The Savage Tide

The End..?

As the fight proceeds, Demogorgon ends up using multiple wishes to refresh his health back to full.

After a mighty fight, Seaweed Jim fells Demogorgon in a heap. Demogorgon’s body glows in dim, flickering shadows that coalesce into two crowns that flicker and mix together. It’s a mantle of plane control.

Seaweed Jim and Sir Stievan try to claim it and other demon kind vie for it as well.

Seaweed Jim succeeds in claiming the ‘crown’.

Igilwiv heads into the room and uses the Flask to suck the remains of Demogorgon into it.

Gwynhwaryf holds herself back from attacking Seaweed Jim.

Iglwiv funnels a Gate through Seaweed Jim so we can port outside of Wot Dagon. Sir Stievan carries the master pearl outside.

General Bagromar tells Seaweed Jim to hand over the mantle. Igwilwiv opens a portal opens, and on the other side is Malconthet and an army of incubus and half demons.

Graven heals us up.

The party ports back to the Sea Wyvern except for Seaweed Jim and Malconthet with the pearl.

We transport back to the prime material plane using the Wave Portal.

The next day Locke uses wished Legend Lore’s (4) to gain some insight into where to begin to disarm the master pearl. We need to fully immerse the pearl in waters of exception serenity and purity. Hmm. Maybe the Court of the Stars. Sir Stievan is able to negotiate with Gwynharwyf to use the pearl into the fountain.

On day 2, we do so and the pearl is destroyed.


Sir Stievan goes on a quest with Barissa (on the Sea Wyvern) – to restore the Orb of the Sun.

William gets back to Sasserine to find the Tower Master’s master is currently missing. Which of the many plots was she investigating? In the end, it looks like it was politics with House Lorcester.

Graven goes back to Sasserine and is made High Priest of Wee Jas. After the ceremony, the previous High Priest has a massive heart attack and as she lay dying, she uttered the cryptic phrase: “Why didn’t I see this coming?” Seems Wee Jas was waiting for Graven to return.

Locke eventually has to out himself with the council of Sasserine and re-introduce himself as an ambassador of the Yuan-ti to Sasserine (this takes quite some time).

We eventually receive news, through William and Graven, that several weeks after we finished with the pearl, there was a horrible storm on the Isle of Dread – a tempest that shook the island. Overnight, the ruins of Thanaclan on the central plateau rebuilt themselves. Seems Igilwiv has reestablished a fortress on the prime material plane.

The End… ?

Campaign Start Date: 10/9/2008
Campaign End Date: 9/5/2015



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