The Tanaroa

Notable traits, customs, and related:

Power is passed down along matriarchal bloodlines in Tanaroa. They respect strong women and initially scoff at any group led by a man (or worse, composed entirely of men).
By far the fiercest warriors of the Olman, the Tanaroans make formidable allies.
They have their own troubles, however, as their proximity to The Great Southern Wall and the terrors beyond it makes it hard for them to send warriors to other tasks.
The Tanaroa were the first tribe to adopt the use of the Tepo’tol(Olman Spear) as a standard weapon, and a skilled Tanaroan warrior can charge into battle with the impact of a mounted warrior.
The warriors of Tanaroa live an almost militaristic life, with a well ordered schedule rotation of staffing the Great Southern Wall and much of their free time spent practicing wall defense and wolf pack tactics.
Scars are seen as a badge of honor among the Tanaroa, and even when magical healing is available, many will choose to let an injury heal on its own in order to have the scar to show off.

Chief: J’Kal
Speaker: unknown-Speaker of Zotzilaha
Guardian: Mvembi

Other Notables
Mohroe: Young Hunter and sole survivor of a group undergoing the Rite of Manhood that was attacked by a pack of raptors. Saved by the PC’s during their land crossing. Later served as a volunteer guide to assist PC’s in quelling Zotzilaha’s Wrath

The Tanaroa

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