The Zealot

Reminder:DC’s for powers granted by a Patron Theme are (10 + 1/2 Shaper Level + CON Bonus + Invested Rank).

Investment 1: Zealot’s Wrath(Su)
Summary: Launch bolt of energy laced with Divine Power.
Action: Standard Action(Ranged Touch).
Restriction: 1 per 5 Rounds.
Range: 5’/Shaper Level.
Save: None
Effect: 1D4 + (1D4/2 Shaper levels after 1st) Untyped Damage.

Investment 2: Missionary(Su)
Summary: Prevents attacks on the Zealot’s person.
Action: Passive(Constant).
Save: Will Save Negates.
Effect: As Sanctuary(Clr1).

Investment 3: Condemnation(Su)
Summary: Inflicts intense pain.
Action: Standard Action(Targeted).
Restriction: 1/Day/Target.
Range: 5’/Shaper Level.
Save: Fort Save Avoids.
Effect: Target Nauseated for Rounds = Investment Rank.
Failed save allows round based saves at end of each turn.

The Zealot

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