The Savage Tide

The Hunger Games

As we finishing shoveling loot and bodies into our portable holes…

The Hunger

  • 5 x Dire Hunger Monks – odd physical deformities
  • ?? x Dire Hunger Monks (drop down behind us and Atl, Jim, and Stievan)
  • They are stealing buffs, slots and even ongoing spell effects.
  • Pearl dropped one with her bow
  • Harliss dropped another with her precision damage.
  • We killed the other two and moved on to the leader.
  • As Locke approached the leader, the leader said, “This is not finished.” And vanished.

The Hunger Games Loot and from the Ape Demon Encounter

  • We gathered loot
  • 6 Apes
  • 4 Yuan Ti
  • 1 Harpy
  • 4 Hunger Monks

Onwards to the Protectorate Safe House

  • We liquidate a +2 Ring of Protection (noted in previous entry) to have Veil cast on us to cover our tracks before we head for the Protectorate Safe House.
  • It’s near the West Gate in the tavern “The Rusty Shunt”
  • It’s a rusty two story building. Kind of orderly in appearance though.
  • We rent a back room. Through a secret panel and we proceed down and to a meeting room and meet members of the Protectorate.
  • One of the main leader types – his name is Amon
  • In the crowd is the Jade Raven “Tolan”. He has news that Brissa and Tara got away.
    • Brissa is currently out and about right now.
  • Vanthus is not based in the town itself. The Crimson Fleet has a staging area somewhere else on the island. Vanthus seized control of the Crimson Fleet on his return. Cold Captain Wither stepped down.
  • Any advice about Mr. Kedward Bone: Ruthless Bastard. Deals more with Devil’s than Demons.
  • Power’s within the town:
    • Monastery on the decline – 6 years back the Holy Trinity has not been seen -
    • Crimson Fleet on the upswing and have in fact passed the Monastery in influence
    • Seventh Coil – Used to have a bigger presence here – used to own Prophyry House -
      • Seventh Coil and Crimson Fleet have formed an alliance and in fact the Seventh Coil seems to almost be subsumed into
    • Dire Hunger – next on power level
    • Dealers Consortium – led by Kenward Bones – arcane caster of some sort – has Imp familiar
    • Prophyry House -
    • Protectorate -

Meeting with Kedward Bone

  • We make our way across town to stone structure – 3 stories above ground.
  • We leave our weapons at the door (with some of our party)
  • We spot several guards – glassy and blood shot eyes (possibly drug induced). We are lead to a room with a large dais and a ‘throne’. A skinny, gaunt fellow perched on it.
  • We convey that we are looking to meet like minded people for a business arrangement. Finding our lost companions, killing the new leader of the Crimson Fleet.
  • We negotiate for information.
    • (#1) Missing Companion
      • In a manner of speaking, she is in his employ – show casing at the Arena
      • We’ll fight in the arena in a team fight tomorrow
    • (#2) Crimson Fleet staging location
      • Doesn’t know much. Harliss knows some of intel on the captains.
      • Crimson Fleet has spent of alot of money on the defenses of their staging location.
      • Has overlaying of enchantments that put it under a massive screen and a misdirection affect. In addition, it has private sanctum qualities (no scrying).
    • (#3) What would do the most damage to the Seventh Coil, Monastery, Prophyry House?
      • Monetary exchange – Seventh Coil
      • Kill the leader of the Seventh Coil – in the Crimson Fleet Base – The Seventh
      • Where does Vessess’lin fall into the category? A leader.
      • Kill the Pirate Captains
    • For the Monastery
      • Any of the senior Monks
    • For the Prophyry House
      • Kill Tyrlandi – He’d pay us to kill her
    • (#4) (Pearl) The location/disposition of the Aventi Prisoner
      • Most likely at their strong hold

Returning to the Rusty Shunt

  • We picked up Brissa and Tolan and then we left town and teleported back to the Wyvern.
  • Seaweed Jim used True Sight to verify the crew is who they said they were.
  • We evaluated the loot we took and beheaded the bodies.
  • Graven said a prayers over the bodies as we gave them a burial in the marsh/cove.
  • See this page for loot split: Unassigned Loot List

That night

  • Locke had a dream conversation with V’Sesslin -
  • The next morning, Locke pulls the core group together and conveys some information.
    • Inside man
    • Name of the Crimson Fleet base is the Wreck

Today’s Goals

  1. Sell Loot
  2. Buy Stuff
  3. Pick up bodies from Parts is Parts




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