Hp 212, no current damage
Brian York: AC 35/17/32
F20, R14, W25
Brian York: Current Buffs: Communal Stoneskin, Wind Walk, Life Bubble, Fortunate Fate, Magic Vestmen (shield adds 4 to above AC), Greater magic weapon on claw, recitation (+3 ac,attack,sv) planar adaption, spell turning (8), good hope, bard song
Brian York: Channels 12d6 (4 remaining)
Brian York: marks : close wounds 1, arcane sight 2, breath of life 2, raise dead 1. (also have Divine mark turning, and protective divine mark[DR 10 magic & blunt])
Brian York: Spells: Mass Heal x0, D-foresight, cure deadly wounds (reach x2, empowered) x2, horrid wilting, d-discern location, Holy Word, D-find the path, D-spell resistance, Waves of fatigue, Boneshatter(reach) x2, Cure deadly wounds (reach) x1, D-Divination, Restoration, Neutralize poison, Air walk, D-Dispel Magic
Brian York: vigor, ring of blades, resist energy communal, daylight, D-detect thoughts, spectral hand (reach), lesser restoration, delay ppoison, consecrate, D-Detect secret doors, Dancing lantern x2, shield of faith, protection from evil, entropic shield, bless
Brian York: Pearls of power 2nd and 3rd unused
Brian York: Need anything else?
Brian York: Action points 11

rathendar: the angels
Brian York: AC 34 (Mithral shirt added to base)
Brian York: +2 resist cloaks
Brian York: Danel has a +4 str belt
Brian York: Spells available: Danel 7 ist, 7 2nd, 4 3rd, 2 4th, 4 5th Uzzy 7 ist, 7 2nd, 3 3rd, 1 4th, 3 5th
Brian York: Buffs Spell immunity (magici missile, unholy blight, enervation
Brian York: Damage Danel 27, Uzzy 90 (stunned 5 rounds)
Brian York: Uzzy communal stone skin
Brian York: Destructive Smite Danel 4/day, Uzzy 8/day
Brian York: Weapon master Danel 12 rds/day Uzzy 11 rds/day
Brian York: Do you need spell swap outs from the base angel?
Brian York: Inflict light wounds (replaced sanctuary), truestrike, shatter (replaced consecrate), spiritual weapon, contagion (replaced daylight), magic vestment, inflict critical (replaced dismissdal), divine power, flame strike (replaced dispel evil), shout, harm (replaced baniushment), blade barrier, power word blind (replaced 1 of mass cure serious), disintegration.
Brian York: They have the other spells listed as well
Brian York: Brian: Damage Danel 0, Uzzy 0

Danel cast Consecrate
Danel cast Heal on Uzy.
Uzy cast Heal on Danel.

Brian gets 3 scrolls of mass heal (20th level)


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