Additional Divine Mark Feats

least: Protection from chaos/shield other
least Improved: Resist Energy/Close Wounds
lesser: Magic Circle vs Chaos/Arcane Sight
lesser Improved: Death Ward/Minor Globe of Invulnerability
greater: Breath of Life/Undeath to Death
greater Improved: Antimagic Field/Raise Dead

DivineMarked Mastery
1 action point = SLA as swift or immediate action

DivineMarked Turning
1 action point = immediate action spell turning
least = 1st level
lesser = 3rd level
greater = 5th level
decision after being hit, before results determined or saves rolled.

DivineMarked Battlestrike
1 action point(swift action) = increase single ranged or melee attack damage.
choice before attack roll
least = +1d6
lesser = +2d6
greater = +3d6

DivineMarked Evocation
prereq: spell focus-evocation
1 action point(free) spent when casting an evocation = empowered spell.

DivineMark of the Dauntless
When gaining the Dazed or Stunned condition, can expend a use of any power as a free action to negate it. Touching someone and expending as a standard action will negate for another.

DivineMark of Deflection
gain deflection bonus based on strength of brand
least = +1 Deflection
lesser = +2 Deflection
greater = +3 deflection

DivineMark Recovery
Immediate Action when an attack, spell, or effect wound render you to 0HP or below. Expend 1 use of Divine Mark power to heal yourself.
Least = 1d8+1
Lesser = 2d8+5
Greater = 3d8+10

DivineMark of Resilience
expend use of Mark for untyped bonus on saving throw as a free action.
Least = +1 Bonus
lesser = +2 bonus
greater = +3 bonus

DivineMark of Warding
expend use of Mark for elemental resistances. Lasts 1 hour.
Least = resist 5
Lesser = resist 10
Greater = resist 15

Protective DivineMark
least = DR 5/Magic
Lesser = DR 5/Magic and piercing or slashing or bludgeoning(choose when taken)
Greater = DR 10/Magic and piercing or slashing or bludgeoning(choose when taken)

Quickened DivineMark
Least SLA’s are all quickened.
Can be taken 2 more times to effect Lesser Mark and then Greater Mark powers.

Unlocked DivineMark Power
spend 1 action point to use any Mark Power SLA choice by expending an equivalent power.


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