damage and the other’s evaded.

[End of Session 2/15/14]

To The Wreck

Before teleporting from the Sea Wyvern, we put up long duration magical buffs. We teleport to the hang man’s tree and we are not ambushed. Locke and Atl notice a large body hidden below one of the logs – reptilian in nature.

Locke calls out, “Greetings and all the hail the master.” It doesn’t respond. Seaweed Jim and William move out into the swampy water. When Jim get’s about 10 feet from it, it rears up. It seems to be a flesh golem of some sort. Atl says “I am the master” and the golem closes with him with martial intent, and Atl gets out “All hail the master”. The golem then heads out in a direction through the swamp – straight line. We follow it. It takes a several hours (3 hours). With Seaweed Jim’s assistance, we avoid overland hazards. Each of us deals with wondering attention on the trip.

We arrive at the Crimson Fleet stronghold, “The Wreck”. Sodden mass of boats and piers over a salt marsh. Boats are tied together. Bone effigies are everywhere. There are gibbets at different places with thin people in it. A 2 story stone tower is at the center of the area, but the single most obvious feature is the structure of ship parts that tower 100 feet into the sky.

Our goals:

  • Find Lavinia and rescue her
  • Find Vanthus and murderize him
  • Find all of Pearl’s people and rescue them
  • Kill all the Captain’s of the Crimson Fleet that are here
  • Kill all the Yuan-Ti except for V’sesslin
  • Find more information about the black pearls disposition

General plan is to check out the stone tower, then the ship structure.

Pearl and Atl will slide into the water and to the nearest gibbet to question a prisoner. The gibbet is hanging from a post sunk into the swamp and hanging over the single masted ship. The ship has been there a long time. The person in the cage is Aventi. He emaciated. Pearl says, “Keep quiet. I am here to rescue the prince. What can you tell me?” His eyes don’t look right. He opens his mouth to wail or shriek. Pearl quickly covers his mouth to prevent him from yelling out. Atl heals him. The emaciated condition clears and so do his eyes. “He is the pet of the Captain” He’l point off to the right at the ship web. Atl gives him a field ration. Then Pearl and Atl return.

While we are discussing, we see a patrol of Crimson Fleet pass by on the docks. Some of them are pale, have collars, and scars suggesting they are subordinate – though they are armed, but not armored. They head along the docks and towards the stone tower.

William realizes the building to our left is unhallowed and also tied to an invisibility purge. We decide that will be our first target. We apply silence oil to Stievan’s weapon and he hacks his way into the back room in 2 minutes. Sir Stievan, Seaweed Jim and Locke step into the room.

We enter through a ruined tapestry. Also along the southern wall is a wooden alter. We are not immediately attacked and William and Harliss enter the room next.

We hear growling from above and 5 Bar-Lur Ape Demons spring upon us. Some of us surprised and some are not. One of them landed on Harliss and she stabbed it as it came in, but it was able to latch onto her and they both teleported away. A fight ensues. We finish the fight. Locke steps outside the dimensional anchor area and uses limited wish to return Harliss back to us. She is was briefly in the hold of a ship. In the distance we can hear an alarm and a loud growl.

Harliss ran into one of the other captains in her brief exodus and it seems the captain was part demon. While healing is being done, Seaweed Jim destroys the altar.

William opens one of the doors. Pearl investigates and it seems to be living quarters. Had a table with black candles on it. Two of them are magical. Locke searches the Bar Lur for magic items. We then check the shrine entrance area. Has tapestries of Demogorgon on the walls. We head back out the back entrance we created.

We try to stealthily head over to where the pier and the shore meet to the east of us. We see a large group of Crimson Fleet pirates and Aventi and one that has wings (about 20 in all) in a flurry of activity out by the stone tower and then they start heading our way along the pier. Pearl disguises us as pirates.

Our plan is to wait for the group to pass us and then for us to head for the ship structure. We sneak around a building to the pier next to the ship structure.

What we can see – on the first deck, there is a group of pirates and Aventi and at the other end of the deck is an Abysal Retrieval. On the next ship up is a winged figure and a ballista.

The plan is, as disguised pirates, approach the ship structure, then have Pearl call out to Harliss, “Captain, the harpies have betrayed us.” Then Pearl would uses Bard’s escape to port all of us to to the top structure and we attempt to take out the Harpies and whatever else is up there. Then work our way down. (it seems this may make the fight a iron man fight with waves instead of a gauntlet).

The start of plans seems to work – we port to the top and a fight ensues.

The three Harpies had no chance to react and were quickly taken down. We keep a combat footing and start examining the Overlook structure. Seaweed Jim heads for it while William sends a sonic lance against the Abyssal Retriever down below. We start to regroup on the deck. Seaweed Jim notices 4 winged figures from the ballista deck rise up from that deck.

The Retriever made it to the top deck and Sir Stievan engaged it. Pearl used Bard’s Escape to regroup the rest of us over by Seaweed Jim at the Overlook.

William took out the Abyssal Retriever before it got up on the deck and it fell into the salt marsh.

Seaweed Jim caught 3 of the flying Captain’s with a sonic fireball. Seems they have Evasion of some sort as they didn’t take damage after making good saves.

[End of Session 2/8/14]

Spartacus? Redux

The fight in the arena continued.

With 2 big arm, 1 regular dire monk, and the caster left, someone threw a fireball from the stands. William was able to counter spell it and then mayhem ensued.

The party evacuates pulling the bodies of some of the fallen dire hunger monks with them back to the Sea Wyvern. We find the crew in a fight against the one dire monk that stole a ‘Word of Recall’ from Graven to port back to the Sea Wyvern. We defeat him and then move the Sea Wyvern.

We retrieve Tara from Kedward Bones. She is happy to see Graven.

See Unassigned Loot List

  • Party Split is 8625 gp.

We leveled to 16 when we rest. The next day we sneak into Scuttlecove under Veil (cast by Locke) and sell and buy loot. We also get back our bets (-5% transaction fee).

The town is in a bit of an uproar yesterday. There are rumors surrounding who was to blame.

Seaweed Jim and Pearl go to visit the Seeker’s hidden lair – The Paper Lantern House.

His contact provides him some assistance – an invention of some sort – a case and some seaweed.

  • Case – 8 doses of “snake bite” – it delays the affects of poison – makes your flesh toxic to snake men – 1 hour duration.
  • Seaweed – Insidious Seaweed – It will explode into an entangle – 1/day – also source for kelp strands – 3 minutes – DC 11

We return to the Sea Wyvern.

That night Locke had a dream visitation with V’sesslin. He will provide a guide to the Wreck and the pass phrase with the guide is ’All hail the master."


The day before the arena fight, we sold our loot, bought some equipment and picked up the bodies from Parts is Parts.

We returned to the Sea Wyvern to get ready for the Arena fight the next day.

Betting Pools:

  • Group A has all members standing (8)
    • Locke bets 1000 gp
  • Group A has more than half standing (5,6,7)
    • Pearl bet 10,000 gp
    • Atl bets 5,000 gp
  • Group A has less than half standing (2,3,4)
  • Group A has one person last standing (1)


  • 40 ft height limitation
  • We elected to start 30 ft away (close range)
  • 3 rounds to buff

Kedward is handling the admissions.
He ensured we didn’t have any buffs before the fight.

In the stands, Tara will be. Kedward will guarantee her safe extraction (1000 gp that Graven paid).

Also in the stands are Yuan-ti, Harpies and Crimson Fleet members. In the a posh box, Tyrlandi is settled in.


  • 5 x Dire Hunger Monks
  • 1 x Right Arm Oversized Dire Monk
  • 1 x Left Arm Oversized Dire Monk
  • 1 x Robed/Caster Dire Monk
The Hunger Games

As we finishing shoveling loot and bodies into our portable holes…

The Hunger

  • 5 x Dire Hunger Monks – odd physical deformities
  • ?? x Dire Hunger Monks (drop down behind us and Atl, Jim, and Stievan)
  • They are stealing buffs, slots and even ongoing spell effects.
  • Pearl dropped one with her bow
  • Harliss dropped another with her precision damage.
  • We killed the other two and moved on to the leader.
  • As Locke approached the leader, the leader said, “This is not finished.” And vanished.

The Hunger Games Loot and from the Ape Demon Encounter

  • We gathered loot
  • 6 Apes
  • 4 Yuan Ti
  • 1 Harpy
  • 4 Hunger Monks

Onwards to the Protectorate Safe House

  • We liquidate a +2 Ring of Protection (noted in previous entry) to have Veil cast on us to cover our tracks before we head for the Protectorate Safe House.
  • It’s near the West Gate in the tavern “The Rusty Shunt”
  • It’s a rusty two story building. Kind of orderly in appearance though.
  • We rent a back room. Through a secret panel and we proceed down and to a meeting room and meet members of the Protectorate.
  • One of the main leader types – his name is Amon
  • In the crowd is the Jade Raven “Tolan”. He has news that Brissa and Tara got away.
    • Brissa is currently out and about right now.
  • Vanthus is not based in the town itself. The Crimson Fleet has a staging area somewhere else on the island. Vanthus seized control of the Crimson Fleet on his return. Cold Captain Wither stepped down.
  • Any advice about Mr. Kedward Bone: Ruthless Bastard. Deals more with Devil’s than Demons.
  • Power’s within the town:
    • Monastery on the decline – 6 years back the Holy Trinity has not been seen -
    • Crimson Fleet on the upswing and have in fact passed the Monastery in influence
    • Seventh Coil – Used to have a bigger presence here – used to own Prophyry House -
      • Seventh Coil and Crimson Fleet have formed an alliance and in fact the Seventh Coil seems to almost be subsumed into
    • Dire Hunger – next on power level
    • Dealers Consortium – led by Kenward Bones – arcane caster of some sort – has Imp familiar
    • Prophyry House -
    • Protectorate -

Meeting with Kedward Bone

  • We make our way across town to stone structure – 3 stories above ground.
  • We leave our weapons at the door (with some of our party)
  • We spot several guards – glassy and blood shot eyes (possibly drug induced). We are lead to a room with a large dais and a ‘throne’. A skinny, gaunt fellow perched on it.
  • We convey that we are looking to meet like minded people for a business arrangement. Finding our lost companions, killing the new leader of the Crimson Fleet.
  • We negotiate for information.
    • (#1) Missing Companion
      • In a manner of speaking, she is in his employ – show casing at the Arena
      • We’ll fight in the arena in a team fight tomorrow
    • (#2) Crimson Fleet staging location
      • Doesn’t know much. Harliss knows some of intel on the captains.
      • Crimson Fleet has spent of alot of money on the defenses of their staging location.
      • Has overlaying of enchantments that put it under a massive screen and a misdirection affect. In addition, it has private sanctum qualities (no scrying).
    • (#3) What would do the most damage to the Seventh Coil, Monastery, Prophyry House?
      • Monetary exchange – Seventh Coil
      • Kill the leader of the Seventh Coil – in the Crimson Fleet Base – The Seventh
      • Where does Vessess’lin fall into the category? A leader.
      • Kill the Pirate Captains
    • For the Monastery
      • Any of the senior Monks
    • For the Prophyry House
      • Kill Tyrlandi – He’d pay us to kill her
    • (#4) (Pearl) The location/disposition of the Aventi Prisoner
      • Most likely at their strong hold

Returning to the Rusty Shunt

  • We picked up Brissa and Tolan and then we left town and teleported back to the Wyvern.
  • Seaweed Jim used True Sight to verify the crew is who they said they were.
  • We evaluated the loot we took and beheaded the bodies.
  • Graven said a prayers over the bodies as we gave them a burial in the marsh/cove.
  • See this page for loot split: Unassigned Loot List

That night

  • Locke had a dream conversation with V’Sesslin -
  • The next morning, Locke pulls the core group together and conveys some information.
    • Inside man
    • Name of the Crimson Fleet base is the Wreck

Today’s Goals

  1. Sell Loot
  2. Buy Stuff
  3. Pick up bodies from Parts is Parts


Beyond the Seventh Coil's Safe House

Aftermath of the Safe House

  • We take the heads of all of the fallen except for 2 whose last sight was Harliss
  • Main Floor
    • Other room – pantry and rear door
  • Basement
    • Main Room – Use for counterfeiting – made operational again -
    • Two doors (North, East) out of this one and a secret door (East)
    • Secret Door – Squarish room with one roundish wall
      • Statue of Demogorgon – Seaweed Jim uses Stoneshape to deface it
      • To the right of the statue is a Secret Door
        • Narrow tunnel – We’l check this out later
    • Door on Eastern Side
      • Short hall that jinks to the left then opens up into a trio of cells – closed and locked – north one has a body in it
      • He is alive – it is Zan from the Jade Raven’s. We cure some of his diseases.
        • Zan was taken during the raid on Red Foam Waleing
        • We outfit him with 2 +1 keen daggers, +2 ring of protection, mw chain shirt, mw light crossbow
    • Door on the Northern Side
      • Smelting Furnace
  • Second Floor
    • One big room – crates – piles of hay – human barracks
  • Third Floor
    • YuanTi living area and session planning area
  • Locke then ports Zan back to the

Looting of the Seventh’s Coil Safe House – assigned and sold

  • Pirate Thugs
    • 24 x potions (thugs)
      • 4 x fire breath (4 assigned to Harliss)
      • 4 x haste (3 assigned to Stievan, 1 assigned to Harliss)
      • 8 x cure serious wounds (Assigned to each party member and Harliss)
      • 8 x invisiblity (Assigned to each party member and Harliss)
    • 8 x mw chain shirts (250 / 2= 125 × 8 =) 1000 gp
    • 8 x mw scimitars ((300+15) / 2 * 8 = 1260 gp
    • 8 x mw light cross bows (300 + 35) / 2 * 8 = 1340 gp
    • 8 x mw bucklers (150 + 15)/2 * 8 = 660 gp
    • Assorted Jewelry (thugs from Safe House) 500 gp * 8 = 4000 gp
  • Yuant Ti
    • 10 x scrolls (Assigned to William)
      • 1 x rapid repair
      • 1 x fire snake
      • 1 x cone of cold
      • 1 x dominate person
      • 1 x prying eyes
      • 1 x lesser planar binding
      • 1 x summon monster v
      • 1 x geyser
      • 1 x wall of stone
      • 1 x magnificient mansion
    • 5 x magic daggers – +1 shock daggers (all assigned to Graven)
    • 4 x magic headbands – +4 charisma (sell worth – 32000 gp)
    • 5 x magic rings +3 ring of protection (Assigned to Pearl, Harliss)
  • Building
    • Pile of real coins (240 gp) – 240 gp
    • Pile of counterfeit coins (690 gp counterfeit) real value of 518 gp

Unassigned Loot (including from previous sessions)

  • 3 x +2 Ring of Protection (8000 gp) (8000 /2 * 3) = 12000 gp – Bargained them to Kedward Bone
  • 1 x +2 Ring of Protection (from Harliss) (8000 / 2) = 4000 gp – Later used by Harliss to acquire a Veil cast on us to cover the casting

Unassigned Loot not sold

Loot Split

  • Total with Harliss: 45018 / 8 = 5628 gp
  • Total w/o Harliss: 12000 / 7 = 1715 gp
  • Grand Total for Party = 7343 gp

Narrow Tunnel

  • Marching Order – Locke, Jim, Pearl, Graven, Atl, William, Stievan
  • Ends at a blank wall with a panel to open a secret door
  • Basement full of detritus – stairs up to ruined ground floor
  • The building we exit into was burned down
  • We spend a bit of time identifying the gear
  • Harliss is looking to find another Seventh Coil safe house (Pearl and Locke goes with her)
  • Some of the group (Atl and William) stay behind while the rest goes to sell the loot
  • After Harliss completes her information gathering – learned of a Protectorate Safe House and Seventh Coil Safe House

Heading to a Protectorate Safe House

  • On our way, a “citizen” approaches us…he has noted that we having been selling stuff related to events in town. He would like a cut of our sales, showing us some wares. Graven seems suspicious and it seems he’s a bit nervous. Seems a fight is a brewing.
    • 8 x Eight Ape Demons (2 are being addressed off screen by Atl)
    • 4 x Yuan-ti Snake Men with bows – roof tops and starting invisible
    • 1 x Bard Harpy joins the fight and Song of Horror’d the party
  • Stievan killed one of the ape demons
  • Locke dis-integrated the harpy, but it lived through the damage.
  • William killed one of the apes with Sound Lance.
  • Seaweed Jim killed the Harpy with
  • Some of the Yuan-ti archer’s used Arrows of Slaying
  • Pearl killed one of the Yuan-ti archers.
  • Pearl killed an Ape Demon
    • 3 x Yuan Ti
    • 2 x Ape’s left at this point
  • Locke disintergrates a Yuan-ti
  • Stievan killed an Ape Demon
  • Pearl killed an Ape Dmeon with her bow
  • 2 of the Yuan Ti archers fled

Loot from the fight in the street

  • TK used to recover Yuan-Ti from the roof tops

As we finish looting…the next fight starts…

La cage aux folles (Harpies Galore)

Recap of what’s left:

  • Liamae – Baby Sloth
  • 1 Live Harpy
  • 1 Vampire Harpy
  • “Baby” – Looks like a child – sharpened teeth

The Battle of the Birdcage continues

  • Pearl removed some more magical affects in Liamae
  • The Harpy’s created two more Spectre Spawn
  • Stievan killed on Spectire
  • Seaweed Jim killed the other Spectre
  • Vampire Harpy made a Spectre
  • Stievan “killed” the Vampire Harpy
  • Seaweed Jim fried the corpses of the pirates.
  • “Baby” had gone invisible and then attacked Graven (who had a lantern of revealing), grappled and bit him.
  • Atl dispels the confusion on Locke (who had been attacking himself for a few rounds)
  • The remaining harpy did a Song of Horror and it reduced the combat effectiveness of several of us.
  • Liamae is under the affects of Major Geas and has a necromatic aura
  • “Baby” – Rare Undead Creature – Slay Mate – Animated Necromatic Foci – Disease Carrier – Giant in a child’s body for Strength
  • Locke used magic to kill the last Harpy -leaving just “Baby” which was attacking Graven
  • Pearl used magic to Hold Liamae
  • William broke the Major Geas on Liamae
  • Graven used some healing magic on Harliss up above in the cage.
  • Atl restores the negative levels on Seaweed Jim then on Graven and Pearl.
  • We woke Harliss up after Pearl provided clothing.
    • She’s seen a dozen harpy’s over
    • We return her loot to her

Searching the rest of the Birdcage

  • Top floor has the Birdcage itself – Torture area
  • Second Floor -
    • Door on the right – Waiting Palor/Lounge (Wine Set)
      • 2 x Bedchambers worthy of nobility off of here
    • Three doors on western side – classic torture chambers
  • First Floor -
    • Another lounge (Wine Set)
      • 2 x classic torture chambers
    • Bunk Beds
      • Second Bunk Bed room – one table has a pile of papers – we take them all
      • Locked Chest – put it in a portable hole
    • The Foyer has a worker that Graven broke the charm on it.
      • We take the ledger
  • We take the bodies to remove the heads
  • We return via Teleport magic to the Sea Wyvern

Loot from the fight

  • 3 x Daggers of Venom (8302 gp / 2) = 4151 × 3 = 12453 gp
  • 3 x +3 Ring of Protection (18000 gp) (Assigned to Stievan, Seaweed Jim, and Atl)
  • 3 x Jewelry (900 gp + 500 gp + 800 gp) = 2300 gp
  • Wine Set – 2 × 20 gp = (40 gp / 1) = 40 gp
  • Wine Set – 2 × 20 gp = (40gp / 1) = 40 gp
  • Locked Chest – (first floor room) – (10 × 20 gp) = (200gp / 1) = 200 gp
  • Bottle of Wine and 4 x Glasses (Foyer) – 4 × 20 gp – 1 × 50 gp = (130 gp / 1 ) = 130 gp
  • 15163 / 7 = 2167 gp split to party

Unassigned Loot

  • 3 x +2 Ring of Protection (8000 gp)

Information sources

  • Pile of Papers – Written agreements with Scuttlecove residents -
    • Seventh Coil – Had a past due bill – for feisty and foul mouthed wench
  • Ledger (Foyer) – Appointment List
  • Liamae -
    • Went to the Birdcage to get information about Vanthus
    • Jade Ravens had made contact with the Protectorate
    • Unhappy about the news about Kaskus
  • Harliss -
    • Sent William the dream because she wants destroy the Crimson Fleet
    • Wants to go back to town
    • Knows about a Seventh Coil safe house we can hit

Recovery of a piece of Kaskus

  • Seaweed Jim – became a small bird and recovered a piece of Kaskus

The Next Day Agenda

  • Raise Kaskus
  • Sell loot
  • Appointment with Kenward Bones
  • Attack Safe House of the Seventh Coil

Raise Kaskus

  • Graven regenerated Kaskus body and attempted to raise him and it failed

Sell Loot

  • Loot sold and diamonds procured (at normal price!)

Seventh Coil Safe House

  • “Minting House” – Run down 3 story red brick building
  • Attack Plan
    • Disquise ourselves, buff, go in through wall
    • After breaking in, a door opens and 5 unsavory characters come in.
    • Graven flame struck took out 2 of the unsavories
    • A different door opens and 3 more unsavories come in
    • Stievan then Harliss make many of the unsavories frightened.
    • Two Yuan-Ti’s joined the fight casting Enervations
    • Three Yuant-Ti joined the fight casting Envervations
    • Locked used his Den of Vipers power.
    • We defeated the mobs
In the hive of scum and villainy...

We slept over night on the The Sea Wyvern. (Leveling to 15th)

The next morning we returned to Scuttlecove.

Goal of second day:

  • Sell loot
  • Gather Info
    • Missing Nixie Crew
    • Harliss
    • Zimon Alenveer
    • Tyrlandi
    • Any other factions
      • Seventh Coil
      • Crimson Fleet
      • Prophyry House
      • Dealer’s Consortium
      • Monastery of Dire Hunger
  • Seaweed Jim → Seekers Safehouse
  • After dark – Prophyry House
  • The Palace


We sold our loot and purchased some new items. We are seeing a 50% mark up on items sold to us. As a group we then check out the Slave marts for any Nixie Crew. Most likely any remaining crew were taken away by the Seventh Coil. It’s known that 2 of the crewman did not survive the actual taking of the crew. Rhemus Caldakar (enterprising Necromancer gnome) has some sort of connection to the Slaver Consortium that purchased their remains. His store is called ‘Parts is Parts’.

Parts is Parts – Body chop shop

We head to the north east part of town to find ‘Parts is Parts’. The door man is a wight. Graven and Pearl pay for a viewing of the resources and are escorted inside. Locke converses with the gnome necromancer on Seventh Coil.

  • All Yuan-Ti are Seventh Coil.
  • The Seventh Coil are tight with the Crimson Fleet.
  • Who most counter balances the Seventh Coil and Crimson Fleet? Prophyry House, Dealer’s Consortium, and Monastery of Dire Hunger.
  • There was an altercation less than a week ago for the Protectorate down on the docks. The Protectorate most often buts head with the Seventh Coil.
  • He suggests aligning with an opposing faction. Mr. Bone is his suggestion – runs the Dealer’s Consortium.

Pearl and Graven find three heads that were probably on the Nixie for crew. They arrange to get the bodies and to pick them up tomorrow.

We pay for him to sponsor an introduction to Mr. Bone.

Gathering More Information

  • Group (Graven, Seaweed Jim, Locke)
    • Survivor’s of the Nixie (Kaskus, Liamae, Tolin, Zan, Tara, Brissa)
      • Crimson Fleet hit the Nixie – some where killed and some were taken
      • 3 Prisoner’s unaccounted for – probably sold as a slave
      • News on Kaskus – Dwarven Druid – someone fitting that description – saw someone matching his description being hung up – Plaza of Hanging Ruin
    • Plaza of Hanging Ruin – The group quickly heads there
      • Metal and Wood Beams in Concentric Squares – Festooned with Spike Chains and Manacles
      • The Monks of Dire Hunger are patrolling – they are twisted and deformed. Uniformly, they have their teeth filed to points. Groups of five.
      • After an hour of looking, we find Kaskus’s body. He’s dead. Head, chest and arm remain.
    • Dealer’s Consortium
      • Nominally run by Kedward Bone – Rumor that he is one of the Cities original inhabitants
        • Lives in a stone tower in NE corner of town -
        • Arcane Practitioner that Melees – Carry’s a Scythe
        • Fixer/Dealer – makes a lot of deals – Ruthless Business Man
        • If we can get his backing, a perk may be that we’ll have normal costs for our purchases
      • Bumping heads slightly with the Monks – looking to discourage them from patrolling his turf
      • Merchant Conglomerate – Cities Drug Trade
    • Zimon Alenveer
    • Looking for Seeker’s Symbols
      • One of the buildings on north and west of the Plaza – Red building
  • Group (Pearl, Atl)
    • Tyrlandi
      • The Madam of Prophyry House – Beautiful, raven-winged woman
    • Protectorate
      • Underground movement – supposedly have members scattered among the other districts – posing as other factions
      • Recently, the Protectorate suffered a major loss when a safe house was raided by the Seventh Coil.
    • Prophyry House
      • Organization – Head of Prostitution Trade in Scuttlecove – others have gone out of business quickly – only a few years old – there was an altercation/shakeup and the previous holders died in a violent manner and Tyrlandi took over. The original owners were the Seventh Coil.
    • Region
      • Happy Ogre Tavern – Most popular water hole
      • Scuttlecove Arena – Event in 3 days
  • Group (Stievan, William)
    • The Palace
      • Been sealed by the Monastery – there are guards
      • Visceral unsettling feelings near it. The Citizens living near it call it Cursed.
      • William theorizes that the grounds have some active magic effect. He could not identify it.
      • He believes that the Palace functions as a Vile Inherent Site.

Regrouping at the Western Edge of Town

  • We group up to share information. It’s getting towards nightfall.
  • We want to gather information on Zimon Alenveer before going to Prophyry House.
    • He was a lower tier Slaver that worked the docks area. He is no longer performing his duties. He was executed by the Monks at the request of the Crimson Fleet less than a week ago.
    • Zimon was a member of the Protectorate and was in charge of the Red Foaming Whale House.
  • At Prophyry House, there is a line. We are in line for about an hour.
    • It is decadent and luxurious inside. The staff is chosen for their appearance. We seek out management.
    • We meet with a security type and ask to meet with Tyrlandi. As a token, Graven provides his bracelet of second chances. They provide refreshments while we wait. After 20 minutes, we are lead to Tyrlandi.
    • It is an opulent room. Tyrlandi is gorgeous. Has maybe a square foot of silk on her in total.
      • She is a Nymph, half fiend – black six fingered hand holy symbol – Graz’zt – High Ranking Demon Lord.
      • We present the note and have discussions. Graven gives her a lock of his hair to join her dominos game. Effectively knock down a faction.
        • Harliss can be found at the Bird Cage – a place that tortures information out of people. One of our missing companions from the Nixie is there as well.
      • She also gave us some ‘trash’ to throw out – 3 x oils of silence.

Back on the town

  • It’s still early evening and we seek information about the Birdcage.
  • Birdcage
    • Grey tower with bas-relief carvings – harpies with whips and daggers – crooked spire.
    • Run by a group named the Sisters of Lamentation – coven of harpies. Was originally a specialty bordello. Have spread out into information retrieval.
    • Harpy Information – Monstrous Humanoid – Have a captivating song. Countersong would work on it.
  • We decide to breach the Birdcage. We gather just outside, buff up and then enter.
    • There are three floors. There are 8 human pirates on the first floor (non-harpy) and one harpy near the birdcage at the top.
    • The 8 pirates swarmed into our party after we breached.
      • One of the harpies killed a pirate and the another harpy raised him as a spectre.
    • 3 x Harpies in the fight.
      • When one of them dies, another Harpy raised it as a Vampire.
      • Locked killed a living Harpy with Disintergrate
    • Liamae, Jade Raven, comes out and cones of cold’s part of the party.
      • Seaweed Jim strips some of her magic
      • Atl turns her into a baby Sloth
    • 3 x Wights (from 8 pirates)
    • “Baby” – Joined the fight from cage at the very top of the room – Distended mass of flesh – Yelled at Locke and made him Confused.
    • The Cage is a torture area.
The search for Scuttlecove

During the aftermath of Lavinia’s abduction, we spent some time preparing for our search and rescue.

Graven returned from Sasserine with a priest of Wee Jas named <insert>.

Atl was arrested for publicly killing what appeared to be a Farshore native, but turned out to be the Crimson Fleet “tricorned hat” pirate.

Pearl spent more time with several Olman tribes.

Locke hired some mercs to protect Farshore and ensured the Vanderboren business interests were looked after.

Sir Stievan returned to Farshore with a Priest of Pelor.

Seaweed Jim spent the second week tracking down the survivors of Barbas.

William worked on repairing the ships.

The Dawn Council provided a copy of the Crimson Fleet log book that was the same one used by the Jade Raven’s to head for Scuttlecove.

Graven funded the following improvements to the Sea Wyvern:

  • Compartmentalization
  • Hull Fortification
  • Olman Samatir Wood

We set sail for Scuttlecove – expected to take 2 weeks.

Ship’s Crew

Graven maintains contact with Tara and after the first week, he can longer reach her. They might have possibly entered the no-scry zone. We had gained water on the Jade Raven’s due to our better sailing skills.

We make landfall in a cove across the bay from Scuttlecove and Seaweed Jim turned into an Orca and swam us across to enter from the landside.

Scuttlecove’s population is larger than Sasserine.

William had brought word to the party of a faction of Scuttlecove named the Protectorate, some sort of underground movement.

We disguise ourselves to walk in. As we enter, William says we should go to “Red Foam Whailing” based on a dream from Harliss Javal (Crimson Fleet capt that we dealt with in Krakens Cove).

We split up to gather information and will returns to the Western gates in 4 hours.

Group one: Atl, Locke, Pearl and Jim
Group two: Graven, William, and Stievan

The bluish-purple marble is called porphyry. Prostitution house is run by Porphyry House.

Group two: Red Foam Whailing is a derelict looking building on the docks at the western end.

Group two – Rumours/Information Gathering:

  • Numerous deformed fish have been washing up on shore – called “sack fish”
  • City on verge of civil war
  • Several years ago there was some kind of explosion, that took place in the castle (“The Palace”). It is now abandoned and shunned by the populous. For several months following the incident, there were people that snuck inside, looting, etc, and those nights were filled with cries of pain abruptly cut off. Following that, people shunned the place. Also, since then the “Holy Trinity” have not been seen and not been active. The Monastery has lost some of it’s power.
  • Along the docks, noting different ships, looking for the Blue Nixie. It is docked up.
    • Looks like a crew of riff raff slowing going through supplies and offloading them.
  • The “Red Foam Whailing” seems to be a company to cut up whale’s and it appears to not be in use.
    • It is believed to be haunted and generally avoided.

Group one goes to the Porphyry House to gather information, but they are closed during daylight hours. The gather information on the street.

  • “Red Foam Whaling” is on the water front.
  • They check into Aventi and the Seventh Coil.
    • Nominal slave dealers in town – they give their tacit approval or sponsorship to other dealers or else. They do not have a known central location. There is a boardwalk where the slaves are marketed and sold from.
    • Yuan-Ti Enforcerer named the “Leach” – probably an abomination Yuan-Ti.
    • Aventi are considered to be a resource used by the Crimson Fleet. They are not usually brought in by the slave traders, but rather are grown by the Crimson Fleet.
  • Looking for slaves that may look like the females that were with the Jade Raven.

The information gathering is interrupted by a Gorilla Demon (4 of them) press gang. We avoid them. As we dart down an ally, we catch a glimpse of a fluttering predator shape on the roof.

The party gets back together at the Western Gate and share their information. From here we’ll case the board walk looking for any familiar faces (Jade Raven’s and crew). We can buy a number of things on this boardwalk.

We find Amella (Capt of the Nixie) in the slave stocks in one of the slave markets. We negotiate for her sale and buy her for 200 (down from 300) gp. We finish walking the board walk and do not spot any others Jade Raven or crew.

We return to the Western Gate, travel a half mile outside town. We find a hangman’s tree to use as the landmark for Teleports.

Once outside the town, we gather information from Amella. On the third day of gathering information, the ship was accosted by Crimson Fleet while the Jade Raven’s (and Brissa and Tara) were out. Some of the crew were killed, Amella and three other crew members were captured.

We test out some of the magical influences. We believe divine divination and perhaps other divine schools may be blocked. Healing is not blocked.

Locke teleports Amella back and puts her in the care of Clarissa and then ports back to the group. When he gets back, William attempts to use arcane scry and it fails. We re-enter town and keep as one group to gather some more information. When it is dark enough, we’ll investigate the Red Foam Whaling area.

  • Sir Stievan and the group spend about a half hour getting a “sack fish”, two headed. After poking at it, it explodes. It covers three of the party members in a yellow mold variant. It is a fiendish. Usually found on the 88th plane of the Abyss, Gaping Maw. It requires fire to get rid of and daylight makes it inert. Demogorgon is in charge of 3 layers of the Abyss (including Gaping Maw).

We then head for Red Foam Whaling to the entrance before we try to heal the damage done to William. We approach and Locke opens the front doors. The door was wedged. The room is empty except for a rotting desk and a few chairs. We enter and heal William of his damage. There are three doors and Locked searches each of these from traps (non detected).

Through the western door, there is a hallway and a door to the north. We enter the door to the north and it’s full of crates and boxes that do not have a the same dilapidated state as the building. We leave the crates for now.

Down the hallway it turns west and there are three doors. The first door has some hammocks strewn in it in pairs. Six in total. The next door to the north has 6 hammocks in it too. The door to the south goes outside to the two ‘whale slips’. There are massive hooks hanging from beams.

In the dock area, has a female form crumpled in swashbuckler garb near the center area. As Locke moves out, Sting lets him know there is the heavy scent of serpents. Locke gets to the body and it is Harliss Javell, who is bloody and unconscious. The rest of the party is spreading out along the way. Graven remotely casts healing upon Harliss. The wounds mostly heal and she coughs.

Locke starts to help her up and she springs into his arms with a kiss and bestows negative level upon him initiating a fight. She was turned in to a snail by Atl and she teleported away…probably a demon of some sort as it had electrical resistance.

Two sniper, assassin like Yuan-Ti’s joined the fray. We took them down and then one more assassin joined in. Then a large abomination Yuant-ti appeared and took Graven down. Jim grappled the abomination. Atl removed the affects of negative levels from Locke.

The fighting intensified to try to take the abomination down. William is able to drop it with overwhelming damage. The last assassin fled.

We gather the bodies up and loot them. Atl is raising the dead Graven. We’ll identify the items later.

We explore the rest of the complex:

  • The crate room had lanterns, weird costumes, bull horns and other supplies. They can be used to implement the ‘haunting rumors’.
  • The docks have been recently repaired.
  • Eastern side room – round room with 4 chairs.
  • Other eastern side room – there are wall hangings and curtains – flayed skin or reptile hide.
    • SW corner – horrific art using parts of animals and people stitched together in a Demogorgon form.
      • Had jewelry sewn inside
      • 2 x gold braclets
      • 1 x large jet stone
    • NE Corner – nest of icky stuff – found magic stuff
      • Stained burlap sack with magic gear in it.
    • Along the walls – carefully placed skrimshaw art – 10 of them on pedestals.
  • Was used as a safe house of one faction
  • Gather info in town later may help figure more out on this

We teleport directly back to the Sea Wyvern.


  • Tri-cornered Pirate List
    • Amulet of Non-Detection (Assigned to Manthalay)
    • +2 Composite Shortbow (8.3k)
    • 1 x Cure Serious Wounds (Assigned to Locke)
    • Wand of Cats Grace (41 charges) (Assigned to Party – On Locke’s sheet)
    • +2 Studded Leather (4150)
    • Ring of Protection +1 (2k)
    • 4 x +1 anarchic arrows
  • Yuan-Ti
    • 2 x +1 keen daggers (Both assigned to Graven)
    • 2 x 2 Mighty (4) Composite Longbows (8950)
    • 1 x Bead of Force (3k)
    • 2 x +1 Mithril Shirts (1.1k)
    • 2 x Cloak of Resistance +3 (Assigned to William and Atl)
    • 1 x Cloak of Resistance +2 (from Atl) (Assigned to Locke)
    • 1 x Cloak of Resistance +1 (from Locke) (1k)
  • The “Leach”
    • +3 Breastplate (9150)
    • 3 Might (8) Longbow (19500)
    • MW Scimitar (305)
    • Greater Bracers of Archery (25k)
    • Ring of Protection +2 (Assigned to Pearl (Churtle))
    • Belt of Strength +4 (16k)
  • Stained bag of loot
    • +2 Anarchic Rapier
    • +3 Leather Armor
    • 4 MW Daggers
    • Ring of Protection +2
    • Cloak of Resistance +2
    • Rope of Climbing (Party assigned to Graven)
    • Boots of Striding and Springing (Assigned to Jim)
    • Jade Necklace with Sharks tooth (jewelry)
    • Pair of marilith styled earrings (jewelry)
    • Belt Pouch with misc supplies – comb, stale supplies and a folded piece of paper
      • Elaborate Script: “Esteemed Tyralandi, The bearer of this note is a friend and associate of mine. If you could aid her, I would be once again in your debt. Please extend to her every courteous. <signed> Zimon Alenveer”

We camp out overnight at the Sea Wyvern and level to 15.


  • 4 x +1 anarchic arrows
  • Stained bag of loot
    • +2 Anarchic Rapier
    • +3 Leather Armor
    • 4 MW Daggers
    • Ring of Protection +2
    • Cloak of Resistance +2
    • Rope of Climbing (Party assigned to Graven)
    • Boots of Striding and Springing (Assigned to Jim)
    • Jade Necklace with Sharks tooth (jewelry)
    • Pair of marilith styled earrings (jewelry)
    • Belt Pouch with misc supplies – comb, stale supplies and a folded piece of paper
      • Elaborate Script: “Esteemed Tyralandi, The bearer of this note is a friend and associate of mine. If you could aid her, I would be once again in your debt. Please extend to her every courtesy. <signed> Zimon Alenveer”


  • +2 Composite Shortbow (8.3k)
  • +2 Studded Leather (4150)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (2k)
  • 2 x 2 Mighty (4) Composite Longbows (8950) = 17900
  • 1 x Bead of Force (3k)
  • 2 x +1 Mithril Shirts (1.1k) = 2.2k
  • 1 x Cloak of Resistance +1 (from Locke) (1k)
  • +3 Breastplate (9150)
  • 3 Might (8) Longbow (19500)
  • MW Scimitar (305)
  • Greater Bracers of Archery (25k)
  • Belt of Strength +4 (16k)
    • Sub Total: 108415/ 2 = 54207.5 gp
  • 2 x gold braclets (150) x 2 = 300
  • 1 x large jet stone (200)
  • 9 x skrimshaw (10) x 9 = 90
  • 1 x skrimshaw – The Hateful Compulsion (Kraken Breeding Ritual) carved into an immense tooth = 700
    • Sub Total: 1290 gp
  • Total: 54207.5 + 1290 = 55497.5 / 7 = 7929 gp

Goal of second day:

  • Sell loot
  • Gather Info
    • Missing Nixie Crew
    • Harliss
    • Red Foam Whaling Faction
    • Zimon Alenveer
    • Tyrlandi
    • Any other factions
  • Seaweed Jim → Seekers Safehouse
  • After dark – Prophyry House
  • The Palace

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