Olman Tribal Council

The Tanaroa:

Standing around six feet tall with a well muscled frame, this amazonian woman can meet most men eye to eye. She wears tribal leathers studded with bone – teeth and claws from creatures she herself has personally slain. She is fairly attractive, but that is offset by the lattice of scars that cover her body from head to toe – she considers them badges to be proud of and makes no effort to hide or conceal them. Her eyes have a steely glint and she holds herself with a commanding presence that others notice instantly.

>Speaker of Zotzilaha:
A tall and gangly Olman, this Speaker wears an elaborate costume fashioned from a monstrous Dire Bat. The head is worn as a headress-mask, and the membranous wings are fastened along the inside of his arms and legs and to the thick hide armor itself. The Speaker of Zotzilaha seems to be unable to stay still, always fidgeting, twitching, or at the absolute minimum twiddling with something excessively. When he speaks, his voice rises in pitch and tone and his gestures grow increasingly grandoise. His oratory tirades will start slowly, and grow in scope until he is prancing and capering around.

The Mora:


>Speaker of Xipetotec:

The Burowao:


>Naiyo and Naiya, Speakers of Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal

The Panitube:


>Speaker of Chalchihuitlicue

The Kirikuka


>Nexal-Speaker of Quetzalcoatl

The Usi:


>Michaca-Speaker of Xiuhtecuhtli

>Father Balatin-Speaker of Pyremius

The Dawa:

> Kulani:

>Speaker of Huehuecoyotl:

Olman Tribal Council

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