Farshore was established as a permanent base from which to explore the Isle of Dread and export its resources to Sasserine. The colonists chose a small harbor dubbed Verik’s Cove on the western face of Temute as the colony site, since two natural seawalls would provide shelter from storms and attack from sea. A five-member Expedition Council meets weekly to direct colony affairs, but as Farshore has grown, the need for a leader has grown as well and the burgeoning town now has a Mayor.


Farshore Statistics
Settlement Size: 450 (Small Town)
Government: Autocracy (Mayor)+ Council
Population Alignment: Neutral Good
Purchase Limit: 6,000 Gp Maximum Item Value (40,000 Gp from Sasserine route)
Monetary Assets: 40,000 Gp
Spellcasting: 4th Level
Traits: Insular(Isolated), Prosperous

Dramatis Personae
The Nobles
Lavinia Vanderboren (Female Human) – Elected Mayor, Fighter, Dawn Council
Manthalay Merivanchi (Male Human) – Council Member, Zelkarune’s Horns, Cavalier
Avner Meravanchi (Male Human) – wastrel, Cavalier

Town Council
Manthalay Meravanchi – Noble(see above)
Vesserin Catherly (Male Half-elf) – Chaplin, Church of the Whirling Fury, Cleric of Ehlonna
Ulvar Kabbanja (Male Human) – Militia Captain, Zelkarune’s Horns
Telda Syren (Female Half-elf) – Apothecary
Hevrik Aldwattle (Male Human) – Professor, Alchemist, Witchwardens

The Jade Ravens
Tolin Kientai (Male Human) – Ranger
Zan Oldavin (Male Half-elf) – Rogue
Kaskus Kiel (Male Dwarf) – Druid
Liamae Teslikaria (Female Human) – Sorcerer,Oracle

Player Cohorts
Clarissa (Female Human) – Wizard, Witchwardens
Tara (Female Human) – Ninja, Monk
Brissa Santos (Female Human) – Rogue, Fighter
Shoal (Male Human*) – Fighter
Tren (Male Human*) – Ranger
Amella Venkalie (Female Human) – Fighter, Captain of the Blue Nixie

Other Townsfolk
Greffold "Redfoot " Fiddlebitter (Male Halfling) – The Clayworks (Pottery)
Dranys Sellis (Male Dwarf) – Sellis’s Woodworks and Smithy (Weapons, Armor, Carpentry)
Tehrik Arrelion (Male Human) – Tehrik’s Tannery (Leather, Exotic Furrier)
Malfus Fairwind (Male Human) – Bard, The Last Coconut (Inn and Tavern)
Jeran Emrikand (Male Human) – Seeker, Hall of Records (Library)
Marcello Trianti (Male Human) – Dawn Council, Town Representative
Shade (Male Human) – Seeker


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