The Savage Tide

The End..?

As the fight proceeds, Demogorgon ends up using multiple wishes to refresh his health back to full.

After a mighty fight, Seaweed Jim fells Demogorgon in a heap. Demogorgon’s body glows in dim, flickering shadows that coalesce into two crowns that flicker and mix together. It’s a mantle of plane control.

Seaweed Jim and Sir Stievan try to claim it and other demon kind vie for it as well.

Seaweed Jim succeeds in claiming the ‘crown’.

Igilwiv heads into the room and uses the Flask to suck the remains of Demogorgon into it.

Gwynhwaryf holds herself back from attacking Seaweed Jim.

Iglwiv funnels a Gate through Seaweed Jim so we can port outside of Wot Dagon. Sir Stievan carries the master pearl outside.

General Bagromar tells Seaweed Jim to hand over the mantle. Igwilwiv opens a portal opens, and on the other side is Malconthet and an army of incubus and half demons.

Graven heals us up.

The party ports back to the Sea Wyvern except for Seaweed Jim and Malconthet with the pearl.

We transport back to the prime material plane using the Wave Portal.

The next day Locke uses wished Legend Lore’s (4) to gain some insight into where to begin to disarm the master pearl. We need to fully immerse the pearl in waters of exception serenity and purity. Hmm. Maybe the Court of the Stars. Sir Stievan is able to negotiate with Gwynharwyf to use the pearl into the fountain.

On day 2, we do so and the pearl is destroyed.


Sir Stievan goes on a quest with Barissa (on the Sea Wyvern) – to restore the Orb of the Sun.

William gets back to Sasserine to find the Tower Master’s master is currently missing. Which of the many plots was she investigating? In the end, it looks like it was politics with House Lorcester.

Graven goes back to Sasserine and is made High Priest of Wee Jas. After the ceremony, the previous High Priest has a massive heart attack and as she lay dying, she uttered the cryptic phrase: “Why didn’t I see this coming?” Seems Wee Jas was waiting for Graven to return.

Locke eventually has to out himself with the council of Sasserine and re-introduce himself as an ambassador of the Yuan-ti to Sasserine (this takes quite some time).

We eventually receive news, through William and Graven, that several weeks after we finished with the pearl, there was a horrible storm on the Isle of Dread – a tempest that shook the island. Overnight, the ruins of Thanaclan on the central plateau rebuilt themselves. Seems Igilwiv has reestablished a fortress on the prime material plane.

The End… ?

Campaign Start Date: 10/9/2008
Campaign End Date: 9/5/2015

Die Die Die Nulonga, On to Demogorgon

The fight to destroy the undead bodies and defeat Nulonga continues.

After a vigorous fight we destroyed all the bodies and when Nulonga tried to inhabit Uzzy, Uzzy was able to shake it off.

We regroup and heal up and recover, gather up the loot and identify it and then proceed towards the door on the north side. It leads to stairs and circles up. Locke and Sir Stievan caught a glimpse of Dagon’s true form and were shaken.

They explore the other set of stairs and it’s another tower. Sir Stievan’s Dagon affects wear off. Totaniuh uses two castings of magic and is able to remove Dagon’s affects on Locke.

Passing through the runed tunnel, a contingent resurrection triggered and we found ourselves in the belly of a giant wyrm. We fought our way out and defeated him.

We heal up and proceed forward into the only path forward.

We cross a fogged infused seascape and come to a door. Using a key we found on Nulonga we open the door.

Beyond is a beach with a huge seashell. As we liberate the pearl from the seashell, a rip in space appears and Demogorgon shoulders his way onto the beach.

Before the portal shuts, a large whirlwind flows through and past Demogorgon. Gwynhwaryf has come to join us in this last fight.

Party vs Saint Kargoth, Fight!

The against Saint Kargoth starts in earnest. After a very zesty fight, we defeat him. During the fight, Totaniuh was banished. We ensure the master pearl is not in the cauldron.

We drag his body back to our staging area. On the way out, we encounter Totaniuh who wished himself back.

The Mercane is down on the beach. He says Demogorgon has defeated Orcus in the field and is now back in the city turning the tide there. We can sell at 25% of value and buy at 200%.


  • +5 Improved Shadow Fullplate
  • +4 Channeling Longsword
  • +6 Headband of Charisma
  • +5 Cloak of Resistance
  • +5 Ring of Protection
  • +3 Animated Shield – Assigned to Phil – Totaniuh uses limited wish to Legend Lore to get the command word “Orders Ruin is the Path to Might”
  • +5 Amulet of Natural Armor
  • Boots of Speed (3 rounds left)
  • Artifact Club – Demogorgon’s Bilious Sphere

We sell loot to he Mercane at his war profiteering pricing and buy 3 x scrolls of mass heal (20th level).

Jakarta wasn’t feeling too effective – he’ll serve as secondary healing.

The Bilious Sphere gets stored in William’s portable hole.

We re-enter Wot Dagon. We test and no teleports function inside.

We return to the cauldron room and examine the Olman like rope fetishes. There is a hole in the ceiling goes up into the golden spire and is probably the “barrel” to focus the ritual. In Ancient Olman are some scriblings “Most Holy Prayer Room”.

The rest of this is a shrine of Dagon.

The exit the north from the shrine – circular – carved to look like leather – abbyssal magic script all over the surfaces. This triggered some deep seated pyschosis within William and we decided to explore other avenues first.

We find a room with rubble in it that leads down to a water filled area with a submerged door.

Seaweed uses control water to try to lower the water. He then opens the door and is shot by something. There is a guy in the room. A crippled Olman fellow is in there.

His ray attack causes Seaweed Jim’s spirit point to go to 0.

Jakarta moves up and has a dialogue with him. The crippled Olman’s name is Nulonga.

He Mage’s Disjunction’s the group and sucks the spirit magic out of Seaweed and Locke.

After William finger of death’s him he says, “This is not over” and dies. We loot his body. Three rounds later he appears as a undead Trogolodyte that sucks the spirit magic from Sir Stievan and starts attacking the angels.


2 Rings

Second Round of Fight

  • Danel fails a save and his banished

William believes he is a body jumper. Living bodies get a save. Dead ones don’t. He can apparently only tap bodies in Wot Dagon.

11 Troglodyte Bodies in this Dimensional Plane

Entering Wot Dagon

We clean up the battlefield and some Azata set up a base camp. (Minute per level spells will go away)

Y x Brelani – Cure wounds all day
1x Ghaele – 1/heal, 1/restoration, 1/death ward (But if he’s used up, another will rotate while we

We enter the gates. As William enters, he detects that the area is suffused with savage energy.

We pass into a courtyard. An fiendish Lavinia greets us and she brings along a larval Vanthus. A fight ensues and Locke get’s several curses onto Lavinia and the party subdues.

  • Skull of Ick (Plantation owner where Vanthus worked)
  • Belt Str +4 – Assigned to Danel
  • Bracers +8 – Assigned to Lynara

Vanthus says that this Lavinia is actually Gorvosh.

We step outside – True Seeing doesn’t reveal any change, but Totaniuh casts a limited wish sending to reach out to Lavinia and get’s a response. Phew. Sir Stievan beheads the unconcious Gorvosh.

The mirrored ceiling was a form of opposition.

We leave Vanthus with Ghael outside.

We return inside and open the bronze gates beyond the courtyard. It is darkness ahead. As we enter the area, we feel like we are drowning. Some of us shake off the effects, some do not.

We are ambushed by some ghast archers and during the fight, doors open and Saint Korgath targeted with abyssal energy and then the doors closed.

After defeating the ghast archers, we started to enter the central altar area.

On the way to Wot Dagon


  • Defeated Arendagrost by sending him to the Well of Darkness
    • This affects our long term plan to stick Demogorgon into the Well. While engaging him, we’ll need to destroy the master.
  • We assaulted the walls of the city as a diversion – and targeted the Iron Flask of Turney’s occupant at the walls.
    • This broke the ‘crystal’ that anchors an anti-dimensional travel affect.
    • Igglwyv dimension doored in and took the flask cancelling Locke’s favor
  • We launched an assault on a General of the other side, before one of the Legions would fight in the area.


  • 1 x Marlith
  • 1 x Gronsfed the Drowned

After defeating them, we quickly search the area for battle plans and loot. After a minute, Totaniuh teleports us out back to the Legion General.


  • Rod of Leadership – Assigned to William
  • +4 Battle Axe (Gargantuan)
  • +4 Cloak of Resistance – Assigned to Jakarta
  • Drafts of the locations around the city that hoard could deploy

We use Wind Walk to get near to Wot Dagon. There are hurricane winds surrounding the air above it.

There is an old, unmaintained road that goes over a river with a green fog on it that goes to the entrance of Wot Dagon.


  • 4 x Nebazu
  • 4 x Archer amphibious – Trogoldytes – Made as greater undead
  • 3 x Buzzing Chasme Demon ©
  • 1 x Demon Toad – Coat of Arms on Amulet (Great Kingdom Heraldry – Greyhawk ) – Hezrou dialed up to 11

Defaced Coat of Arms from Greyhawk – Kargath


  • Nebazu and Toad Demon had seared brands of Kargath on them
  • +4 Amulet of Mighty Fist
  • +5 Full Plate (Huge)
  • Wings of Flying
  • 4 x +2 Mithril Shirts

We will make this a base camp with Eladrin where we can retreat to for healing.

The Beach Landing (Part II)

The battle on the beach continues. We defeat the denizens of the beach. Our Eladrin allies will stay here to secure the beach.

Graven uses touch of healing to bring up and the Ghaele tops every one off.

We summon the Mercane and we swap the loot on the battle field for installing the Force Missile Ballista on the Sea Wyvern. It takes about 30 minutes to secure the battlefield.

Totaniuh uses Sendings to check in on the other battle fronts.

Currently, Wot Dagon is not accessible. We will need for things to proceed battle wise.

About an hour, Graven receives a Sending from Igilwyv. “Lemoriax’s portal point is compromised. Orcus’s legion’s were there. Arendagrost is there.”

Locke casts a limited wish Legend Lore.

Arendagrost is a planar entity – The Tarrasque of the Great Wheel. Tenari Traits + Parallels to his name. Elemental types – immune (fire and acid) or resistant

Offspring of Demogorgon and Malconthet. First appearance took armies and wizards to fight him off. Took weeks. That proved himself and Demogorgon.

Corpulant body with three mouths – tentacled mass. Fiendish/eel like. It has breath weapons. (fire, cold, acid)

Locke tries to Scry the area and it fails. We think there is potentially a null magic field in the area – one of the only things that could keep an Igilwyv based portal from opening.

Totaniuh uses Limited Wish to perform another Legend Lore. Arendagrost has a death gaze and likes to feast on a single target. He defies the nature of the plane he is on and is omni-directional.

Totaniuh casts Wind Walk on the group and we’ll travel there. Land near by – scout and buff as need be. Travel time will be about an hour.

Strike Group
Seaweed Jim
Lynnara – Succubus Bard
Azael – Failed Belor
Jakarta – Olman Teacher
Danel – Trumpet Archon
Uzzy – Trumpet Archon
Totaniuh – Cuatl

We find the area – a field of blasted stumps and ruins scatter the plain. At the center of the area, is a totem with a head hanging from it. Possibly deactivating it or destroying it – might remove the anti-magic field and allow the portal to be reopened.

Storming Gaping Maw
The beaches of Normandy

The Beach Landing

Our Group

  • Locke
  • Graven
  • Stievan
  • William
  • Seaweed Jim
  • Lynnara – Succubus Bard
  • Azael – Failed Belor
  • Jakarta – Olman Teacher
  • Danel – Trumpet Archon
  • Uzzy – Trumpet Archet
  • Totaniuh – Cuatl

A muddy beach extends before us. Some explosive pits spot the field. Fortifications are on the far side.

  • Babau
  • Hezrou
  • Marlith
  • Nalfenchi
There will be blood...
One twin, two twin, red twin, blue twin

Prep for Bagromar’s Camp

  • Lynarra disguises us for our trek into the camp as Demonic war camp
  • Communal Mind Blank on Graven, Jim, Locke and Lynara
    • William has his own Mind Blank and Stievan has some Olman magic protecting him.
  • Using ‘Find the Path’, we find the camp a mile from the River Styx in Pezunia

Entering The Camp

  • We teleport to the edge of the camp. We aren’t stopped by any of the pickets.
  • The camp is ringed with Symbols of Insanity
  • Lynara leads the way. “We are on our way to Dingo Slag.”
  • Dingo Slag is a Balor.
    • Probably a normal Balor. Lowered tier General in position.
  • We go into a tent to meet with Dingo.
  • Lynara convinces him to take us to Bagromar and he leads us out of the tent.
  • As we exit the tent and Dingo attacked us.

Fighting Dingo Slag

  • After brawling, he dies and explodes.
  • We loot his body.

Onwards to General Bagromar

  • The walls of Bagromar’s tent are made from tanned skin of Devils.
  • We enter his tent and meet Bagromar, standing at a table. Baboon headed, tentacle demon
  • We lay out our recruitment pitch – name dropping allies and proving their support.
  • Locke does most of the talking
  • He agrees and then asks us to leave
  • We leave.

Returning to the Sea Wyvern

  • We contact the Mercane our sell our loot
    • PARTY SPLIT: 39010
  • We level to 20


  • We spend 16 days of downtime
  • During the down time,
    • Gwynharwyf, does a sending to Seaweed Jim. Preparations are good.
    • Orcus contacts Seaweed Jim.
    • Charon contacts Seaweed Jim.
    • Iggwilv contacts Seaweed Jim.
    • Malcanthet “contacts” Seaweed Jim.

Researching Locale for the War Council

  • Possibly on the Sea Wyvern on Styx? (First Choice)
  • Iggwilv ’s castle (Second Choice)
  • City of Sigil (Planescape)
    • Beings of Power cannot go – some would need to send proxies
  • Outland – Near Sigil – Suppresses Magic

Graven sends out invitations via Sending

  • Gwynharwyf
    • She sends Celeste to talk with us about out council location plans
  • Orcus
    • After the sending, Orcus wishes Graven there in person to have a conversation. After a very close negotiation, he returns..successful.
  • Malcanthet
    • After a bit of discussion, she acquiesces
  • Iggwilv
    • She agrees
  • Charon
    • He agrees.

War Council Preparations

  • Leaving the crew at Farshore
  • Keeping the following:
    • Lynara
    • Clarissa
    • Celeste
  • Cleaning the ship
  • Arrange for a big table and six thrones
    • We contact the Mercane
    • 40 K and will buy back for 20K
  • Mercane – Willing to battlefield scavenge – not as favorable rate – but hey…
  • At the end of the day, we Wakeportal to the River Styx and the dock of Iggwilv

War Council

  • Arrivals
    • A splash off ship – a woman’s voice calls up – red head – undead – dragon tattoo’s – Rowan Killani (was a noble of Sasserine) – Representative of Charon
    • Gwynharwyf – Arrives on the dock and we invite her on board
      • Celeste stands behind her
    • Iggwilv arrives next with her 4 apprentices
    • Charon arrives next
      • Rowan stands behind her
    • Orcus rep – Cadaver shows up – 3 ravens sitting on his shoulders – Xerovar
    • Seaweed Jim says he will be representing “her” – Malcanthet – he moves to her throne
    • Locke takes the throne for the Sasserine contingent
  • Arguments break out within two sentences and Locke spends time trying to reign them in.
  • Orcus’s spies and Gwynharwyf spies have been gathering information
    • Slowly a region map with things of interest emerges
  • Draft War Plan get’s created
  • Mercane shows up and hands out cards
  • The plan is to go tomorrow


  • Charon
    • A fleet of Yugoloth boatmen – 5000 ships
    • Floating platforms for other units perusing seafaring attack
  • Gwynharwyf
    • Two Eladrin hosts – 50,000 each
  • Orcus
    • 4 Legions (25K each)
      • Asphixian V
      • Ensanguinix X
      • Decapitus XIII
      • Thanatos I
  • Iggwilv
    • Transportation – Open multiple magical portals into the realm at one time
    • Limitations
      • Relative few number of locations the plane can take the pressures – those locations are likely guarded
  • Malcanthet
    • Terror Weapon – Iron Flask – Obox Ob

Draft War Plan

  • Charon has the fleet of 5000 vessels – interpose them in the Brine Flats – Run interference against Beltatrix’s fleet – Will pull Demogorgon’s attention
  • Gwynharwyf will send her two hosts through two separate gates. One will be led by Gwynharwyf herself. Blood Run (portal point), west of town, led by Gwynharwyf. Old Clot Road (Portal point), northeast side with Celeste leading them.
    • Torbillian Gale – Host
    • Stary Night – Host
  • Orcus – He wants the Portal point closest to the city (Lemoriax portal) -
    • Orcus personally confronting Demogorgon offshore at Abysm (Abysm portal?)
    • Asphixian V
    • Ensanguinix X
    • Decapitus XIII
    • Thanatos I
  • Party – Where is the ritual occurring? Act as a reserve? Where to use Iron Flask? Wot Dagon
    • Beach Portal – leads to a choke point
    • A squad of Eladrin

Information Gathered

  • Main City – Lemoriax
    • Entrenched defenses
    • Expect the unexpected
  • Master Pearls
    • Shadow Pearls linked to a Master Pearl
    • Shores south of Lemoriax is an ancient structure – Wot Dagon
    • At one point, eons ago, Dagon was one of Demogorgon’s teachers
    • Iggwilv says the Wot Dagon is probably the most likely target -
      • Needs a particular conjunction for most impact – 3 days
  • Wot Dagon
    • Exists between two layers of the Abyss – A demi plane – as such has it’s own strictures on ingress and egress -

Prepping for the next day

  • Locke sends a message to Lavinia
  • Graven uses a sending and then a Gate to get the crew back on the Sea Wyvern
Adventures in the Blood Shallows

Locke uses a limited wish to re-“Hallow” the ship to re-attuned it’s Resist Energy to Acid.

Lynarra is coming with the group to Feedgut (Gorganth is the general).

10 mile square hill – half of which is a military encampment.

We land near the camp and Graven uses spell work to scout out the camp. "Things are lax at the camp. Not on a high alert status. Standard troops are Baubau, Rutterkin, and Barlorgora.

We cast some prep spells and prepare to teleport to a tent near the back side of the command center. The plan is for Locke to reach passwall, then scroll cast Freedom and then William to lock down the aspect of Obox-Ob from porting. The next round, Locke will try to lock the aspect into the Iron Flask.

Gorganth the two faced is based on experiments by Demogorgon – so standard Tenari plus other traits.

We find an empty tent to port to and start our plan. The entire 10 mile sq mountain starts suffering from a localized earth quake. The body of Obox-Ob rises up. The party moves to engage. After a few tense rounds, they manage to imprison Obox-Ob in the Iron Flask.

Locke is hit by it’s tongue and starts to dissolve into raw stuff of chaos. Graven is able to save him by using one of the wishes from the ring.

The party then teleports back to Sea Wyvern. We can’t leave until tomorrow when the ship’s power freezes. It’s been six days since we received a gift of charisma from Court of the Stars.

About 9 hours later, our look out sees 5 heads heading our way and they break the line of foliage about 200 ft from us. There are 5 riders (one demon (possibly Gorgosh), and four Stone Giants).

Combat ensues.

Turns out the mounts are Tyranasouras Bodaks (undead things).

We finish the fight and it was a zesty one. William almost died. Locke almost died. It was zesty.

We loot the dead/undead.

Five hours laters, we sail for Pezunia. It will take us about a day to get there.

Lynnara applies the disguises us.

Bringing a guest to visit Malcanthet - What to do with this Flask

We heal up and take stock. Seaweed Jim totes Crimson around and keeps knocking her unconscious. We search the facility – after an hour goes by – we don’t fine anything.

We strip down for our court appearance and Locke teleports to near the palace – about a mile out. It takes us about 15-20 minutes to get to the palace.

As we go from room to room, the rooms quiet down by the occupants and they leave. It’s also much quicker trip this time. We cross through 4 rooms and the 5th is the audience chamber.

Malcanthet is lounging on her handy thrown. The room is mostly except for 12 “Radiant Sisters”. The doors close behind us.

We approach to within 30 ft. Seaweed Jim sets her down. Locke addresses Malcanthet, “Queen of the Succubus, we have returned your friend to you.” Sir Stievan lays hands to awaken Crimson.

Crimson just stairs at Malcanthet for a bit – the room is very quiet – a minute passes. The Radiant Sisters encircle Crimson and then attack her. It is effectively an execution – it is excruciatingly long. It takes about an hour – at the end – she a welter of bloody ribbons.

Then the Radiant Sisters teleport away one by one. The one with a golden halo winks at Sir Stievan. Then a swarm of Rutterkin demons sweep and clean up the “body”.

Malcanthet addresses us and gives us the flask, Seaweed Jim picks it up. She suggests that we consult Iggwilv to find out more about the Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless.

We exit the throne room and then the palace. We make our way back the Sea Wyvern.

Azael has returned with our “Smith” slave. He is an Azer (outsider from the plane of Fire).

We contact the Mercane and sell the loot.

PARTY SPLIT: 48036 gp

We have planning session. Locke casts Legend Lore on Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless.

Information on the Iron Flask of Turney the Merciless

  • It is an artifact crafted long ago.
  • Turney originally captured an aspect of Graz’zt and unleashed on Turney’s territory rivals, until Graz’zt escaped and turned Turney into a Dretch.
  • Turney made his way up through the ranks to Nalfeshee and maintained his wizard skills, but lost his flask.
  • The flask functions as a normal Iron Flask except that it only works on demons. (Iron_Flask)
  • It can hold up to a 100 demons as a time.
  • A full demon lord cannot fit in. An aspect can, but it would fill the flask.
  • Aspects have a save penalty.
  • We know the command word for the activation and for release.
  • There are currently 7 residents. (it will take a legend lore per occupant to learn their names/info so we can use the flask to command them)

As a reminder, we believe their is an aspect of Obox-Ob in the plane: Blood Shallows.

We aren’t sure how long it will take to get to Blood Shallows. Locke uses one more Legend Lore to learn of one of the 7 residents so we can deal with him/her today.

We sail for Pezunia. The plan is to set up an area and then to call forth each individually and defeat them.

Residents of the Flask

  • #1 – A Nalfeshee and his name -
  • #2 – Vrock
  • #3 – Vrock
  • #4 – Marlith
  • #5 – Marlith
  • #6 – Vrock
  • #7 – Balor

We meta out the first 6 fights and then we fight the Balor.

Balor – Entry – Tenari – Standard Demon Traits and Other Traits

We dog pile him and he goes down.

With the flask empty, we set sail for Blood Shallows. We arrive at the Blood Shallows after a day.

Kn: Planes on Blood Shallows
81st Lair of the Abyss
Demogorgon uses it for army training and staging
95% Marshland
Acidic Water

We have to use the Rod of Repair to keep the hull intact while in the Blood Shallows.

Graven uses augury to attempt to find out where to find the aspect of Obox-Ob and Wee Jas doesn’t know.

We then set sail for Iggwilv’s estate in Gehenna. It takes us 21 hours to get there.

We have an audience with her. She offers to clean out the flask and tell us how to use it.

We inquire about “Obox-Ob’s” aspect. Her information is that his aspect is imprisoned in a layer of the Abyss. Use the spell Freedom on top of the largest land mass in the plane – the fortified encampment of Feedgut – a lesser general – Gorganth, the two faced.

Approaching Bagromir will draw Demogorgon’s attention. Brute force won’t get us to the general, but a silver tongue would. He has a military encampment on the first lair (Pezunia)

We leave the audience with Iggwilv and return to the Sea Wyvern.

Check List

  • Physical Disguises (500 gp x 5 = 2500 gp)
  • Scroll of Communal Mind Blank (3325 gp)
  • Scrolls of Freedom (x2) 3325 gp each for Obox-Ob
  • Rely on Lynarra’s Forgery and Bluff to get us through to Bagromir
  • William and Seaweed split the 12k costs between them.

We summon the Mercane so we can purchase the supplies.

On the way to Blood Shallows, Locke gets a sending from Lavinia that she needs to talk about some things with her brother.

The party will divert for a moment.

William will Plane Shift Locke to the Prime Material Plane. The party will use the Wakeportal to travel to the Prime Material to follow. Once Locke is finished, he will teleport back to the Sea Wyvern and then they will head to the Blood Shallows.

William Plane Shifts Locked back and he teleports to Sasserine and then to Vanderboren manor to see Lavinia.

She relays that a Witchwarden investigation has revealed what led Vanthus to what happened to him. When Vanthus and Lavinia were separated as youths, Vanthus went to the Uncle’s plantation. The Uncle was also an adventerous type. Apparently, the Witchwarden’s became aware that the Uncle had a Book of Infinite spells (a potent magic item). Magical divination indicate a gate spell at the plantation. It was a probably used from a page in the book. A Demon by the name of Gorvash, a servant of Demogorgon according to the Witchwarden briefing. Whatever happened there is probably a catalyst for what happened with Vanthus. The demon could have shown up uncontrolled and manipulated things. Perhaps Vanthus wasn’t at fault for spiraling descent. Based on what happened to him, his soul would have been taken to the Abyss. Perhaps with the Elite Glabrezu (Gorvash).

Locke and Lavinia spend some meaningful time while Locke awaits the Sea Wyvern arriving on the prime material plane (a few hours).

Meanwhile Seaweed Jim has a conversation with Clarissa and then they talk with William.


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