The Savage Tide

Adventures in the Blood Shallows

Locke uses a limited wish to re-“Hallow” the ship to re-attuned it’s Resist Energy to Acid.

Lynarra is coming with the group to Feedgut (Gorganth is the general).

10 mile square hill – half of which is a military encampment.

We land near the camp and Graven uses spell work to scout out the camp. "Things are lax at the camp. Not on a high alert status. Standard troops are Baubau, Rutterkin, and Barlorgora.

We cast some prep spells and prepare to teleport to a tent near the back side of the command center. The plan is for Locke to reach passwall, then scroll cast Freedom and then William to lock down the aspect of Obox-Ob from porting. The next round, Locke will try to lock the aspect into the Iron Flask.

Gorganth the two faced is based on experiments by Demogorgon – so standard Tenari plus other traits.

We find an empty tent to port to and start our plan. The entire 10 mile sq mountain starts suffering from a localized earth quake. The body of Obox-Ob rises up. The party moves to engage. After a few tense rounds, they manage to imprison Obox-Ob in the Iron Flask.

Locke is hit by it’s tongue and starts to dissolve into raw stuff of chaos. Graven is able to save him by using one of the wishes from the ring.

The party then teleports back to Sea Wyvern. We can’t leave until tomorrow when the ship’s power freezes. It’s been six days since we received a gift of charisma from Court of the Stars.

About 9 hours later, our look out sees 5 heads heading our way and they break the line of foliage about 200 ft from us. There are 5 riders (one demon (possibly Gorgosh), and four Stone Giants).

Combat ensues.

Turns out the mounts are Tyranasouras Bodaks (undead things).

We finish the fight and it was a zesty one. William almost died. Locke almost died. It was zesty.

We loot the dead/undead.

Five hours laters, we sail for Pezunia. It will take us about a day to get there.

Lynnara applies the disguises us.

Bringing a guest to visit Malcanthet - What to do with this Flask

We heal up and take stock. Seaweed Jim totes Crimson around and keeps knocking her unconscious. We search the facility – after an hour goes by – we don’t fine anything.

We strip down for our court appearance and Locke teleports to near the palace – about a mile out. It takes us about 15-20 minutes to get to the palace.

As we go from room to room, the rooms quiet down by the occupants and they leave. It’s also much quicker trip this time. We cross through 4 rooms and the 5th is the audience chamber.

Malcanthet is lounging on her handy thrown. The room is mostly except for 12 “Radiant Sisters”. The doors close behind us.

We approach to within 30 ft. Seaweed Jim sets her down. Locke addresses Malcanthet, “Queen of the Succubus, we have returned your friend to you.” Sir Stievan lays hands to awaken Crimson.

Crimson just stairs at Malcanthet for a bit – the room is very quiet – a minute passes. The Radiant Sisters encircle Crimson and then attack her. It is effectively an execution – it is excruciatingly long. It takes about an hour – at the end – she a welter of bloody ribbons.

Then the Radiant Sisters teleport away one by one. The one with a golden halo winks at Sir Stievan. Then a swarm of Rutterkin demons sweep and clean up the “body”.

Malcanthet addresses us and gives us the flask, Seaweed Jim picks it up. She suggests that we consult Iggwilv to find out more about the Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless.

We exit the throne room and then the palace. We make our way back the Sea Wyvern.

Azael has returned with our “Smith” slave. He is an Azer (outsider from the plane of Fire).

We contact the Mercane and sell the loot.

PARTY SPLIT: 48036 gp

We have planning session. Locke casts Legend Lore on Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless.

Information on the Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless

  • It is an artifact crafted long ago.
  • Turney originally captured an aspect of Graz’zt and unleashed on Turney’s territory rivals, until Graz’zt escaped and turned Turney into a Dretch.
  • Turney made his way up through the ranks to Nalfeshee and maintained his wizard skills, but lost his flask.
  • The flask functions as a normal Iron Flask except that it only works on demons. (Iron_Flask)
  • It can hold up to a 100 demons as a time.
  • A full demon lord cannot fit in. An aspect can, but it would fill the flask.
  • Aspects have a save penalty.
  • We know the command word for the activation and for release.
  • There are currently 7 residents. (it will take a legend lore per occupant to learn their names/info so we can use the flask to command them)

As a reminder, we believe their is an aspect of Obox-Ob in the plane: Blood Shallows.

We aren’t sure how long it will take to get to Blood Shallows. Locke uses one more Legend Lore to learn of one of the 7 residents so we can deal with him/her today.

We sail for Pezunia. The plan is to set up an area and then to call forth each individually and defeat them.

Residents of the Flask

  • #1 – A Nalfeshee and his name -
  • #2 – Vrock
  • #3 – Vrock
  • #4 – Marlith
  • #5 – Marlith
  • #6 – Vrock
  • #7 – Balor

We meta out the first 6 fights and then we fight the Balor.

Balor – Entry – Tenari – Standard Demon Traits and Other Traits

We dog pile him and he goes down.

With the flask empty, we set sail for Blood Shallows. We arrive at the Blood Shallows after a day.

Kn: Planes on Blood Shallows
81st Lair of the Abyss
Demogorgon uses it for army training and staging
95% Marshland
Acidic Water

We have to use the Rod of Repair to keep the hull intact while in the Blood Shallows.

Graven uses augury to attempt to find out where to find the aspect of Obox-Ob and Wee Jas doesn’t know.

We then set sail for Iggwilv’s estate in Gehenna. It takes us 21 hours to get there.

We have an audience with her. She offers to clean out the flask and tell us how to use it.

We inquire about “Obox-Ob’s” aspect. Her information is that his aspect is imprisoned in a layer of the Abyss. Use the spell Freedom on top of the largest land mass in the plane – the fortified encampment of Feedgut – a lesser general – Gorganth, the two faced.

Approaching Bagromir will draw Demogorgon’s attention. Brute force won’t get us to the general, but a silver tongue would. He has a military encampment on the first lair (Pezunia)

We leave the audience with Iggwilv and return to the Sea Wyvern.

Check List

  • Physical Disguises (500 gp x 5 = 2500 gp)
  • Scroll of Communal Mind Blank (3325 gp)
  • Scrolls of Freedom (x2) 3325 gp each for Obox-Ob
  • Rely on Lynarra’s Forgery and Bluff to get us through to Bagromir
  • William and Seaweed split the 12k costs between them.

We summon the Mercane so we can purchase the supplies.

On the way to Blood Shallows, Locke gets a sending from Lavinia that she needs to talk about some things with her brother.

The party will divert for a moment.

William will Plane Shift Locke to the Prime Material Plane. The party will use the Wakeportal to travel to the Prime Material to follow. Once Locke is finished, he will teleport back to the Sea Wyvern and then they will head to the Blood Shallows.

William Plane Shifts Locked back and he teleports to Sasserine and then to Vanderboren manor to see Lavinia.

She relays that a Witchwarden investigation has revealed what led Vanthus to what happened to him. When Vanthus and Lavinia were separated as youths, Vanthus went to the Uncle’s plantation. The Uncle was also an adventerous type. Apparently, the Witchwarden’s became aware that the Uncle had a Book of Infinite spells (a potent magic item). Magical divination indicate a gate spell at the plantation. It was a probably used from a page in the book. A Demon by the name of Gorvash, a servant of Demogorgon according to the Witchwarden briefing. Whatever happened there is probably a catalyst for what happened with Vanthus. The demon could have shown up uncontrolled and manipulated things. Perhaps Vanthus wasn’t at fault for spiraling descent. Based on what happened to him, his soul would have been taken to the Abyss. Perhaps with the Elite Glabrezu (Gorvash).

Locke and Lavinia spend some meaningful time while Locke awaits the Sea Wyvern arriving on the prime material plane (a few hours).

Meanwhile Seaweed Jim has a conversation with Clarissa and then they talk with William.

Who and where is Crimson?

After we leave the audience with Malcanthet and leave the palace, we start investigating who Crimson is.

Crimson Research

  • Kn: Planes -
  • Asking Lynarra
    • Upper cast of servants for Malcanthet is the Radiant Sisters. She renames them to color based named.
    • Radiant Sisters – Lilitu Demons – Unique
    • Advanced Succubi that focus on the corruption of Clerics and mortals
    • One of the structures around the town is Crimson
  • Lynarra returns with the identified location of Crimson – a corrupted church of Pelor

Hiring a Smith (to use the artifact anvil)

  • Sending Azael to buy/purchase a smith (8000 gp) – Hire them for 3 months and then release them

We teleport to the vicinity of “church” of Pelor. It’s immediately obvious that the place is in need of repair. The damage occurred years go.

Area wreaks of magical desecration. We make our way in the apparently quiet chamber.

We find a trap door and proceed under the ground. We make our way through the lower level. We are surrounded by 6 “Pelorites”. After a bit of banter, combat ensues.

Some shadows and rat swarms join in. We vanquish the vampire (monk/shadow dancers) and their companions and cure Graven of his affliction.

Stepping up around the corner is a female demon. She has a bright red halo of light around her hair, hooved feet, 4 tails and like she had wings at one time. She’s dressed casually, but had a bladed whip. Crimson, we presume.

She addresses us “Look, I’m really not in the mood right now.” Talk descends to a fight – we have a zesty fight and subdue her. We strip her gear.

We track the vampires down and stake them. We take an hour and track the mobs down and collect the loot. (Loot recorded in spreadsheet)

Treeing a Linnorm in it's home...

Results of Legend Lore castings -

Red Fang

  • First generation son of the World Serpent
  • Fire or Cold Breath Weapons
  • Lair is full with traps and illusions
  • Can use wish
  • Old, bold linnorm
  • Inherent resistance to magic
  • No enchantment or mind affecting
  • Size of a large building
  • Anatomy is fused with stars – traits of fire, cold and negative energy
  • Two-headed dragon
  • It’s lair is at the caves under the roots

We spend the night and to prepare for battle the next morning. We speak with Morwel and she will port us to his lair directly. We buff up and prepare. She transports us to an area of the roots. Graven and Locke cast True Seeing and see alot of pits around us.

Red Fang misleads us with a illusionary rumbling sound and he gets the drop on us from behind.

After a vicious battle, William struck the final blow and the death curse resonated out and William was able to shrug it off.

Seaweed Jim will root around in it’s corpse to try to recover the star. It’s black blood explodes in cold energy. Then William dig’s in with his expert knowledge. We free the start and it heads back to the Court of the Stars. We then buff up Seaweed Jim and he frees the rest of the stars.

We recover the hoard and sell the the Mercane and the party split is 28250 gp.

We then return to the Court of the Stars. we are greeted and individually wisked away. We are healed, have our debuffs (if any) removed, dressed up and returned to the central castle. Celeste thens gives us the once over. She escorts us to Gwynharwyf who then we head on to join Morwel.

We seal the alliance with a drink from a chalice. If you are not evil, there are no unpleasant affects. If you are lawful, it is a numbing taste, not unpleasant. For neutrals and chaos, it is like ambrosia. It grants each of us a bonus – we alter to appear more elven in appearance – +4 Sacred Bonus to Charisma – both effects will last of 7 days.

When we are ready to start planning, we will work through Celeste to have Gwynharwyf join us in our planning.

Next up is Malchonthet. She has been meeting with her greater servants (Radiant Sisters) at her summer palace – in the city of Miomanta on the plane Shendilavry. Miomanta is a port on the River Styx.

We return to the Wyvern along with Celeste and start our travels to Miomanta. It takes us about 20 hours to make it to Miomanta. We have a discussion with the party and crew members about what we think we’ll encounter.

Rules of the Court
No clothes or armor

We arrive at the docks of Miomata. There are two Marliths directing ship traffic. We are letting Lynara do the lead talking to get us there. She greets one of the Marlith’s “Porticia, we are expected.”

With Lynara leading the way, we make it to the palace without encounters. There are a trio of Glabrezu step out and block our group, there is some conversation and they get out of the way.

Everywhere in the palace, naked demons cavort with slack jawed souls. After 15 minutes of travel, and after seeing many perverse things we wish we could unsee, we make it to the central throne/pleasure room.

We make our way through the crowd – and get an audience with Malconthet and we attempt to sway her with our diplomacy. After a bit, she start laughing for close to a minute. She asks one of us to come forward to seal the deal.

To seal the deal, Seaweed Jim kisses Malconthet. After three seconds, he loses his senses for a moment.

“You have served me well so far, returning the idol and freeing Shami Amourae, so don’t balk at me now, my little puppet. Demogorgon’s generals are twin. One has just returned with success, you should approach the other to attack the other general.”

“Now go fetch Crimson, my old friend, and I will provide you the Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless.”

“I hate waiting”. We turn and leave the audience chamber.

Starting to gather allies...or how to win friends and influence people....

Before we leave, Lynara offers to Iggwilv the Demonomnicon to offset the favor she owes.

We sell the loot we have gathered so far with the Mercane. We have to take a brief side off the River Styx to trade with them.

Part split is 103950 each. We used party funds (pre-split) to Resurrect Shadowfire and Azael.

William did some research on where to find Orcus.

  • The river Styx can go to Pezunia. There is a bone dock there, that we can rent dock space. It is less than a day from Broken Reach where Red Shroud is. Broken Reach is near the portal to Thanatos.
  • Lachrymasa – Port in Thanatos that the Styx passes by.

Orcus’s plane is Thanatos. Has some negative energy qualities. If you become exhausted, you become suffocating.

There is a organization called Dustmen, originally from Sigil. They escort travelers and they charge about 4k per person. Lesser demons are deterred, but some buffer ones will attack so traveler’s don’t think Thanatos is too safe.

Shadowfire departs the group.
Azael will stay on the ship (rather than going into his former master’s layer, Orcus).
Lynara will come with us.

We will engage the Dustmen as city guides after we greater teleport to the capital city. They will only charge 2000 /each person for that service. Locke teleports them to Everlost (capitol city of Thanatos) and the Dustman starts to lead them to the Dustman House. Thirty minutes after that, the Dustman leads them to the castle.

The courtyards smell of vinegar and there is a line of supplicants leading up to two black balors and some veiled Bodaks. We use diplomatic methods to cut through the thousands in line and then get to the balors. We get in to see Orcus and start an audience with him. Locke is doing the talking and moves within 40 ft of Orcus with Seaweed Jim at his side before stopping and addressing Orcus.

We make our diplomacy check (64+) and he doesn’t seem impressed and wants one of us to face his champion (death giant). Seaweed Jim volunteers to be our champion.

Orcus gestures and we are transported to an arena and the fight begins. After a brisk fight, Seaweed reigns supreme. Orcus has him finish him off.

He will have his armies march on our behalf. They will take several weeks to gather his armies. Gather our allies and join him. After Orcus bragged, he threw the letter back at us dismissively.

We gather party and teleport back to the Wyvern.

Next up is Gwynharwyf on at the Court of the Stars. Hmm. How do we get there? It’s on the Olympian Plane of Aborea. It borders Yggdrasil. Styx borders the roots of Yggdrasil. If we touch some mistletoe to the scars at the root, we can be transported to the Court of the Stars.

Clarrissa starts adding +2 int to Locke’s headband (it will take 3 days). Queued up is a PoK: Rainment of Command for Locke (2 day), Scroll of Treasure Map for Jim (1 day), and Scroll of Reincarnation for Jim (1 day).

It takes us 19 hours to get to the roots of Yggdrasil.

Court of the Stars traits – It is time exclusive. Eladrin (outsider elves) dwell there.

We will be taking the core party so as not to offend. Locke uses a limited wish to create some mistletoe to use to be activate the transport to the Court of the Stars.

We use the transport method and we are transported to a forest.

We hear the sound of a pack of dogs heading our way from the right. A few rounds later, the pack comes into view (dozen enormous black hounds) (Moon dogs – can detect evil inherently). After a bit, they seem to be trying to herd us in one direction. About a minute later, a knight on a horse and two floating globes of light. “What are you doing here?” Locke replies, “We seek an audience with Gwynharwyf in matters pertaining with Demogorgon?” The knight is disdainful. He says Sir Stievan can stay, but the rest of us trash have to go. Sir Andros Fearnaught. He is a Knight of the court.

He will be swayed but we must best him in some challenges – wrestling, steeple chase, or jousting.

William chooses jousting and loses.

Locke chooses wrestling and had him pinned for two of the three rounds, when he teleported out and the match degenerated to the point that Andros was going to Meteor Storm on Locke.

As he starts to cast, he is interrupted by a female voice as a glowing orb enters, “Andros, stop”. He received a tongue lashing from her…these are the ones that our Queen is waiting for, enemies of our ancient enemy. Eventually, the glowing orb changes into a beautiful Eladrin woman.

She’ll escort us to the palace. Her name is Celeste, a member of the court. We share tales of some of our adventures over the hour long walk.

We crest a hill and see clouds and the crystal palace seems close, but it is quite large. We are greeted by the guards at the door – we are lead to a central dome (dazzling). There are several hundred Eladrin (in elf and glowing orb form).

At the center of the room is a dais with three thrones. On the middle throne, is a red haired woman. Silver haired woman on the left throne addresses us. The right hand throne is empty. As we address the Silver haired woman, whenever we mention Demogorgon, she clentches her hands in anger.

After we relay our story (minus the Ahazu, Wells of Darkness angle on what we’ll be doing to Demogorgon), Morwel addresses us. “Your task is worthy. You have my pledge of aid and we’ll have Gwynharwyf and her armies. We’ll need to show to her allies our worth.”

Kill Dread Linnorm – “Red Fang” – located near the roots of Yggdrasil. Gut the beast and return one of the stars to her.

When we return, Gwynharwyf will take us to the Fountain of Beauty to seal our alliance.

Morwel conveys some information about Red Fang.

  • Rumoured to be the offspring of Niddhogg (the world serpent)

Locke inquires about the Yuan-ti influences in Sasserine – and she comments that Locke’s biggest obstacle in resolving it was blood related. The resolution will most likely result in upheaval among the houses.

We inquire about Malchonthet and Obox Ob.

She replies that Malchonthet is like Lynarra but an order of magnitude worse. Of late, Malchonthet has been meeting with her greater servants (Radiant Sisters) at her summer palace – in the city of Miomanta.

Obox Ob was the original prince of demons, before the queen of chaos cast him down. (Toby to fill in more). He was killed by her. Fragments of him survive – they are called aspects. Our most likely point of contact is the Abyssal realm of Blood Shallows.

Bagromar is with his forces in a conflict originating from Pezunia. Mamnon is involved.

Being univited guests of the Witch-Queen. A shocking surprise!

Chessboard Information:

Charon: “I see that you’ve already begun. Charon holds fresh rage for Demogorgon, and his position in the alliance is already secure. Well done.”

She places Charon’s figure back on the chessboard on a white square, and as she does, the piece turns white as well.

Graz’zt: “Ahhh, dear old Graz’zt. My Dark Prince. Only one in the Abyss detests Demogorgon as much as he, but unfortunately, Graz’zt is … embroiled, I suppose is the word … elsewhere, with a certain Queen of Spiders. Not that he’d be able to set aside his paranoia and ego long enough to join in any alliance he
hasn’t spearheaded. I’m afraid you’ll find no aid here.”

She drops Graz’zt’s piece down onto her lap with a smile.

Orcus: “Here, however, you’ll find a kindred spirit. Orcus has had his share of
troubles of late, and I dare say he may be open to the possibility of an alliance. Be warned, though. He does enjoy violence.”

She sets his piece down on a white square and it turns white as well.

Gwynharwyf: “This one you’ll have no problems gaining aid from, but you might find it difficult reaching her. And even then, her lover Morwel keeps her on a short leash in matters relating to Demogorgon. There was, shall we say, an incident several centuries ago. But do a few favors and she’ll be all yours.”

She sets Gwynharwyf down on a white square.

Malcanthet: “You may not realize it, but this vile slut’s been in the game for quite some time already. Longer than any of the others apart from Demogorgon, in fact. Longer than you, in any event. But
she’ll play hard to get. She might not be willing to donate an army, but I’m certain she’ll be willing to part with some of her charms if you ask really nicely.”

She sets Malcanthet down on a white square.

Obox-ob: “I mentioned before that only one can match Graz’zt in his hatred of Demogorgon. This would be the one. Obox-ob ruled here once, long ago. Before even i was a sparkle in the eye of the cosmos. He wants to rule here again, and while none of us particularly want that, he has his uses. He can’t be reasoned with, but he can be trusted to act upon his hatred. You’ll just need to determine a way to get him to where he’ll do the most damage.”

She sets Obox-ob down on a white square.

Bagromar: “This one you may not recognize, but he serves close to Demogorgon. One of the twin generals of his armies, in fact. I don’t expect you’d be able to defeat him, hut I’ve heard some most delicious rumors that he’s a bit dissatisfied with his lot of late-a spot of jealousy about his twin brother Tetradarian, I suspect. And where there’s dissatisfaction, there can be dissent. I’m not sure how you can use that to your advantage, but you secured this audience with me, which tells me that you’re smooth talkers and resourceful, if nothing else.”

She sets Bagromar down on a white square.

Demogorgon: At the end of her speech, Dcmogorgon remains the only black piece on the board. Iggwilv picks him up, turns the piece over in her hand as she studies it, then sets it back down on a black square surrounded by the white figures. An eyebrow arches, and with a delicate finger she tips him over.

“Simple, no?”

Don't be afraid of the dark

As the eyes opened, the party scattered around the room. (the tower is 70 ft) Swarms of giant ants flood out of the pit. We vanguish them after a zesty fight.

As we defeated the swarm, Chain Lightning struck out of the several of the party members. William casts daylight on a piece of rock and drops it. Down to 150 ft then darkness melts away then you can see down to the total of 200 ft. Black portal 20 ft wide, and then books and other knick knacks are stacked around the edge. Three Varrangoin perch down below.

Graven believes they are undead and lich like.

Storming the Fortress of Overlook

On the road to Fortress of Overlook

Locke teleports the party to the Fortress of Overlook. As we arrive, several Varrangoin dive bomb from above towards the group.

4 x Varrangoin

Varrangoin – Man Sized – Bat Winged Humanoids – Abyssal Bat Creatures – Elemental Resists – Poisons – SR – Poison Tails -

Seems they were “raging”. We defeat them. We take a few minutes to search the bodies. They have no magical or non-magical loot. And no tokens that are protecting them from the plane affects.

Locke takes the lead as we head in. As we get around the corner, a chill washes over us. We sense a flicker of movement above us. A quartet of shadowy huge bat thing creatures with eyes – possibly spawn of Ahazu. (The chill is a desecrating aura.) And a fight ensues.

4 x Spawn of Ahazu

  • Nightshade – Undead Being – Monstrous Undead Creature – Overflowing with negative energy – Desecrating Aura – Light Aversion – Summon Undead (Greater Shadows) – Channel Negative Energy – Slew of spell like abilities – some at will – some limited per day – (Common: Contagion, Unholy Blight, others) – smart and cunning – Lowest stat is 18 Dex – Reasonably High AC – SR – Immune to Cold – Cold Damage Riders and their attacks magic drain – DR is good and silver – Major Undead as a base creature (CR 14) before adding Spawn of Ahazu template – quick and strong in combat – invisibiity at will

They launched their attack with 4 fingers of death on William. He clung to life and was restored to health.

A few seconds into the fight, Shadowfire was killed by Greater Shadows and 9 x of them join into the fight. The fight is tough and continues.

After we dropped 3 of the 4 Spawn of Ahazu and the shadows, we noted two group of 4 Varrangoin headed our way.

We killed the last Spawn of Ahazu.

Dealt with the two groups of Varrangoin.

Then proceeded down the middle past lots of doors to a central keep.

There was a maximized forbidance affect with on the doors into the central keep. Locke failed the first time and took 90 damage (untyped).

Inside was a mosaic on the floor and Seaweed Jim gave into the urges he was feeling and touched the mosaic in places to cause it to “open”.

The mosaic fell into itself leaving a 40 ft wide pit. Blue eyes started opening…soon there were thousands of eyes.

Into the Wells of Darkness

Random Info

  • During our sailing trip down in the Wyvern, at the Gnome Urol’s request, we made a pitstop on the coast to visit the ruins of Tamaoachan. It was a coastal empire of the natives that had fallen in antiquity. While there, we fought some basisliks, in some interior rooms, William found his first regalia piece for Totaniuh. We fought a guardian – were – cat. We had an arena fight with undead and tracked down the leader to an area with a city map. He had a tortured bat demon (Varrangoin) that he killed and accused us of setting him to spy on them. We also found a bat idol.
  • On the Isle of Dread, the volcano god was unhappy, Zotzilaha. We returned the idol to him and entered his shrine in the volcano and received a reward – being able to get one item from his cache. Seaweed Jim also got the Tooth of Ahazu in addition to his item as Zitzilaha did not recognize it as one of his items.

Group discussion back at the luxury suite

  • Varrangoin – Magical Beast – Abyssal Bats – Native to the Abyss but not true demons – Long forked tails – Talons and Teeth
    • Still have several traits common to outsiders – have inherit SR and resistance to elemental attacks but no out right immunities
    • Special Attacks – capable of using tail to attack and some are poisonous (possibly paralytic; dex damage)
    • Defenses – immune to mind affecting; resistant to non-cold iron
    • Some minor – journeyman magic talent
    • Found in ‘flocks’
  • Seaweed Jim drops off his mysterious package

The Journey

  • Locke teleports the party to the Pit of Prisoners based on Shadowfires’s description
  • We approach the Pit of Prisoners – we link hands and jump into the Pit.
  • We find ourselves stepping out of the Pit into some goop. There is a inky black circle of liquid in the center of the pit
  • There are several, large, fly like demon things and some Abyssal Ghoul like things – combat ensues
    • 4 Fly’s and 4 Ghouls
    • We defeat the welcome party.
  • We heal up and Seaweed Jim flies us up in air elemental form out of the pit.
  • The area around the well is paved flagstone and misty barren, rocky hills beyond the flagstone paths – misty fog.
  • Graven casts ‘Find the Path’ and we start on our way.
  • We map the area and eventually find what we think is the Well of Shami Amourae.
    • We can hear simian calls from inside the wells.
    • Shadowfire shares that contacting is by touching the surface and forging a mental communication.
    • We start down into the pit after buffing up – it is full of treed foliage.
    • There appear to be 4 Gorrillion’s. One tries to trade passage for sexual congress with Sir Stievan. William drops a Vortex of Teeth and Seaweed Jim blows flame down into the pit by way of reply.
    • Fighting ensues. We defeat 3 of the 4 gorillians. The last one fell through the foliage. They were doing vile damage, so we healed for a quick moment and then moved down.
    • Standing on the surface of the pool is a gargantuan spider like creature.
    • Locke binds up Saberhawk and then tracks the last gorillian and the group kills it. We then check for loot.
      • Magic Bottle – Efreeti Bottle (145k) – (Assigned to Brian for now)
      • Gems and Artwork – 500 in diamond and 9500 other
      • Magic Armor – Demon Full Plate – Lend to Azael (52k)
  • Graven communes with Wee Jas to see if he can determine if communicating with Shami Amourae will trigger the gargantuan retriever.
  • The retriever is not ‘on’ the well but several inches above it – possibly innate air walk
  • The area is dimension locked – emanating from the retriever
  • Seaweed Jim attempts to communicate with Shami Amourae – the retriever does not attack us – but it does watch us
    • She wants her freedom for her cooperation
  • Seaweed JIm breaks away and communicates what he found so far. We discuss with Lynnara.
  • Seaweed Jim then goes back into communication with her
    • The one who calls herself Red Shroud has spend a lot of times looking into the wells
    • There is at least one other force that is dwelling in here with me – I can hear the dreams and nightmares.
    • I know that this is the architect of this prison – the one who built this place – the one that is imprisoned here like I am
    • She suggests using the Tooth of Ahazu and free her
    • Don’t keep me waiting
  • Seaweed Jim needs Restoration for all the ability drain he took.

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