“A place where any desire can be bought, any urge fulfilled, and any whim acted upon without fear of repercussion! …Apart from the immediate of course. If you can get away with it…DO IT! Hahahah!” – A nameless pirate, from his interrogation before his execution.

Scuttlecove survives in the angry embrace of the Pirate Islands, a festering jungle archipelago on the very edge of civilization – a word seldom associated with the pirate city itself. Scuttlecove is the evil heart of deviancy and smuggling, thievery and greed, the black capital of a dark collection of islands.

The city was founded by a group of cannibal priests who fled persecution for their wicked crimes. They found an island named Sekorvia, and upon its southern shore they settled and founded the city of Scuttlecove. Yet today, rumors hold that the city of Scuttlecove is in chaos, abandoned by its priest leaders for several years now. The city has perched on the edge of civil war, its rulership the unclaimed prize of several bickering factions that vie for control.

Several Major Factions have been identified by our intrepid heroes, listed below:
The Crimson Fleet
The Dealer’s Consortium
The Seventh Coil

  • Raided Red Foam Whaling and set a trap for the PC’s.
    The Monastery of Dire Hunger
    Porphyry House
    The Protectorate
  • Red Foam Whaling was a compromised safehouse this underground movement maintained.


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