Action Points

All Player Characters will have access to Action Points.

Upon gaining a new level, a PC will have 5+(1/2 character level, round down.)

Action Points can be spent on a variety of things.

1 point:
Add to an Initiative Roll.
Add to a single attack roll.
Add to a single skill check.
Add to a single saving throw.
Add to AC vs a single attack roll.
Add to a single spell penetration roll.
Add to a single concentration check.
Delay the onset of death by 1 round, if HP are increased below death rating before the PC’s next turn, the PC is alive.

2 points:
Not be dead at the end of combat if the PC’s are victorious.
Gain an extra use of a daily restricted class feature.
Gain an extra cast of a spell prepared for that day.

Spending Action Points is considered to be a Free Action, but they can only be spent once in a round.

When spending an action point, a PC rolls one or more dice and adds the highest of the results to his die roll being modified.
Number of Dice:
Level 1-7 = 1d6
Level 8-14 = 2d6
Level 15-20 = 3d6

Action Points

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