The Savage Tide

Party vs Saint Kargoth, Fight!

The against Saint Kargoth starts in earnest. After a very zesty fight, we defeat him. During the fight, Totaniuh was banished. We ensure the master pearl is not in the cauldron.

We drag his body back to our staging area. On the way out, we encounter Totaniuh who wished himself back.

The Mercane is down on the beach. He says Demogorgon has defeated Orcus in the field and is now back in the city turning the tide there. We can sell at 25% of value and buy at 200%.


  • +5 Improved Shadow Fullplate
  • +4 Channeling Longsword
  • +6 Headband of Charisma
  • +5 Cloak of Resistance
  • +5 Ring of Protection
  • +3 Animated Shield – Assigned to Phil – Totaniuh uses limited wish to Legend Lore to get the command word “Orders Ruin is the Path to Might”
  • +5 Amulet of Natural Armor
  • Boots of Speed (3 rounds left)
  • Artifact Club – Demogorgon’s Bilious Sphere

We sell loot to he Mercane at his war profiteering pricing and buy 3 x scrolls of mass heal (20th level).

Jakarta wasn’t feeling too effective – he’ll serve as secondary healing.

The Bilious Sphere gets stored in William’s portable hole.

We re-enter Wot Dagon. We test and no teleports function inside.

We return to the cauldron room and examine the Olman like rope fetishes. There is a hole in the ceiling goes up into the golden spire and is probably the “barrel” to focus the ritual. In Ancient Olman are some scriblings “Most Holy Prayer Room”.

The rest of this is a shrine of Dagon.

The exit the north from the shrine – circular – carved to look like leather – abbyssal magic script all over the surfaces. This triggered some deep seated pyschosis within William and we decided to explore other avenues first.

We find a room with rubble in it that leads down to a water filled area with a submerged door.

Seaweed uses control water to try to lower the water. He then opens the door and is shot by something. There is a guy in the room. A crippled Olman fellow is in there.

His ray attack causes Seaweed Jim’s spirit point to go to 0.

Jakarta moves up and has a dialogue with him. The crippled Olman’s name is Nulonga.

He Mage’s Disjunction’s the group and sucks the spirit magic out of Seaweed and Locke.

After William finger of death’s him he says, “This is not over” and dies. We loot his body. Three rounds later he appears as a undead Trogolodyte that sucks the spirit magic from Sir Stievan and starts attacking the angels.


2 Rings

Second Round of Fight

  • Danel fails a save and his banished

William believes he is a body jumper. Living bodies get a save. Dead ones don’t. He can apparently only tap bodies in Wot Dagon.

11 Troglodyte Bodies in this Dimensional Plane



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