The Savage Tide

Die Die Die Nulonga, On to Demogorgon

The fight to destroy the undead bodies and defeat Nulonga continues.

After a vigorous fight we destroyed all the bodies and when Nulonga tried to inhabit Uzzy, Uzzy was able to shake it off.

We regroup and heal up and recover, gather up the loot and identify it and then proceed towards the door on the north side. It leads to stairs and circles up. Locke and Sir Stievan caught a glimpse of Dagon’s true form and were shaken.

They explore the other set of stairs and it’s another tower. Sir Stievan’s Dagon affects wear off. Totaniuh uses two castings of magic and is able to remove Dagon’s affects on Locke.

Passing through the runed tunnel, a contingent resurrection triggered and we found ourselves in the belly of a giant wyrm. We fought our way out and defeated him.

We heal up and proceed forward into the only path forward.

We cross a fogged infused seascape and come to a door. Using a key we found on Nulonga we open the door.

Beyond is a beach with a huge seashell. As we liberate the pearl from the seashell, a rip in space appears and Demogorgon shoulders his way onto the beach.

Before the portal shuts, a large whirlwind flows through and past Demogorgon. Gwynhwaryf has come to join us in this last fight.



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