The Savage Tide

Into the Wells of Darkness

Random Info

  • During our sailing trip down in the Wyvern, at the Gnome Urol’s request, we made a pitstop on the coast to visit the ruins of Tamaoachan. It was a coastal empire of the natives that had fallen in antiquity. While there, we fought some basisliks, in some interior rooms, William found his first regalia piece for Totaniuh. We fought a guardian – were – cat. We had an arena fight with undead and tracked down the leader to an area with a city map. He had a tortured bat demon (Varrangoin) that he killed and accused us of setting him to spy on them. We also found a bat idol.
  • On the Isle of Dread, the volcano god was unhappy, Zotzilaha. We returned the idol to him and entered his shrine in the volcano and received a reward – being able to get one item from his cache. Seaweed Jim also got the Tooth of Ahazu in addition to his item as Zitzilaha did not recognize it as one of his items.

Group discussion back at the luxury suite

  • Varrangoin – Magical Beast – Abyssal Bats – Native to the Abyss but not true demons – Long forked tails – Talons and Teeth
    • Still have several traits common to outsiders – have inherit SR and resistance to elemental attacks but no out right immunities
    • Special Attacks – capable of using tail to attack and some are poisonous (possibly paralytic; dex damage)
    • Defenses – immune to mind affecting; resistant to non-cold iron
    • Some minor – journeyman magic talent
    • Found in ‘flocks’
  • Seaweed Jim drops off his mysterious package

The Journey

  • Locke teleports the party to the Pit of Prisoners based on Shadowfires’s description
  • We approach the Pit of Prisoners – we link hands and jump into the Pit.
  • We find ourselves stepping out of the Pit into some goop. There is a inky black circle of liquid in the center of the pit
  • There are several, large, fly like demon things and some Abyssal Ghoul like things – combat ensues
    • 4 Fly’s and 4 Ghouls
    • We defeat the welcome party.
  • We heal up and Seaweed Jim flies us up in air elemental form out of the pit.
  • The area around the well is paved flagstone and misty barren, rocky hills beyond the flagstone paths – misty fog.
  • Graven casts ‘Find the Path’ and we start on our way.
  • We map the area and eventually find what we think is the Well of Shami Amourae.
    • We can hear simian calls from inside the wells.
    • Shadowfire shares that contacting is by touching the surface and forging a mental communication.
    • We start down into the pit after buffing up – it is full of treed foliage.
    • There appear to be 4 Gorrillion’s. One tries to trade passage for sexual congress with Sir Stievan. William drops a Vortex of Teeth and Seaweed Jim blows flame down into the pit by way of reply.
    • Fighting ensues. We defeat 3 of the 4 gorillians. The last one fell through the foliage. They were doing vile damage, so we healed for a quick moment and then moved down.
    • Standing on the surface of the pool is a gargantuan spider like creature.
    • Locke binds up Saberhawk and then tracks the last gorillian and the group kills it. We then check for loot.
      • Magic Bottle – Efreeti Bottle (145k) – (Assigned to Brian for now)
      • Gems and Artwork – 500 in diamond and 9500 other
      • Magic Armor – Demon Full Plate – Lend to Azael (52k)
  • Graven communes with Wee Jas to see if he can determine if communicating with Shami Amourae will trigger the gargantuan retriever.
  • The retriever is not ‘on’ the well but several inches above it – possibly innate air walk
  • The area is dimension locked – emanating from the retriever
  • Seaweed Jim attempts to communicate with Shami Amourae – the retriever does not attack us – but it does watch us
    • She wants her freedom for her cooperation
  • Seaweed JIm breaks away and communicates what he found so far. We discuss with Lynnara.
  • Seaweed Jim then goes back into communication with her
    • The one who calls herself Red Shroud has spend a lot of times looking into the wells
    • There is at least one other force that is dwelling in here with me – I can hear the dreams and nightmares.
    • I know that this is the architect of this prison – the one who built this place – the one that is imprisoned here like I am
    • She suggests using the Tooth of Ahazu and free her
    • Don’t keep me waiting
  • Seaweed Jim needs Restoration for all the ability drain he took.



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