The Lost

Reminder:DC’s for powers granted by a Patron Theme are (10 + 1/2 Shaper Level + CON Bonus + Invested Rank)

Investment 1:Shadow Steps(Su)
Summary: Instantly vanish and reappear elsewhere.
Action: Swift Action(or Standard).
Restriction: 1 per 5 Rounds.
Range: 5’ per Shaper Level.
Save: None.
Effect: Teleport to a new location in range and LOS. Removes Entangled, Grappled, and Pinned conditions. Bright illumination changes to Standard Action and halves Range.

Investment 2:Cloak of Shadows(Su)
Summary: Meld into the darkness for increased avoidance.
Action: Passive(Constant).
Restriction: Not in Bright Illumination
Range: Personal.
Effect: +1/2 Shaper Level on Stealth rolls, can Take 10 under stress. Gain 20% Concealment.

Investment 3:Vanished Into the Night(Su)
Summary: You can make yourself vanish from sight for a brief moment to take advantage or flee.
Action: Swift Action.
Restriction: 1 per 5 Rounds.
Range: Personal.
Save: None
Effect: Greater Invisibility for 1 round.

The Lost

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